Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy birthday and dancing!

So happy birthday to me! Dont ask me what I am doing in the picture but Melia looks cute. She was loving helping blow out the candles. My favorite is that she has been randomly singing happy birthday to me all week. So Vance got me a slow cooker (yeah!!!!), my zoombini games I have been wanting for a while and a surprise that I dont know about that hasnt arrived yet . He thinks it should have been here two weeks ago and its torturing him to not tell me what it is =).
Im curious but it is really driving him crazy!!

So since we borrowed the twelve dancing princesses from my sister, melia is totally into princesses and is dancing constantly. Every sunday when I ask which dress she wants she picks her princess dress which is of course the biggest puffiest dress she owns. It is super cute but every sunday?

I am beginning to learn about the differences between children. Melia LOVED her swing and lived in it until like seven months - honestly! Kyan prefers to be under the swing if he must have anything to do with it. Melia absolutely loved applesauce and any kind of fruit while Kyan wants his veggies and snubs the fruit entirely. Melia would roll from side to side a bit while Kyan uses rolling to traverse the room and rolls till he hits something. Melia liked to be sung to while Kyan prefers if you make explosive sounds and gun shots - sigh - its a boy!!

So because I am into dance right now and Melia does it constantly i decided to put her in a little dance class for six weeks to see what she thinks. She LOVES LOVES LOVES it. Every day she asks if she gets to go to dance class with kaleesha. She also loves to practice at home and show off her moves for daddy. Lindsay gave me a little tutu her daughter outgrew so melia is loving it and would like to live in it but I still press variety on her.

love this picture and it definately explains why Kyan thinks love is tackling and bear hugs. more on this later..

so i went to dance a bit early in hopes that i could get some fun pictures of her since i let her wear her tutu but she would not even run on my side of the room - but i managed to chase her and get a few fun ones.
Moving on from Melia's new love we will go to Kyan's. Look at the love in that expression!
As previously mentioned mauling is Kyan's understanding of love. We do plan on working on that later but until then Tessa is remarkably tolerant of his interest. =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some fun

We went to my brother Dallin's "homecoming" talk this past weekend and of course only took pictures of the kids =). Here is Kyan sporting his argentina soccer jersey uncle dallin brought home for him:

and some sweet masks my mom picked up for fun - by the way I looked awesome in them too!

Then we were trying to decide if we could sneak the boat out one more time and decided to check and see if they had fixed the dock - no such luck. So we played in the water and the sand and started to say goodbye to summer! Melia is all about flying right now - thats what dads are for right?

Tommorow is my birthday!!!!!!! I am a very grown up 25 now! I love my birthday because as far as I am concerned it lasts all of september! I randomly buy myself little presents with happy rationalizing and take myself out to lunch more than any other month. I will also treat myself to a ice cream cake tommorow (maybe a princess one to entertain Melia) and go out to dinner with my crew. The sad thing is I still havent decided where to go for dinner...hmmm

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I figured it was Kyans day to shine!
So he is now six months old - boy time flies, and can roll like you wouldnt believe. He prefers to roll to his right and will continue to do so until he runs into something he can't get past or bangs his head. This picture is a roll before he bumped his head into the shelf .

The other important aspect of his life is the constant commands from his loving older sister. Its always nice when what she wants and what he wants coincide. In this case - he was commanded to ride in the back of her truck and while the slave (me if you haven't guessed) pushed the truck there was happiness all around.

I know he loves me as well as Melia and this is evidence since he was smiling at me =)

Other things he loves include rice cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes, beans, bear hugs from Melia and any other attention she decides to dole out, iron man from daddy, peek-a-boo from anyone, being hauled at all times, power naps (not enjoyable for mom), playing on the swing at the park (another command from Melia - Kyan wants to swing too mommy!), his soother and blankie, laughing at my brother in law Kent, the boat, and laughing until he gets hicups.
Thats my boy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A painted lady

So at playgroup the other week the girls brought some face painting stuff and since Melia was the only kid in attendance she was first in line. All shy she had to sit on my lap to get her kitty face. Once they showed her what her face looked like she promptly held out both hands to be painted as well...

so the sweet girl painted hearts on both her hands. Then Melia pulled up her pant leg!

So she got a butterfly on each leg! Then she pulled up her shirt so she could get something on her tummy and I decided to put a kibosh (is that a word?) on the body painting business..

but she loved being covered!

Lo and behold another spec activity and more face painting! She was definately not the only kid there so she had to settle for just the teddy bear on her face - but of course she loved it! I drug her away before she could start taking off clothes for more art!

Then another fun moment in the day:
"mom lets read stories!"
"okay go grab some books while mommy finishes nursing Kyan"
do you love the pile?
we counted 17 books!
this pose is "if you are happy and you know it shout horay!!!!"
i love it when she sings all her songs she knows - it still amazes me how many she knows well and can sing alone!
Some current favorites include happy and you know it, london bridges, bringing home my baby bumble bee (courtesy of kimara), child of god (she can only remember one line of this one but it makes me laugh), jesus wants me for a sunbeam, wheels on the bus (daddy's version) and where is pointer (daddy's version again).

apparently its a melia day - kyan isnt sleeping much these days (i call him sunshine because that is what he used to be, isnt right now and im hoping it comes back!!!!!!!!!)