Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Fun!

Well Kyan is two and a half weeks old now! He is doing very well despite having been circumcised last Thursday. Jan Allred came with me since I am not supposed to carry Kyan in his car seat for the six weeks and she stayed in the waiting room while they did it but I went outside so I wouldn’t have to listen to him cry. Vance showed up as well since he and Dwight had to pick up some parts in town so we went for a walk around the block with Melia. When we came back Jan said he had done really well and hadn’t cried much at all but I am still glad I went outside. It hasn’t seemed to bother him too much which has been great but it still looks sore and I feel mean every time I change his diaper – poor kid! Today is Easter Sunday but it seems strange since my family all came down on Friday and we already did our Easter fun. The kids had a great time painting eggs and actually did all 24 that we had boiled so we had to boil another dozen for the older kids (the adults) to decorate later while the kids watched Nemo. It’s funny because the twins are scared of my brother Tyler because he is rather sarcastic and proclaims he doesn’t like kids at all. But he and Melia are still good friends. He sat beside her while she painted her eggs and dipped and passed her a paintbrush so she could have some paint. Sydney painted all pink eggs and Clark did mostly blue but did allow one green. We then sent the men to the park to hide the plastic eggs filled with candy! A couple minutes later we followed with the kids and their Easter baskets. They had a great time finding the eggs all over the park and when they realized there was treats inside the eggs the game was just that much better. Then we let the kids play at the park for a while which pretty much involved Melia and Clark alternating throwing tantrums over whose turn it was in the swing, sigh. Hopefully whatever phase Melia is in now doesn’t last long.
She is having a hard time with the competition for my attention with Kyan I think and as a result has been more rotten that usual. She is very into pushing people right now and enjoys giving any children or adults a shove to see what kind of a response she can get. Poor Kimberly Clark who is about 10/11 months I think is getting the brunt of it quite often because she is smaller and less likely to push back. She did spend the whole time the twins were here pushing them too though so she isn’t really biased. She also does it a great deal in nursery – very friendly. The other day though when Vance was giving Kyan a bath Melia was very annoyed and quite insistent that it was her turn throughout the bath so much so that I had to drag her out of the bathroom repeatedly. Then when Kyan was done as Vance passed him to me Melia climbed right in the tub fully clothed and repeated again – MY TURN. SO Vance added some more water and took her clothes off and let her have a bath because clearly it was her turn.
The other day at playgroup Stephanie made a comment about our group of women having kids just as fast as we could which made me laugh because I think thus far at any one time there has always been at least one of us pregnant. There may be a break after Kathy though unless Joanne wins and has another baby or Amy goes for 18 months between Charlie and another. We shall see!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Well obviously the baby has been born! My parents arrived Tuesday night and so everything was ready to go. Vance and I went to the hospital at six on wendsday morning – which I thought was cruel to have us come in so early but there was no way I was sleeping the night before anyway and I was so glad I didn’t have to wait any longer when 5:30 came around. All my bags were packed the night before so all I had to do was get dressed and go. When we got there hauling suitcases and such – I felt like I should get a card for my hotel room or something – the admissions actually knew why I was there for variety. They sent us to our room and the nurses came and got me ready for surgery by putting on my lovely stockings and getting my iv in and such (which was very bloody and gross by the way) and then we had to wait for a little while – I don’t know how long cause I fell asleep – and then they took me in. While I was laying on the table waiting for things to get ready they started playing music – Queen to be precise – and I thought it was funny since it had never occurred to me that surgeons would have warm up music. Eventually everything was ready – I swear there were 20 people in there - and I was put under and when I woke up they brought in Vance and our baby boy whom we named Kyan Elias Cook. Apparently it was way more intense then anyone expected it to be due to a very large amount of scarring from my first c-section – no one knows why there was so much scarring – and the doctor said I gave her a bunch of grey hairs. Apparently they couldn’t even see my stomach muscles due to all the scarring and instead of the usually open and get baby out in four minutes the doctor said she had no idea how long it took to get through and get out the baby and thus the grey hair. ALSO – yes there is more – there was a large blood clot in there from the last c-section and since it didn’t need to be there and they didn’t know what it was they just cut it out and sent it to the lab – my doctor will get the report when he returns from vacation (yes he went on vacation when it was time for me to have my baby so I was tossed around from doctor to doctor). I expect he will tease me about giving the reputedly best c-section doctor in town so much trouble while he was gone. It will be nice to be back to having just my one doctor who I know again. In the hospital there was one doctor who would come to check Kyan and not look at me and then another would look at me and never at Kyan and then the name of the doctor on Kyan’s fact sheet was another doctor who I never even met.
My recovery from this c-section has been SO much better!! I don’t think I could put enough exclamation points to express the difference!!! I wasn’t nearly as tired – due to not having back labour for a week - and so I was way more conscious on Wednesday than I expected and actually got to enjoy the day and the visitors and the baby way more. My parents came in later in the morning with Melia and then Talena and Savana and the twins came so there was a lot going on. It was perfect I think because due to the twins Melia was distracted and didn’t notice as much the lack of focus on her and the baby getting a lot of attention. She got to spend Thursday with them as well and she loved having so much attention and so much going on. Between having grandma and grandpa to spoil her and the fun twins here as well she was quite content. Thursday evening Talena, Savana and the twins went home but mom and dad stayed until Sunday night – which was a wonderful help. So Wednesday evening Joanne was our first non-family visitor and she brought me some lovely peanut butter cookies which I appreciated more the next day when they allowed me to eat solid food again. That was a nasty surprise – I didn’t realize I would be on a clear fluid diet all day Wednesday! I hadn’t eaten since midnight Tuesday as per their instructions and I was very hungry by Thursday afternoon when I was finally allowed to eat more than jello and apple juice! Then Nancy and Kendon came by after and we got to show off Kyan some more. The first night was quite the revelation though since all day we hadn’t heard much more than little squeaks out of Kyan until after 10 pm when apparently gas hits him hard or something and he objects very strongly to it for many hours. The next morning though he proceeded to be very quiet and content again and have occasional four hour naps. The pattern has continued unfortunately but we are hoping he gets his days and night figured out soon or his digestive system works out the kinks. On Thursday Desiree and Rachel came in to visit for a bit and brought us some peppermint tea – which Vance quite enjoyed. Then Lisa Turgeon dropped in to visit and see the baby after work which was a lot of fun. Our other visitor was Kathy and her crew but we didn’t get to see her since we escaped from the hospital on Saturday before she got there!
My recovery has been so much better this time! My evil little muscles right under my stomach that gave me so much trouble last time have not acted up so I can get up and down a lot easier and can actually get in and out of bed by myself already which I wasn’t able to do for weeks afterward last time. Everyone has mentioned how much better I look this time than last which is good for me now but must have been rather scary for everyone last time.
So after two days of frustration with Kyan not succeeding at nursing I relented and have started using my nursing shield again. Hopefully I can wean him off of it but I am not overly concerned since nursing Melia with it turned out fine last time and my doctor says if it works – don’t worry about it. Since we started with the shield he has been nursing very well and my milk has certainly come in with a vengeance – I didn’t remember how much time I spent getting soaked last time. I can’t believe how many nursing pads I have gone through today alone!
So my parents just left about an hour ago and Helen will be arriving soon to take her shift with the invalid =). My sisters and parents did some great things while they were here which was awesome! They gave my baby room some personality by putting up a border and some Winnie the Pooh stickers and my mom fixed the curtains I bought so they actually fit and cover the window. It looks awesome! My parents also brought me their table – we are doing a family table switch again – and sanded it down and re-varnished it so it looks like new again. And my sisters got me a perfect little rack for the corner of my counter so I have more space and places to put my fruit and a paper towel holder which my dad put on for me – again saving me precious counter space! Also a future present will be my new stove from Talena since her in-laws got a new one and passed it to her so I get her old one which has the cool top which will be so much easier to clean! So many fun toys for such a perfect price. Well since that is probably more info than anyone needed I will end my novel but here are a couple pictures.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Two short long days to get through!

So, I’m afraid there was some great incompetence on my part when it came to the birthday sharing conversation I wrote about last time. It is true of course about the three pairs that share birthdays that I mentioned but Im afraid I failed to mention another pair who are my sisters ah em twins. Yes so oddly enough they also share the same birthday in my family. Yes I already feel incompetent about forgetting them so laughing at my incompetence is valid – just do so quietly and we will continue from there.
I did end up going to my parent’s house for the weekend because Melia was driving me crazy and Vance left to take his scouts camping and skiing for the weekend. I could see the Saturday alone being the longest day ever – especially with Melia getting sick. She is rotten when she is getting sick and my patience at this point is not particularly remarkable. It turned out really well since both Talena and I decided to go anyway and then Savana came out on Saturday so we had a good party and Melia was entertained by the twins so she wasn’t evil and everyone was happy. She truly thrives on pestering them and trying to get a response out of them – especially when they are busy doing something and don’t want to play with her. She would have been a good bratty little sister I think. Vance actually got to go snowboarding for his one time a year and his scouts had a winter camp before the baby came so everything worked out well.
I suspect most people might think I put it off rather long but it is just starting to hit me that quite soon I will be hauling the little one in a car seat and not in my stomach anymore. I just kept looking at Kami today at church and going oh my goodness this is really happening. Sorry if I came across as insane Joanne but its finally starting to be real to me I think! Maybe it’s a good thing that I only have two more days to think about it. Oh my.