Thursday, December 13, 2007


Melia is not smiling but is on Santa's knee without screaming.

More fun with Ellison there but her candy cane isnt open yet.

Kimberly wants to know who santa is!


So we had a lovely Christmas party at church on monday during which Melia vastly enjoyed running wild and free and i enjoyed not having to run after her. The food was lovely, deserts very fun and there was a neat program as well. The question of the year of course was whether or not Melia would actually sit on Santa's lap without screaming bloody murder as she did last year - i have a classic picture of it. Surprisingly enough after a wait with daddy she sat calmly on santa's lap - not a great deal of smiling but no screaming - and happily recieved a candy cane for her efforts. The candy cane she enjoyed greatly in case anyone was wondering. She even managed to pose momentarily with Ellison. I also snagged a couple of Kimberly trying to steal Santa's beard - a trouble maker already!
Well then - so apparently the image uploader thing is not working right now so i will try to put the pictures on later. I guess this is the teaser blog entry to get you excited for the pictures!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

guilt free time

Suddenly due to my amazing ability to stick to the discipline of clean in my kitchen and food on my table (at a consistent time even!!!) i find myself with guilt free time. Previously it was time spent hiding from the mess in my kitchen or the idea of dinner which i really should make but dont want to. My laundry is even organized and pretty up to date. I also find that due to happiness in my kitchen i am actually more content to be at home (this does not apply to Melia) and have less of a need to be out of my house! I still love to go out and visit but i am no longer running away. My current challenge is that i want to to throw out everything!!! If it is in my way or hasnt been used in a while - i just want to pitch it out the door! Herein lies the challenge - my husband HATES to throw anything away. I must pry things from his hands to toss. I cant even sneak it out - cause he notices and is hard done by. Obviously yelling or anything of the sort is not in his nature but he is definitely hard done by. There is only so much sulking and whining a girl can take - so i refrain. But there is way more junk in this house than needs to be there! I suppose it could just be a nesting phase and this too shall pass but until it does i want to throw it all away! Yes I can hear you Joanne cheering me on too which makes the not tossing junk when he is at school all the harder!! sigh - i guess i will just keep pushing things in the garbage when he is only sortof paying attention and seeing what i can get away with =).

Right so the point of my entry today was my wonderful guilt free time. My problem is that when i read it sucks me in and i do NOTHING else for who knows how long - weeks at a time because i just keep going back to the library and getting more books and Melia gets evil due to neglect and eventually so does Vance. I appear to be absolutely hopeless when it comes to even simple crafts i wish to try and i can only spend so much time on the computer. Scrapbooking is fun but my creativity needs a boost right now so i am at a standstill. SO i need to find something else i like to do. Or if someone just wants to donate some artistic or creative talent i could apply it to the things i want to do but am incapable of.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

all about the man

What is your husband’s name: Vance Owen Cook

He is currently a bearded monster because while he is in school is his only two months of the year he can have facial hair - and he posed for this =)

How long have you been married: a couple months short of 5 years
How long did you date before you got married: seven months
Who eats more: me when I am pregnant
Who said I love you first: Vance
Who is taller: we are exactly the same height
Who sings better: I follow better but I cant lead to save my life
Who is smarter: I am the book smart one and Vance is the street smart one
Whose temper is worse: mine definitely
Who does the laundry: currently me
Who does the dishes: for the last two weeks, me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: me
Who pays the bills: Vance
Who cooks dinner: for the last two weeks, me
Who drives when you are together: mostly Vance
Who is more stubborn: definitely me
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong: me
Whose parents do you see the most: mine
Who kissed who first: guilty as charged
Who asked who out first: Vance
Who proposed: all Vance
Who is more sensitive: me on that one
Who has more friends: me, he is a hermit
Who wears the pants in the family: Melia
Where did you meet your husband: on a soccer field
What was the first thing you said to your husband: don’t like me I will only hurt you
Where was your first date: park lake
Where was your first kiss: at my house
Where did you get engaged: all over Lethbridge
Where were you married: Cardston
Where was the honeymoon: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico