Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby in five days!!

So I finally got a date for my section and I didn't even have to throw a tantrum to get it! My little one is going to be born on March 5th 2008 at about 8am in the morning. In my family we have a strict policy about wasting days on birthdays so my baby will be in the third pair in my family to share a birthday. My little sister and brother (march 31), myself and my brother in law(sept 19) and now my dad and new little punk (march 5th). Its funny how these things work out. I am super excited and actually think im pretty ready. What else do I really need besides me and the baby (which are still attached) and a carseat so I can legally take the kid home? I think everything is planned perfectly with my parents coming tuesday night and staying until the weekend is done and then my mother in law coming to help on the monday for a couple days. After that we shall see where to go depending on how im recovering and the baby of course. I really hope this one is as good a baby as Melia was - I think we were pretty spoiled with her. I am annoyed about having to be knocked out again since I wanted to have the spinal block or epidural (I have no idea if its the same thing or not?) but the sole drug guy in Brooks is gonna knock me out - I dont know if he prefers it or he just doesnt do the other way at all but thats the way it is here. Apparently I am just destined to do everything with the hardest possible recovery...sigh. I think the next few days are going to be the longest ones ever! I was going to go to my moms for the weekend since it was her birthday on the 26th and my dads is on the 5th but my sister cant go now and they have to go to a wedding in red deer anyway so I will stay at home and try not to think about silly things to worry about =). I admit though i dont think i can resist an evil little cackle for Stephanie who has to wait longer this time - he he he. Its only fair you know since last time I had to wait a month longer and then an extra 10 days! Dont hate me!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

i hate waiting!!

SO first they said I would get the date for my c-section on friday but due to some incompetence (not on my part) I didnt even get to see the doctor. Then they tell me that I will get a date on monday when I go see the doctor - I went to the doctor and she said next week when I see the other doctor she will give me a date but it will be march 5, 6, or 7th. This was definately incompetent since that would be only two days before the c-section - more agravation. Then the office calls me and says I have an appointment with the other doctor (Boding) on wendsday. Which makes me happy because it means someone did the math about how soon the 5th is coming. (I was rather concerned about the doctors mathmatical abilities.) SO now I have to wait two more days until this appointment and if I dont get a date then I think I will throw a temper tantrum right in the office until they arrange my c-section. Yes that is my wonderful plan! It is nice that it isnt this week though and that I at least have a general idea of when I need my mommy to watch my little punk since I plan on selfishing Vance in the hospital for a couple days! That is my lovely update of happiness. =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Make it four!

Okay i didnt realize i was being such a slacker until i noticed the date on my last blog. I guess when you dont have an update or a concluding sentence its hard to follow up. SO when i went for my third ultrasound it showed that my little punk has his head right under my ribs, which didnt surprise me since i have had a bulge under my ribs for months, which is obviously not the proper head down position. But my doctor thought it was a little early to write my c-section in stone so i get a fourth ultrasound tommorow to be sure he is still going the wrong way and probably will not turn. If he is still being a rebel we will book my c-section here in brooks with another doctor since my doctor will conveniently be away at the time. If of course i go into labour i will be sent to medicine hat for an emergency c-section but considering my track record for going into labour on time - unless we have some divine intervention i'll be having my c-section here.

My sister came and stayed with me for a couple days for a break from her craziness and i took a picture of Melia learning how to play dress up from her cousin - very fun!

This past weekend was a blast! We had an adventure in Medicine hat since the boys had a basketball tournament some of the wives decided to travel with the team (i.e. in our minivans) and party in the hotel and pool. The pool turned out to be perfect for the kids and adults alike so we had a lovely time. My poor bathing suit doesnt really contain the belly anymore but i subjected everyone to it anyway =) After a perfect breakfast where i could try a little of everything i tagged along with Joanne to value village since it is the store for everything! I am super excited though because i got a sweet winter coat i can wear when i am large and pregnant (ummm NOW) and it actually goes over my tummy. I have been thinking i should have invested with one for Melia since i never ever plan on being pregnant in the summer! Always fall-winter if i can help it!! But i spent $20 and got a coat that i love and i dont have to wear Vance's airport monster coat anymore. sigh - the little things that make us happy!

Then on the way home from Medicine hat Vance asked me what i wanted to do for the long weekend - curious i asked him when it was and he said now. So we decided to pack a couple more things and go to Drumheller after church and visit my parents. We had a fun visit and went to the museum on monday since it was a free day. We had some fun adventures and took some cool pictures and managed to make very good use of our entire long weekend.

My mom told me something that i thought was interesting and im curious if anyone else has some interesting stories in the same direction. Growing up we didnt have much money and my mom was very frugal of course as a result. Little things like using water instead of milk in soup and adding more water than called for with frozen juice seemed rather obvious to me but she said she always used to save the cardboard from buying nylons to make cards or invitaions for birthdays and that struck me as one of those ultimate moments of inventiveness! The things we can learn from our parents!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Third try lucky!

So when i was pregnant with Melia i had the standard ONE ultrasound in which they couldnt tell the sex of the baby and therefore it was a surprise. With the little punk currently beating me from the inside I am now going in for my THIRD ultrasound! This one is just to see if he is head down as he should be or if the little punk is gonna be breech. And just for Stephanie the poor child is going to have to get used to being called a punk just like every one of my primary classes! I think being called punks always traumatizes them a little at the beginning of the year but they get used to it. =) The big deal about the innocent angel being breech of course is that if he is i get a guaranteed escort to the c-section room which would certainly make the decision about how he is going to be born easier but isnt necessarily what i was hoping for. You take what you get though i suppose so we shall find out on friday if i am absolutely positively having a c-section or if we are back to the maybe -we shall see option. That is my lovely update on the world of Randa! I also feel very left out because it seems like everyone has fun things changing on their blogs so perhaps i will fool around and see if i love something more than my plain black background =).