Friday, June 27, 2008

more adventures

Due to summer finally arriving i have started filling up our pool around nine so we can play in warm water in the afternoon. Here are my two little punks who are united in one thing - do not for any reason open your eyes when mommy is taking a picture. sigh. But they match right?

We had a fun family home evening on monday and we didnt have to do any of the work! SPEC did a little end of school party and as committed playgroup members we were invited -we have near perfect attendance =). So fun and games and food and Melia got her face painted! She is quite committed to the keeping her eyes closed for pictures - apparently thats genetic ah hem ..vance.

The other day while making bread - i have decided to bake bread every time i feel like baking deserts (yes we will have a lot of bread) - Melia saw the bowl on the counter.
"wanna see mommy!"
"okay just one second ...oh never mind"
then me cracking up laughing at the shocked expression on her face.
she didnt even smile until I showed her in the mirror.
i have to admit i do enjoy the lovely "i told you so" moments of being a mom =)
SO the other day after Vance and Melia have been out back for a while I go to see what they are up to and Vance has decided to build Melia a swing set out of some wood the previous owners left under the deck. Well he did a wonderful job and today he is going out to buy a baby swing for Kyan. This boy never ceases to amaze me! Melia absolutely loves it and tells me about fifty times a day that daddy made her a swing.

Monday, June 16, 2008

the zoo and daddy's day!

So after our fun appointment in calgary with Kyan (the doctor says his hips look good but they want to see him again at six months just to make sure) we went with Talena and the twins to the zoo since melia has never been and I haven't been since I was little. We all enjoyed looking at the animals of course but

the real highlight of the trip for Melia was the puddles. By the end of the day she was soaked up past her knees

and a little worn out.

For myself this is about as close as i would ever like to be to a tiger but from my safe side of the fence i enjoyed the experience.

On fathers day we were in Claresholm visiting Vance's parents and when i took Melia to nursery they asked if her dad could pick her up since they had a surprise for the fathers. Probably the biggest present he has ever recieved i expect.

guess what was inside!

I thought it was a really fun idea and since Melia loves boxes and even got to take it home she was thrilled. She practiced her SURPRISE all day on sunday =).

Monday, June 9, 2008

x-rays, rain and rides (what a combination!)

Well on friday I took Kyan in for his x-ray of his hips due to his hanging out in the breech position for so long. My doctor doesn’t think there is anything wrong but he says its one of those things we need to be 100% sure on so we take the x-ray CD with us when we go to the children’s hospital in Calgary on Wednesday. Since my doctor isn’t concerned I’m not particularly nervous but I suspect I will be nervous as soon as I get there just because. I believe I will end up dropping Melia off with my little sister at work while we go to the hospital because I think she will be much more disruptive there then she was at our hospital here this morning – and she tried really hard. She actually opened and walked into a little curtained area where a poor guy was changing to get an x-ray. Fortunately he took it quite well and I was sitting at a good angle so I DID NOT see anything! One of those moments when you don’t rush over to grab your kid – you just yell and hope they come. She also took off when I was putting Kyan back in his car seat so I was chasing after her asking people which way she had gone because she was already out of sight. Besides those moments though she was really well behaved and didn’t freak out when they made her sit in the hall by herself for the x-rays.

So Saturday was definitely an adventure since it was the rodeo weekend here. The rain made it a great deal more exciting than it would have been otherwise I think. We went to the pancake breakfast at 7 and we were the first ones there due to the rain. We grabbed some pancakes and ate in the van though since we were cold and wet. Then we went for second breakfast at the evangelical church which was interesting but the food was pretty good. Then we went home for an hour or so until the parade which we thought started at 10. So at ten we went to safeway to watch the parade and we just caught the beginning of the parade so it worked out perfectly. We were at the very end of the parade which was lucky because we would have missed it entirely anywhere else being half an hour late. They also opened the new shortcut between safeway and walmart which will be lovely instead of having to go on the silly twisted road.

So that afternoon we planned to take melia to the carnival and see how she felt about the rides but when we got there it was dumping rain and continued to dump rain for the entire hour we sat there waiting – melia fell asleep on the way over so we figured we would wait till she woke up in hopes that the rain would cease. So everyone had a nap in the van but the rain did not stop so we just went home. After being home for about half an hour the rain stopped and the sky brightened so we decided to try again. We flew down to the fair grounds and ran into Larissa and her huband and kids (Brianna and Paige) whom melia loves so we spent the next couple hours watching the kids go on rides and run through the fun house. Melia had absolutely no fear of course and preferred the more exciting rides. The funniest part was a drop of doom type ride which vance took the kids on and Melia’s face was so funny we were all in tears. Each time the ride dropped she would grimace and her eyes would go wide and we were sure she would start crying and want off but every time the ride stopped she would say “more, more, more, more” and want the ride to start again. Unfortunately she only got to go twice since it then started to pour again and we bolted for home. It was a very fun day though and we definitely are going to hit Calaway park this year so she can go on all the rides there. Apparently to get a pass is like twenty dollars and park entrance is 15 so perhaps we will just get a pass and go a few times.

I wish i had managed to get a picture of Melia's look of terror but the ride went up and down too fast so these are all i got for you.