Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A blog for Kimara

Due to recent "almost permanantly and tragically lost my journal I have kept on the computer for the last two years" I havent been writing in my journal and therefore not on my blog either. I have thus far been unable to retrieve my 30 pages of poetry and have therefore not been writing poetry either and am working very very had not to be particularily BITTER!! Fortunately one of my lovely fans (Kimara) mentioned her cruel dissapointment in my lack of blogging and so I am here to share some moments. It is always fun to hear from my supportive readers and just so they know - they are more than welcome to comment on the blog so I have a vague clue I am not just writing to the vast emptiness of the internet =). he he he.

Here is a picture of my cute little boy to break up the monologue!

Well the most exciting news of course is that MY BROTHER DALLIN IS HOME FROM HIS MISSION IN ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!! It was very exciting to pick up him and my parents from the airport despite the kids being shy because it has been a while since they saw him - 2 years is rather long for a 2 year old. My parents sound like they had a great time going down to get him and travelling again. They havent been able to do a great deal of travelling since we got home from Zimbabwe so they were excited to go on another big adventure. After many flight delays and cancellations they finally managed to get there and back and were thrilled to discover their luggage made it home as well - they had their doubts after so many gong show plane moments.

My mom said she was a little more tired after travelling than she was when she was younger but I helped her appreciate it by reminding her she was NOT travelling with three kids four and under. Dallin looks great and is working on speaking English again instead of spanish and revelling in being ALONE for the first time in two years. Just so everyone knows I have two very good looking brothers!! Sorry, no pictures I was to busy wrangling kids and hugging my little brother to take pics im afraid. I already apologized to Meagan A. for them being so young and not being able to recomend them to her =).

Here another lovely picture of my rascals. Kyan is finally big enough to sit in my double stroller - I'm cool with him in it while walking but I dont think he is quite ready for me to put him on the back of the bike.

Hmmm other fun stories include our Samuel lesson on sunday which my boys have been waiting for and asking about since umm the first day I taught them at the beginning of the year. We dressed up in some high tech costumes courtesy of some towels, belts and dish cloths and acted out the story of Samuel the Lamanite - one day when we have time I will share this beloved classic with you Larissa =). Melia is loving the fish and duck games by the way and I apologize if you attended on tuesday and I stood you up. I was off frolicking with the family. I decided I needed a vacation - unfortunately I always have to take my work with me but it was fun to let my sister do the other work for a couple days.

I do have to mention Kathy's lovely sanity saving phone calls though as well. A few weeks ago I NEEDED a night out and was thinking about going to see mamma mia by myself but when I arrived home there was a lovely message declaring a girls night out going to the very movie I wanted to see - it was awesome by the way and who knew that James Bond could sing? Stephanie still doesnt believe it but it was definately enlightening. Then tonight as I was twitching out with insanity (Vance was about ready to send me to the library - yup that bad) lo and behold Kathy calls again - "do you want a ride to Kristy's shower?". Totally forgot of course since I just got back this afternoon and have been going slowly mad! To make a long story short, it was a lovely shower and exactly what I needed. I am not looking forward to tommorow since I am not in the mood for a non-busy wednesday but I have decided it will be a monday so maybe I will make bread. Yes i have the authority to change the days of the week if you are wondering.

Well this has been a little more journal than blog but since the near disaster with my journal I hate to put anything just on my computer where it can disapear just like that! Okay sorry about the excessive negativity but im sure my week will just get better from here!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super fun craft night!

Due to computer evilness this post is later than planned but here it is anyway!

So two lovely ladies (Mona and Joanne) conspired to have a sweet craft night where we bought a super fun picture frame with a magnetic back including 4 magnets and 2 little clips. These are my lovely masterpieces created from ummm permanently borrowed pieces =)

Then my crafty skills went into overload and Melia and I decided to finger paint outside. Obviously we are amazing painters and after we were done the real masterpiece (covered in most of the paint) had a bubble bath and went to bed! =)

Friday, August 8, 2008

A missionary coming home!

So last time I chatted with my parents they had ten more sleeps until they get to go pick up my little brother from his mission in Argentina. VERY EXCITED!!! I guess maybe that is why my dads missionary farewell song keeps playing through my head but I LOVE the song so I thought I would share at least the words with you.

A missionary farewell

Today you have received your errand from the lord
And now your mission is to preach his sacred word
You’re off to change the world and that’s a noble thing
But what can one man do? What can one man do?

One man set all Israel free
One man parted the red sea
And in god’s holy mountain received the law
And the world has never been the same

Study and be faithful remember to obey
Be prayerful seek the spirit and be brave
Be humble and be wise and serve your fellow man
And in your darkest hour, remember priesthood power

One man in a grove of trees
Saw god face to face now we believe
And on the floor of carthage jail the blood stains remain
And the world has never been the same

While you’re far away we’ll keep you in our prayers
And though we’ll often worry, we’ll trust you to gods care
And when the work is done, you’ll come back to your home
And as God’s faithful son, he’ll say to you well done

One man calmed the troubled sea
One man caused the blind to see
And on the third day morning the stone was rolled away
And the world has never been the same

You’re one man the spirit will sustain
You’re one man, testify in faith
And as you love your fellowman his heart will feel the change
And the world will never be the same.


Some recent highlights of the happenings here:

These are the cook cousins - we color coded the kids so you could tell who was whose - genius as far as Im concerned and very fun. Naturally the only ones misbehaving were mine (thank goodness for wonderful older cousins) and Melia's smile is clearly shining bright =)

I think i should send this in to A&W and see if they want to use this!

Loving the jolly jumper so far but the only real jumping yet is when Melia holds him and jumps - which is terrifying I might add but Kyan thinks it is hilarious.

Water park fun - she only gets wet in her clothes so her super cute bathing suits always stay nice and dry!