Monday, November 26, 2007

New siding!

So during my lesson today I once again concluded that the only reason I prepare lessons is for the sweet little girl Jessa in my class. It’s not like she sits on the edge of her seat in fascination and asks question after question about my wonderful lesson but she sits quietly and listens and responds when I ask her questions and remembers what we have talked about – at least for the rest of the half an hour period. In short she is a miracle in my classroom! If not for her I think I would just bring paper airplanes and watch my other little punks run around the class to get out some of their never ending energy and save me the blank stares and muttering while teaching them. Sometimes I am so mean that when my boys are punks – only Jessa gets to color after the lesson! That is particularly harsh since it’s the only thing they care about doing in class. Well I guess that’s enough whining, on to more positive things.

Believe it or not my siding is actually finished!! It looks awesome – even if I do say so myself! Even the guy that did the siding said it looked WAY better. The guy who did it was really nice and Melia enjoyed waving at him and getting in his face every time she could see him in the window. I babysat Rachel one day while he was working on the house so he had two little faces watching him from the front window – it was very cute. Here are my before and after pictures - i know they aren't great but the sun never actually shines on the front of my house right now so the light is never good for taking a picture! My finger actually had to be in the picture in order to block the sun enough to see anything. I know it sounds like an excuse but its true!

Now I don’t know if it is what my sister says and that I am getting my nesting urges a little early but the past couple weeks I have been much focused on getting my house in order. I want to throw out anything and everything we don’t regularly use and I want things to be clean and organized. I have actually cooked supper everyday for a week and a half and had my kitchen clean and my laundry caught up. I have some habits (good habits!) I am working on forming so this can be a life change instead of just a week change. My friend Joanne who is the organization queen has been giving me some pointers in my goals AND some tried and true recipes to broaden my very small horizon of recipes. We really can learn so much from the amazing people around us. I will let you know next week how well I am doing =).

Monday, November 19, 2007

Everything at once!!

Belly shot at five months!!

Well it it a very exciting day today! I got my hair chopped off to about my chin and for the first time in my life i have bangs. Yes, but the weirder thing is that the chick who cut my hair says it just 'a bang' cause really it is supposed to be pushed to the side. Very complicated. I am now getting used to the totally new look for me but right after i had it done i was a little traumatized!

Melia seems to be cool with it and Vance likes it (does he really have another choice?) so i guess we'll keep it.

On another exciting note my garage is currently being sided and once that is done they will do the front of my house! It will be green. well cypress actually but it is still a green. We are very excited to be done with the very hideous yellow on the front of our house and are desperately hoping that the green will be a vast improvement and not a grave mistake! I think i will take a before and after picture so we can see if we made it better or worse. =)

Oh yes there is more!! Yesterday after church my cousin invited us to dinner in strathmore which was very fun! It was nice to get to visit with them again cause it has been a while. As a side benefit my aunt (party was at her house) had just gotten in her shipment of chocolate so i was able to take mine home! I have allot of chocolate this year! I got three blocks of callebeau chocolate from belgium! i got a bunch because i usually do a round with my sister in law and then some for me (and last year i did some for my mother in law) which is usually close to one block. But this year naomi and kathy expressed interest in learning how to make chocolates (and maybe a couple other people will come too?) so i got some extra. i am very excited!!! i am so ready to start making chocolates!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

this is the end!

I started this list about 6 years ago after i left home and i think i have maxed out at 100!! I cant believe i have 100 and stephanie struggled for 6 - ah well i guess im more self absorbed =)

81. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast
82. I love crepes, pancakes, waffles, omelets, scrambled eggs and hash browns
83. I have been to two treks and two EFY’s
84. I hate looking for jobs and filling out applications
85. I like sesame seeds
86. I love raspberry jello with raspberries
87. I love nuttella milkshakes and butterscotch milkshakes
88. I had 12 teeth pulled within two weeks in grade 9
89. I love the little mini donuts you get at carnivals and the stampede
90. I like calculus more than linear algebra
91. I love people watching
92. I love frozen juice but usually only the first day its made
93. I love the little reindeer pilsburry cookies
94. I got married on Valentines Day
95. I had a c-section with my first baby
96. I have been around the world and to half the places
97. I love long beach on Vancouver Island
98. My favorite part of Italy was Florence and the ice cream (I’m so uncultured!)
99. I had to talk in stake conference in Calgary when I was 16 (no pressure)
100. I would rather be cold than hot so Canada is perfect for me!

Friday, November 9, 2007

volleyball is violent!

well volleyball is not generally violent but last night i got hit and it isnt pretty! It was crazy cause Melia was sitting on the side in a chair watching. She was happy to sit so Vance and i were both playing. Then i look over at her and she has her foot caught in the arm of the chair and is about to crash head first into the cement floor. So of course i panic and run over to save her in front of my team mate going up for a block. SO for my efforts i got an elbow right above my eye and i decided to sit for the next little while since we had already played the games that count. Melia didnt fall but i will be sporting a lovely look for a couple days i think. I dont think i remember the last time i got myself a black eye. Vance says im not allowed to fight at volleyball anymore.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Due to the fact that my little one LOVES cows i decided to let her be a cow for halloween. I know it sounds lame but why not let her have what she wants when i can. Then of course she was too hungry and excited to get out of the house to stand still for any amount of time for a picture so these are a couple examples of how helpful she was. Despite the lack of lovely pictures she had allot of fun at the ward trunk or treat and quickly got into the idea of holding out her bucket for people to put candy in. When we got home we took her out to our close next door neighbors cause i thought they would like to see her. She had a great time being allowed outside in her stroller so late and seeing the puppies in every house we went to. After recieveing her candy she would look around the person giving her candy and demand "puppy". It was very entertaining since all but one house we went to actually had a dog and she was very happy to see the puppies.