Saturday, July 7, 2007

So for variety i am going to try to write a "normal" blog. Look at me go! Well we recently went down to visit Vance's parents and had fun taking some pictures which actually turned out okay. In this one we actually managed to all have our eyes open which was a major accomplishment for us. The deck of course is not ready yet so Melia made sure to fall backwards down a hole the minute someones back was turned. I had a heart attack and a half of course but she decided not to play near the holes anymore so i guess it was succesful since she just bumped her head.

I also purchased some stellar dress up clothes for Melia at a garage sale ( $3 for a box!) thinking she wouldnt be interested in them for a while but she was quite interested and decided to try one on. As long as she got the wand of course!

Then for july long we went to drum and played in the water park with the twins - which she loved to bits! She decided my sister was her new mom for the weekend which was different for my rather clingy little girl but nice variety.