Thursday, December 13, 2007


Melia is not smiling but is on Santa's knee without screaming.

More fun with Ellison there but her candy cane isnt open yet.

Kimberly wants to know who santa is!


So we had a lovely Christmas party at church on monday during which Melia vastly enjoyed running wild and free and i enjoyed not having to run after her. The food was lovely, deserts very fun and there was a neat program as well. The question of the year of course was whether or not Melia would actually sit on Santa's lap without screaming bloody murder as she did last year - i have a classic picture of it. Surprisingly enough after a wait with daddy she sat calmly on santa's lap - not a great deal of smiling but no screaming - and happily recieved a candy cane for her efforts. The candy cane she enjoyed greatly in case anyone was wondering. She even managed to pose momentarily with Ellison. I also snagged a couple of Kimberly trying to steal Santa's beard - a trouble maker already!
Well then - so apparently the image uploader thing is not working right now so i will try to put the pictures on later. I guess this is the teaser blog entry to get you excited for the pictures!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

guilt free time

Suddenly due to my amazing ability to stick to the discipline of clean in my kitchen and food on my table (at a consistent time even!!!) i find myself with guilt free time. Previously it was time spent hiding from the mess in my kitchen or the idea of dinner which i really should make but dont want to. My laundry is even organized and pretty up to date. I also find that due to happiness in my kitchen i am actually more content to be at home (this does not apply to Melia) and have less of a need to be out of my house! I still love to go out and visit but i am no longer running away. My current challenge is that i want to to throw out everything!!! If it is in my way or hasnt been used in a while - i just want to pitch it out the door! Herein lies the challenge - my husband HATES to throw anything away. I must pry things from his hands to toss. I cant even sneak it out - cause he notices and is hard done by. Obviously yelling or anything of the sort is not in his nature but he is definitely hard done by. There is only so much sulking and whining a girl can take - so i refrain. But there is way more junk in this house than needs to be there! I suppose it could just be a nesting phase and this too shall pass but until it does i want to throw it all away! Yes I can hear you Joanne cheering me on too which makes the not tossing junk when he is at school all the harder!! sigh - i guess i will just keep pushing things in the garbage when he is only sortof paying attention and seeing what i can get away with =).

Right so the point of my entry today was my wonderful guilt free time. My problem is that when i read it sucks me in and i do NOTHING else for who knows how long - weeks at a time because i just keep going back to the library and getting more books and Melia gets evil due to neglect and eventually so does Vance. I appear to be absolutely hopeless when it comes to even simple crafts i wish to try and i can only spend so much time on the computer. Scrapbooking is fun but my creativity needs a boost right now so i am at a standstill. SO i need to find something else i like to do. Or if someone just wants to donate some artistic or creative talent i could apply it to the things i want to do but am incapable of.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

all about the man

What is your husband’s name: Vance Owen Cook

He is currently a bearded monster because while he is in school is his only two months of the year he can have facial hair - and he posed for this =)

How long have you been married: a couple months short of 5 years
How long did you date before you got married: seven months
Who eats more: me when I am pregnant
Who said I love you first: Vance
Who is taller: we are exactly the same height
Who sings better: I follow better but I cant lead to save my life
Who is smarter: I am the book smart one and Vance is the street smart one
Whose temper is worse: mine definitely
Who does the laundry: currently me
Who does the dishes: for the last two weeks, me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: me
Who pays the bills: Vance
Who cooks dinner: for the last two weeks, me
Who drives when you are together: mostly Vance
Who is more stubborn: definitely me
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong: me
Whose parents do you see the most: mine
Who kissed who first: guilty as charged
Who asked who out first: Vance
Who proposed: all Vance
Who is more sensitive: me on that one
Who has more friends: me, he is a hermit
Who wears the pants in the family: Melia
Where did you meet your husband: on a soccer field
What was the first thing you said to your husband: don’t like me I will only hurt you
Where was your first date: park lake
Where was your first kiss: at my house
Where did you get engaged: all over Lethbridge
Where were you married: Cardston
Where was the honeymoon: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Monday, November 26, 2007

New siding!

So during my lesson today I once again concluded that the only reason I prepare lessons is for the sweet little girl Jessa in my class. It’s not like she sits on the edge of her seat in fascination and asks question after question about my wonderful lesson but she sits quietly and listens and responds when I ask her questions and remembers what we have talked about – at least for the rest of the half an hour period. In short she is a miracle in my classroom! If not for her I think I would just bring paper airplanes and watch my other little punks run around the class to get out some of their never ending energy and save me the blank stares and muttering while teaching them. Sometimes I am so mean that when my boys are punks – only Jessa gets to color after the lesson! That is particularly harsh since it’s the only thing they care about doing in class. Well I guess that’s enough whining, on to more positive things.

Believe it or not my siding is actually finished!! It looks awesome – even if I do say so myself! Even the guy that did the siding said it looked WAY better. The guy who did it was really nice and Melia enjoyed waving at him and getting in his face every time she could see him in the window. I babysat Rachel one day while he was working on the house so he had two little faces watching him from the front window – it was very cute. Here are my before and after pictures - i know they aren't great but the sun never actually shines on the front of my house right now so the light is never good for taking a picture! My finger actually had to be in the picture in order to block the sun enough to see anything. I know it sounds like an excuse but its true!

Now I don’t know if it is what my sister says and that I am getting my nesting urges a little early but the past couple weeks I have been much focused on getting my house in order. I want to throw out anything and everything we don’t regularly use and I want things to be clean and organized. I have actually cooked supper everyday for a week and a half and had my kitchen clean and my laundry caught up. I have some habits (good habits!) I am working on forming so this can be a life change instead of just a week change. My friend Joanne who is the organization queen has been giving me some pointers in my goals AND some tried and true recipes to broaden my very small horizon of recipes. We really can learn so much from the amazing people around us. I will let you know next week how well I am doing =).

Monday, November 19, 2007

Everything at once!!

Belly shot at five months!!

Well it it a very exciting day today! I got my hair chopped off to about my chin and for the first time in my life i have bangs. Yes, but the weirder thing is that the chick who cut my hair says it just 'a bang' cause really it is supposed to be pushed to the side. Very complicated. I am now getting used to the totally new look for me but right after i had it done i was a little traumatized!

Melia seems to be cool with it and Vance likes it (does he really have another choice?) so i guess we'll keep it.

On another exciting note my garage is currently being sided and once that is done they will do the front of my house! It will be green. well cypress actually but it is still a green. We are very excited to be done with the very hideous yellow on the front of our house and are desperately hoping that the green will be a vast improvement and not a grave mistake! I think i will take a before and after picture so we can see if we made it better or worse. =)

Oh yes there is more!! Yesterday after church my cousin invited us to dinner in strathmore which was very fun! It was nice to get to visit with them again cause it has been a while. As a side benefit my aunt (party was at her house) had just gotten in her shipment of chocolate so i was able to take mine home! I have allot of chocolate this year! I got three blocks of callebeau chocolate from belgium! i got a bunch because i usually do a round with my sister in law and then some for me (and last year i did some for my mother in law) which is usually close to one block. But this year naomi and kathy expressed interest in learning how to make chocolates (and maybe a couple other people will come too?) so i got some extra. i am very excited!!! i am so ready to start making chocolates!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

this is the end!

I started this list about 6 years ago after i left home and i think i have maxed out at 100!! I cant believe i have 100 and stephanie struggled for 6 - ah well i guess im more self absorbed =)

81. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast
82. I love crepes, pancakes, waffles, omelets, scrambled eggs and hash browns
83. I have been to two treks and two EFY’s
84. I hate looking for jobs and filling out applications
85. I like sesame seeds
86. I love raspberry jello with raspberries
87. I love nuttella milkshakes and butterscotch milkshakes
88. I had 12 teeth pulled within two weeks in grade 9
89. I love the little mini donuts you get at carnivals and the stampede
90. I like calculus more than linear algebra
91. I love people watching
92. I love frozen juice but usually only the first day its made
93. I love the little reindeer pilsburry cookies
94. I got married on Valentines Day
95. I had a c-section with my first baby
96. I have been around the world and to half the places
97. I love long beach on Vancouver Island
98. My favorite part of Italy was Florence and the ice cream (I’m so uncultured!)
99. I had to talk in stake conference in Calgary when I was 16 (no pressure)
100. I would rather be cold than hot so Canada is perfect for me!

Friday, November 9, 2007

volleyball is violent!

well volleyball is not generally violent but last night i got hit and it isnt pretty! It was crazy cause Melia was sitting on the side in a chair watching. She was happy to sit so Vance and i were both playing. Then i look over at her and she has her foot caught in the arm of the chair and is about to crash head first into the cement floor. So of course i panic and run over to save her in front of my team mate going up for a block. SO for my efforts i got an elbow right above my eye and i decided to sit for the next little while since we had already played the games that count. Melia didnt fall but i will be sporting a lovely look for a couple days i think. I dont think i remember the last time i got myself a black eye. Vance says im not allowed to fight at volleyball anymore.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Due to the fact that my little one LOVES cows i decided to let her be a cow for halloween. I know it sounds lame but why not let her have what she wants when i can. Then of course she was too hungry and excited to get out of the house to stand still for any amount of time for a picture so these are a couple examples of how helpful she was. Despite the lack of lovely pictures she had allot of fun at the ward trunk or treat and quickly got into the idea of holding out her bucket for people to put candy in. When we got home we took her out to our close next door neighbors cause i thought they would like to see her. She had a great time being allowed outside in her stroller so late and seeing the puppies in every house we went to. After recieveing her candy she would look around the person giving her candy and demand "puppy". It was very entertaining since all but one house we went to actually had a dog and she was very happy to see the puppies.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


41. My favorite thing to shop for is food
42. The first language I learned was shona
(Ishe combo reya Afrika)
43. I have hitchhiked twice but my mom says no more
44. I have now gone bungee jumping
45. My dreams often start with a story in my mind
46. I know who I am
47. I am not very creative or artistic so I let my sister’s deal with that aspect of life
48. I like rollerblading and roller-skating
49. I played ringette when I was little
50. My favorite color is green
51. I sleep with a down duvet and love it
52. I hate mint/peppermint which pretty much makes me a freak in the free world
53. I don’t like those valentines cinnamon hearts
54. I sleep with only one pillow
55. I’m allergic to cats and dogs
56. I like chick flicks and comedy
57. I don’t like scary movies
58. I play the trombone and baritone
59. I enjoy pasta art
60. I used to trip on the stairs every time I went up but now I only do it occasionally
61. I love slinky’s
62. I get crazy seasick on cruise ships and even rocking chairs
63. I have had my heart broken but never been dumped
64. I hate breakfast in-a-can things – and when the person beside you has them
65. I always sing primary songs while I’m driving, especially by myself
66. I don’t really like tag
67. I enjoy those hedgehog chocolates occasionally
68. I rarely see hail so I think it’s really cool
69. I have an amazing family
70. I want to go back to Zimbabwe some day
71. I have some violence issues I think
72. Guys who date me are suckers for punishment
73. I love basketball, volleyball and baseball.
74. I also like tennis, squash, soccer and ultimate Frisbee
75. I have a blue toque that I love
76. I am a sandwich artist
77. I love to read poetry
78. I have dimples
79. I have had a bug lay eggs in my shoulder
80. I love hurdles and enjoy sprinting

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

thank you for the risk

Dear god
Thank you for the risk
Even if all goes well
And my baby is fine
Thank you for the risk

Thank you for showing me
That I am more than what I think
I am capable of more than just getting by
I am not always simply selfish
I am my own best and worst critic
I see my failings in bold
Prominent and glaring
And my strengths in italics
Lovely but a little unclear
Thank you for showing me
What you could make of me

I forget to look
And see me as you do
I forget what I am capable of
I know I am a daughter of God
But I need to see
All that my heritage implies
When I look in the mirror
And remember
My eternal potential
I’m changing who I am
I’m changing what I’ll be
For I am truly a daughter of God
I wonder if anyone else
See’s me as you do

I see so much in others
Their gifts and fears of man
I see how bright they can shine
And how they can sometimes
Hide their light
Their natural compassion
Instinct to protect themselves
Bold statements full of hidden fear
Hard work to fit ideals
And wonder
How do they see me?

Dear god
Thank you for the risk
Even if all goes well
And my baby is fine
Thank you for the risk

Sunday, October 21, 2007

the issue not adressed

Well this week on Wednesday I have an ultrasound at a specialist in Calgary (at 7:45 am!!) some place close to the foothills hospital. The lady calling to inform me of the appointment had the grace to sound sheepish about the time, which she should considering im from out of town! So very conveniently my mom was already planning to go play in Calgary for the day since my dad has an insurance class so she will be able to take Melia and come with me if I need her to. I am not scared – just curious. So for your information here is my first response and then my later one. Obviously the latter is NOT all my own words and will be very familiar but it put my feelings so perfectly i stole the words.

initial response:

Maybe anger
Struggling to accept
Still a question
But I feel the inevitable
I suspect
My selfishness is offensive
But I’m having a hard time
Controlling my selfishness


Peace of mind
A changed heart

I marvel that he should descend from his throne divine
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine
That he should extend his great love unto such as I
Sufficient to own to redeem and to justify

I think of his hands pierced and bleeding to pay the debt
Such mercy such love and devotion can I forget
No, no I will praise and adore at the mercy seat
Until at that glorified day I kneel at his feet

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me

He cares for me
He died for me
If we but come to him
He will make our burdens light
He will make our weak things strong
He will always take care of his little ones
We will never be asked to do something of which we are not able
To those to whom much is given, much is required
Put your shoulder to the wheel
Happy day
All is well

Sunday, October 14, 2007

loving fall

So being as how this year is Melia's first year really playing with the leaves i managed to sneak a few pictures of her spreading out Vance's carefully raked leaves. Obviously she was a fan and we will soon see how she feels about snow. Rain, she is a big fan of, so perhaps snow will be loved as well.

my family came this weekend for a thanksgiving party and to help my mud my basement so of course melia was in heaven with the attention and the twins. she screamed each time someone left - very traumatic. we did manage to finish most of the mudding so sanding is our next project and then painting! i still cant decide on my paint colors - i have some thoughts from my sisters but i cant decide if i want two or three colors or just one or what so its probably a good thing we still have some work to do to get there. So that is my lovely story for today!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

be a man

really this is an ode to my husband because he changes all the definitions of being a man. my dad always said he wasnt a real man cause he didnt spit, swear, curse or hunt. i of course was totally cool with my dad not measuring up to be a "man" in this regard. my husband again added so much more to what i saw as a "real man."

be a man

they say a man is big, tough and strong
i say a man who has a big heart
is tough and immovable in his loyalty to god
and strong in his protection of those he loves
is a real man

a real man
will happily do the dishes cause the smell makes me gag
will help me fold the laundry cause i did five baskets today
will take my daughter for a walk to the park cause i need a nap
will make dinner cause i hate the kitchen today
will tell me im sexy in my sweatpants cause nothing else fits
will sit through another romance cause i cant handle action tonight
will make me a belly dancing cd cause i feel to crappy to think
will spend hours putting a door on cause i think we need one
are you man enough?

a real man
will tease me in a way i think is funny not in a way that hurts
will let me win somtimes if necessary but never tell me he let me
will play games against me that i always win and take it like a man
will never use all his strength against me when we wrestle
will win at games he is better at but not ram it down my throat
will take my quirks in stride and laugh with me - not at me
will love me even when i am useless and dont do all i should
will be such a good dad my daughter runs to the door when he comes home
are you man enough?

they say a man is big, tough and strong
but i say a man who has a big heart.
is tough and immovable in his loyalty to God
and is strong in his protection of those he loves
is a real man.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

So it appears that i am raising a farm girl. I have no idea how this has happened but it is becoming more clear. We went to visit Vance's parents for the weekend and went out to the farm he used to work at. Melia was so excited about the cows and horses and gross farm dog!! She mooed at all the cows but I dont know anything about cows so we refrained from petting them. Daddy then took her on a horse ride which she loved! She was thrilled when the gross farm dog licked her all over the face. (I gagged while i wiped off the vileness) I am of the opinion the meat comes plastic wrapped at safeway and intend to keep it that way! I am very much a town girl. What will i do if she wants to be in 4H or something when she gets older? Gross! All i know is that it has something to do with cows because a friend of mine in school was in it. How do kids come up with these things! I am beginning to regret the baby einsteins despite how cute it is that she can sing e-i-e-i-o. whoa is me!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

more of my rather long list of selfishness

21. All of the necklaces I own have a story
22. I eat grapefruits without sugar
23. I don’t care which way the toilet paper goes
24. I don’t care how the toothpaste is squeezed – only that the cap is on
25. I like a big variety of music some favorites are: billy joel, prozzak, aqua, smashmouth
26. Some songs about me according to me or other suggestions are: dancing queen, all she wants to do is dance, she’s always a woman, livin la vida loca, if you asked me to, I believe I can fly, independent woman, holding out for a hero, short skirt and long jacket.
27. I love playing picture games but I’m not very photogenic
28. I love cool whip
29. I hate ticking clocks
30. I’m not a big junk food person but some stuff I like are: wafers, chocolate werthers, cookies and cream ice cream, whoppers, fudgecicles, reese puffs, sugar pie, almond cream delight. (the list does lend itself to seeing me as a junkfood person doesn’t it? )
31. Food I don’t like includes: fish, seafood, tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, oysters, olives, cabbage, fruitcake, spinach, blue cheese, cooked pineapple, maraschino cherries, MINT
32. I love sitting in the sun (unless of course im pregnant)
33. I like origami and playing with paints
34. Im not a good artist but I like pictionary
35. I enjoy hiking and camping
36. I love to play sports both intense and casual
37. I like to strut with my sister Savana
38. Mean and stupid people frustrate me
39. I am aggressive with guys and often in basketball
40. I love cooking and baking

Friday, August 17, 2007

so many new babies!

Well its seems like baby time right now with both my close cousins having babies and joanne and then amy will be next and i swear every other woman i see is pregnant! It makes you think i guess and scares you a little. I know im gonna do it again but how will it go? Do i have a chance at having one naturally? its doesnt seem like a very high chance.

a little
but who isnt i guess
anything can happen
i guess
thats what im scared about

but i guess worrying accomplishes nothing eh? except for stephanie - apparently it is very good for stephanie. she said it keeps her in shape.
very unfair - it gives the rest of the world ulcers but it keeps stephanie gorgeous. complicated. well - due to stephanies counsel to joanne here is a bit of my odd list about me!

1. I untuck all the sheets before I go to bed.
2. I almost always gag when I brush my teeth
3. It amazes me to watch someone listen completely
4. I enjoy playing at being mean or angry (Medea)
5. My perfect date is sitting on a couch cuddling with my guy and watching a storm.
6. I love to play in the rain
7. Dancing is one of my very favorite things to do.
8. I love being sung to
9. I love to sing but I’m insecure about it cause my sister used to mock me about my singing.
10. I love potato salad, cheesecake, angel food cake, spaghetti, mashed potatoes and poke cake.
11. I enjoy going on walks
12. My lava lamp always amuses me
13. My stress book always makes me happy
14. Therefore some penguins are old TV shows (sorry logic joke)
15. I would love to name my kids weird names like mine
16. I eat the chocolate and peanuts around an Oh Henry bar first
17. I am a high maintenance chick – especially to heavenly father
18. I love to twirl in fun dresses
19. I love reading books and writing poetry
20. I don’t feel fully dressed unless I’m wearing a belt.

and that is my contibution to the blog world today!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Vancouver Island Fun!!

So we did the drive out to the island with all three kids in one van for company and so all could watch the dvd's in convoy with my dads truck and my van. They did surprisingly well actually with only an occasional half hour of screaming bloody murder - usually melia fighting a nap. We camped for a couple nights outside of kamloops and were only a half hour late for church cause the roads there are complicated. The kids loved the ferry ride except when melia fell and bit through her lip and got a bloody nose (lots of blood!). She did get a free first aid popsicle though which she enjoyed and Sydney helped with.

Upon arriving at the beach Melia recalled what heaven was like and the best word i can think of is that she wallowed in the sand. Burrowed would also be accurate but doesnt express her happiness in playing in or eating the sand.

We went on a lovely little hike on a rainforest trail - which is neat because of the trees of course but also cause the whole walk is susupended on boardwalk which the kids thought was the coolest thing ever. Our family always calls it the slug walk though cause my mom is obsessed with the banana slugs and we always see tons on the walk. We didnt see as many bright yellow ones this year though apparently black is cool right now but the kids thought the slugs were neat.

We also went for a walk on the beach at low tide to see the starfish and were rewarded with a ton! Melia has no fear of course and will touch everything sticking to the rocks but i wasnt quite as willing to touch slimy sea anenome(however you spell that). Starfish i am cool with.

Yes i am aware that the picture of Melia is sideways but i am sick of fiddling with pictures so i think i am done for today!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

So for variety i am going to try to write a "normal" blog. Look at me go! Well we recently went down to visit Vance's parents and had fun taking some pictures which actually turned out okay. In this one we actually managed to all have our eyes open which was a major accomplishment for us. The deck of course is not ready yet so Melia made sure to fall backwards down a hole the minute someones back was turned. I had a heart attack and a half of course but she decided not to play near the holes anymore so i guess it was succesful since she just bumped her head.

I also purchased some stellar dress up clothes for Melia at a garage sale ( $3 for a box!) thinking she wouldnt be interested in them for a while but she was quite interested and decided to try one on. As long as she got the wand of course!

Then for july long we went to drum and played in the water park with the twins - which she loved to bits! She decided my sister was her new mom for the weekend which was different for my rather clingy little girl but nice variety.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

alberta girl from zimbabwe

I can travel the world
See all kinds of everything
Amazing and beautiful
Old and new
Tragedy and celebration
Mountains and oceans
But in the end
Flat Alberta is home

I love to see the prairies
To see the road hit the horizon
See for miles on either side
Love the colors of the fields
Watch my neighbors’ dog run away for days
Sneeze by the canola
Show my daughter cows and combines
Freeze in the winter
Boil in the summer
Drought one year
Floods the next
Refuse to be a cowgirl
Camp with the bears
Dodge seven deer on the road
Smell a skunk for 5 kilometers
Mountains just two hours away
Banff (what more can you say?)

I can travel the world
See all kinds of everything
Amazing and beautiful
Old and new
Tragedy and celebration
Mountains and oceans
But in the end
Flat Alberta is home

Friday, June 22, 2007

okay i guess now it does

Our souls are connected
In an unbreakable bond
That extends through space and time
And somehow
It seems to grow stronger
The farther apart we are
And longer time we are separated
So I will forever
Be able to tap into your soul
And you into mine
If ever you reach for me
I will be there
And if ever I need your love
You will always be there
Deep inside of me

whats going on?

something is going weird here - my posts are not appearing. well we will see if this one works

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Perhaps I was a valiant daughter
Who fought beside prophets and apostles
My love for my god
Has never been in question

Perhaps I wanted desperately to be like God
But I wanted to be with him always
And never leave his side
I have always been a daddy’s girl

Perhaps I came down to earth very excited
But god knew how much I would miss him
So here I am an extremely independent girl
Who never glances behind her

Perhaps he knew I needed allot of love here
So I wouldn’t miss him so much
So he allowed me to choose my family
And have contact with him from the beginning

Perhaps that is why I feel his love so much around me
Because he knows I need it so much
He knows powerfully I miss him
But also my determination to be as he is

Perhaps that is why I live for his love
Not caring for any other rewards
I simply need his arms around me again
And for him to be proud of me in the end

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I am so glad she is finally crawling
When she gets into everything
From the knees down
In every room
I am so glad she is finally walking
When she reaches on the table
Or the shelf
To take down what she wants
I am so glad she is finally talking
When she talks back
And says no
To everything I ask of her

Thursday, June 14, 2007

my little angel

Did I tell you about my angel?
About my precious little girl
She’s everything to me you know
She’s my entire life

Sugar and spice and everything nice
Mixed in
With lots of attitude
Talking back
And whining
Beautiful and adorable at all times
Except when
Covered in puke
Other matter
Or giving attitude
Most important thing in my life
Along with
My poor neglected husband
My house
My friends and family
My sanity

Did I tell you about my angel?
About my precious little girl
She’s everything to me you know
She’s my entire life

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You Are Wonderful

Ode to Joanne
For every time you let me whine
For every time you help me find a basket
For every time I see your house and am re-inspired
For every time I see a pet and know you understand
For every time you teach me something simple but life changing
For every chance you give me to serve you
For every time your kids say nice things to me
For going on hikes in your third trimester
For declaring to the world you are fabulous

Ode to Stephanie
For every time you say you have no talents and blow me away
For every time you get your kids in trouble the way I would
For every time you do Ellison’s hair and dress her in pink
For every suggestion about clothes or cute shoes
For every compliment about my clothing or shoes
For every time you are shocked at the big number of four children
For every time you clean my kitchen
For every time you clean your counters with bleach
For every time Ellison carries a purse to church

Ode to Nancy
For every time you listen to the same story again
For every time you listen to nyles despite how long it takes
For every time you don’t smack you husband when he deserves it
For all the “mens” work you do without question
For every time you repeat a request three times
For every time you play me a fun song
For every time you teach and astound me with your deep spiritual understanding of things
For giving your daughter the confidence to dance
For every time Kimberly smiles at me even though I’m weird

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Why go to church
A question asked by so many
So often
It is a respite
A haven for the soul
There is peace
Peace spoken to my soul
A rest from the turmoil
The chaos and the pain
That the world gives
I go
To receive the strength I need
To be strong another week
The steeple calls my name
And I hear the spirit proclaim

Saturday, June 9, 2007

sappy again

I look into your eyes and see
What you think of me
A reflection
Of the woman I have always wanted to be

I hold you in my arms and know
I will never want to let you go
A model
Of the man I wished for a long time ago

Friday, June 8, 2007

when we first met

I met you one day
When I was watching someone else
You made me smile
And my night was suddenly more interesting
Then one night we danced
I said call me
You said I will
I saw you again
You made me smile
Twice you called
I wasn’t home
So I searched out your number
And invited you to park lake
We played soccer than baseball
Then you took me to eat and we talked
I watched your game
We watched a Disney
I knew I was crazy about you
That night
When you hugged me
Lisa had her party
We talked till four
Next day you made me breakfast
We bowled that night
And you held my hand
I pushed you said go slow
And I have never been so grateful
You are what I have been waiting for
Even just to date
A man of god

Thursday, June 7, 2007

pictures in my mind

I flip though pictures
in my mind
images of you
so different
but so very much you.

A blond surfer boy
in your wet suit
flying across the waves

A rugged farm boy
fixing machines
working on your tractor

A classy cowboy
in your wranglers
leading the trailride

A favorite uncle
playing with the kids
adored by each one

A soccer hardcore
racing around the field
and excited to be there

A nature boy
naming plants and animals
gonna be a park ranger

A cool guy
in your harley sunglasses
cruising in your car

A drummer guy
in the back
but the focus of the band

A wonderful mormon boy
in your suit and tie
sitting beside me in church

so many pictures
make up the man
that i adore

i flip through pictures
in my mind
images of you
so different
but so very much you.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


when i grow up
i will be as nice as amy
but probably not
but she has taught me
how to love people better

when i grow up
i will be as organized as joanne
but probably not
but she has taught me
how to dejunk my kitchen

when i grow up
i will be as cute as stephanie
but probably not
but she has taught me
how to do melia's hair

when i grow up
i will be as patient as nancy
but probably not
but she has taught me
how to listen to every story