Wednesday, May 28, 2008

and cute

I guess its been a while and I’ve been slacking but I have been reading again lately so in my free quiet time I have been reading and not writing. I am a big Julie Garwood fan now because I can read and re-read her books and laugh and laugh. She does go a little excessively descriptive sometimes though so I am very excited to own the books so I can edit as I see fit. Vance bought me five of my favorites for mothers day and was quite horrified to find me cutting pages out of my brand new books but I told him I was making them better and he decided not to watch. You do feel very sketchy cutting pages out of books though that’s for sure. Last weekend was a long weekend and Scott and Carrie Anderson came out to visit with Drew and he and Melia had a great time running around together. We had a nice visit with them on the Saturday and then after church on Sunday we decided to go out and visit my parents since we hadn’t been out there in quite a while.

So on Monday mom and I took the kids to the water park while Vance cut down trees and dug up bricks for my mom – she is always amazed at how hard he works and how fast he gets things done. I mentioned that he was a little more “jump to it” at her house or his parents and she said dad is more like that at our house so we have decided to just bring our husbands back and forth so dad can do extra work at my house and Vance can do extra work at hers =).
Melia has just started to get her canines in – all four at once which I think is strange but I wouldn’t know normal teeth if they hit me in the head. We are gonna need a boat to get to Safeway soon if it keeps raining. It’s been raining for like a week now which is weird cause we really do not get allot of rain here. I dont even own an umbrella so when i saw some people with them downtown it surprised me a little. =) The sun has been out for a couple days now though but the wind is keeping us from going for walks due to Kyan so im hoping the wind will die down soon and we can have some warm weather again and go for walks again and such.

Monday, May 12, 2008

a fun accessory for your baby!

I have had many compliments on Kyan's very cute soother clip and for anyone interested in obtaining something in that direction - here is the website (very cute)! I tried to copy some pictures to show you some examples but I failed so check it out for yourself!

Friday, May 9, 2008


As far as I know Melia does not know what this means but,
as you can see, Kyan is truly scandalized!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

things that make me happy!

Well it turned out to be a great weekend, i was really hoping for good weather and we got lucky. We had a great turnout for Kyan's blessing and everything went really well. Pictures will have to come later since I forgot my camera and my sister was my photographer for the day. Another lovely part of the weekend was all the sweet presents people brought me. My aunts gave me some really cute outfits for Kyan which he will show off at a later date and here are some of my other favorites!
A "new to me" stove! Does it get much better? Definately loving it!!

My lovely tupperware finally came and my pantry is on the way to being organized!!!
A bike trailer/double stroller of my very own so Vance can take Melia away for a while and increase everyones happiness.
And a label maker from my mommy which has been very fun to play with and made organizing with my tupperware way better!
You may notice a focus on things that make me happy. This has been essential these past couple of days when my lovely children are NOT in the category of making me happy. They both seem to have this radar for knowing when Vance should be home from work and if he is late they both get rotten! He has now been home two hours late two days in a row and I am starting to lose it!!
There is only so much crying and whining a girl can take before she is driven to drink!!
I need more cool aid.