Tuesday, September 25, 2007

be a man

really this is an ode to my husband because he changes all the definitions of being a man. my dad always said he wasnt a real man cause he didnt spit, swear, curse or hunt. i of course was totally cool with my dad not measuring up to be a "man" in this regard. my husband again added so much more to what i saw as a "real man."

be a man

they say a man is big, tough and strong
i say a man who has a big heart
is tough and immovable in his loyalty to god
and strong in his protection of those he loves
is a real man

a real man
will happily do the dishes cause the smell makes me gag
will help me fold the laundry cause i did five baskets today
will take my daughter for a walk to the park cause i need a nap
will make dinner cause i hate the kitchen today
will tell me im sexy in my sweatpants cause nothing else fits
will sit through another romance cause i cant handle action tonight
will make me a belly dancing cd cause i feel to crappy to think
will spend hours putting a door on cause i think we need one
are you man enough?

a real man
will tease me in a way i think is funny not in a way that hurts
will let me win somtimes if necessary but never tell me he let me
will play games against me that i always win and take it like a man
will never use all his strength against me when we wrestle
will win at games he is better at but not ram it down my throat
will take my quirks in stride and laugh with me - not at me
will love me even when i am useless and dont do all i should
will be such a good dad my daughter runs to the door when he comes home
are you man enough?

they say a man is big, tough and strong
but i say a man who has a big heart.
is tough and immovable in his loyalty to God
and is strong in his protection of those he loves
is a real man.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

So it appears that i am raising a farm girl. I have no idea how this has happened but it is becoming more clear. We went to visit Vance's parents for the weekend and went out to the farm he used to work at. Melia was so excited about the cows and horses and gross farm dog!! She mooed at all the cows but I dont know anything about cows so we refrained from petting them. Daddy then took her on a horse ride which she loved! She was thrilled when the gross farm dog licked her all over the face. (I gagged while i wiped off the vileness) I am of the opinion the meat comes plastic wrapped at safeway and intend to keep it that way! I am very much a town girl. What will i do if she wants to be in 4H or something when she gets older? Gross! All i know is that it has something to do with cows because a friend of mine in school was in it. How do kids come up with these things! I am beginning to regret the baby einsteins despite how cute it is that she can sing e-i-e-i-o. whoa is me!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

more of my rather long list of selfishness

21. All of the necklaces I own have a story
22. I eat grapefruits without sugar
23. I don’t care which way the toilet paper goes
24. I don’t care how the toothpaste is squeezed – only that the cap is on
25. I like a big variety of music some favorites are: billy joel, prozzak, aqua, smashmouth
26. Some songs about me according to me or other suggestions are: dancing queen, all she wants to do is dance, she’s always a woman, livin la vida loca, if you asked me to, I believe I can fly, independent woman, holding out for a hero, short skirt and long jacket.
27. I love playing picture games but I’m not very photogenic
28. I love cool whip
29. I hate ticking clocks
30. I’m not a big junk food person but some stuff I like are: wafers, chocolate werthers, cookies and cream ice cream, whoppers, fudgecicles, reese puffs, sugar pie, almond cream delight. (the list does lend itself to seeing me as a junkfood person doesn’t it? )
31. Food I don’t like includes: fish, seafood, tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, oysters, olives, cabbage, fruitcake, spinach, blue cheese, cooked pineapple, maraschino cherries, MINT
32. I love sitting in the sun (unless of course im pregnant)
33. I like origami and playing with paints
34. Im not a good artist but I like pictionary
35. I enjoy hiking and camping
36. I love to play sports both intense and casual
37. I like to strut with my sister Savana
38. Mean and stupid people frustrate me
39. I am aggressive with guys and often in basketball
40. I love cooking and baking