Friday, August 17, 2007

so many new babies!

Well its seems like baby time right now with both my close cousins having babies and joanne and then amy will be next and i swear every other woman i see is pregnant! It makes you think i guess and scares you a little. I know im gonna do it again but how will it go? Do i have a chance at having one naturally? its doesnt seem like a very high chance.

a little
but who isnt i guess
anything can happen
i guess
thats what im scared about

but i guess worrying accomplishes nothing eh? except for stephanie - apparently it is very good for stephanie. she said it keeps her in shape.
very unfair - it gives the rest of the world ulcers but it keeps stephanie gorgeous. complicated. well - due to stephanies counsel to joanne here is a bit of my odd list about me!

1. I untuck all the sheets before I go to bed.
2. I almost always gag when I brush my teeth
3. It amazes me to watch someone listen completely
4. I enjoy playing at being mean or angry (Medea)
5. My perfect date is sitting on a couch cuddling with my guy and watching a storm.
6. I love to play in the rain
7. Dancing is one of my very favorite things to do.
8. I love being sung to
9. I love to sing but I’m insecure about it cause my sister used to mock me about my singing.
10. I love potato salad, cheesecake, angel food cake, spaghetti, mashed potatoes and poke cake.
11. I enjoy going on walks
12. My lava lamp always amuses me
13. My stress book always makes me happy
14. Therefore some penguins are old TV shows (sorry logic joke)
15. I would love to name my kids weird names like mine
16. I eat the chocolate and peanuts around an Oh Henry bar first
17. I am a high maintenance chick – especially to heavenly father
18. I love to twirl in fun dresses
19. I love reading books and writing poetry
20. I don’t feel fully dressed unless I’m wearing a belt.

and that is my contibution to the blog world today!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Vancouver Island Fun!!

So we did the drive out to the island with all three kids in one van for company and so all could watch the dvd's in convoy with my dads truck and my van. They did surprisingly well actually with only an occasional half hour of screaming bloody murder - usually melia fighting a nap. We camped for a couple nights outside of kamloops and were only a half hour late for church cause the roads there are complicated. The kids loved the ferry ride except when melia fell and bit through her lip and got a bloody nose (lots of blood!). She did get a free first aid popsicle though which she enjoyed and Sydney helped with.

Upon arriving at the beach Melia recalled what heaven was like and the best word i can think of is that she wallowed in the sand. Burrowed would also be accurate but doesnt express her happiness in playing in or eating the sand.

We went on a lovely little hike on a rainforest trail - which is neat because of the trees of course but also cause the whole walk is susupended on boardwalk which the kids thought was the coolest thing ever. Our family always calls it the slug walk though cause my mom is obsessed with the banana slugs and we always see tons on the walk. We didnt see as many bright yellow ones this year though apparently black is cool right now but the kids thought the slugs were neat.

We also went for a walk on the beach at low tide to see the starfish and were rewarded with a ton! Melia has no fear of course and will touch everything sticking to the rocks but i wasnt quite as willing to touch slimy sea anenome(however you spell that). Starfish i am cool with.

Yes i am aware that the picture of Melia is sideways but i am sick of fiddling with pictures so i think i am done for today!