Monday, October 27, 2008


Im sure after all the lovely smiles you have seen on Kyan you are confused about the cute little frown but thats just the way it was going to be - we were lucky it wasn't screaming at that point. Melia on the other hand was a lovely little poser and we got some cute pictures of her and then a few more. =) These are my other two favorites!

So this past weekend was fun because we were able to attend a lovely baptism and the preparedness fair in medicine hat. We flew into the hat after Vance got home to pick up the previously mentioned pictures from sears (much cheaper than canadian baby by the way =) but of course we had to leave our house to do it) and then meandered our way to the stake center for the fair. We were early so we got some great seats but the place was so packed there were about 20 people standing as well and full seats! Im glad it was full cause they did an awesome job and it was a lot of fun. First the people from "in case of" did a quick speil and then there was a little fun play about the starvation of food storage week which Melia loved and enjoyed clapping for and then a ton of taste testing from recipies people made from food storage stuff and different ideas of what to store and how. Very cool except for the chasing melia around - little punk. Then we ran into my lovely aunt and uncle who happen to be in our stake and the offered to take us out for dinner to celebrate the end of food storage week so we happily agreed and had a lovely meal and chat with them. I have some awesome aunts and uncles who all actually live rather close and I quite enjoy talking to them as adults now as opposed to when I thought of them as quite old when I was a kid - so strange how your perceptions change of people as you grow up. Im so grown up!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

thats funny?

So Kyan, I have noticed has a very interesting sense of humor. For instance watching two kids throw things at each other is absolutely hilarious and Melia stealing his toys and yelling out numbers as she throws them is funny enough to pee your pants. Then today at playgroup Lisa pulled a toy dog around in a circle to him and every time it bumped into him he laughed. The other act in his top three of funny is watching the twins pretend to choke themselves. I ask you is this normal? For a boy I suppose - sigh. Who understands these kids? not I!!
What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's right?

Could you imagine if he started to walk at nine months? I already get a ton of comments about how little he is let alone if he was prancing around on his own steam. Oh i guess boys dont prance though right? um how about swagger? is that manly enough?

He is dang cute though even if he is a little whiney and eats nothing but rice cereal and banana!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

friends and bugs

SO we had some fun the other day and ended up having two friends for melia over at the same time! She loved it of course and Kyan thought it was great since there was lots going on so there was happiness all around. So you may wonder how well they played together and I will tell you a couple fun moments. First it was just Melia and C M and she loves playing for a little while with cars and such but after he played happily for over 10 minutes with his trains she was done and decided to increase the entertainment level. Now consider the easiest way to get his attention - yup she grabbed his trains and ran. Such a friendly little girl =). Despite her need for his attention they played quite well together. Then C T came while the little man was sleeping so we had some lovely princess dress-up time and then they all played outside and kathy provided the recipie for happiness at that point - can you guess?

one for each of them =)

Much to my entertainment CT can work melia very well. If they disagree she cries and melia gives her anything she wants - it worked every time! But they love eachother =)

Halloween lasts all of october as far as Im concerned. How cute is that!

We tried very had to get the girls to smile but my brother in law suggested they grimace instead and they decided it was a much better idea. One of melia's many skills Im afraid.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

definately professionals

Yellow leaves and fun colors are here so we went out to see if we could get some fun pictures of the crew - here are the highlights:
barking up the wrong tree of course
perfect smiles on both children - just not for the camera
right before Melia pushed Kyan over into the leaves
which he clearly didnt appreciate and she thought was funny until she got in trouble for it. She thinks its funny every time he falls over when he is trying to sit so he falls sometimes just to make her laugh.
my favorite of course - what leaf?