Monday, December 29, 2008

home again!

So due to how young my little ones are I still get away with a lot of slacking at christmas. For example: we woke up christmas morning (6:30 as usual - i know its painful) and had a leisurely breakfast and afterward I suggested to Melia we should open some presents which she was okay with as long as she got to wear her "dance class dress". Okay fine whatever - why should christmas be different than every other day? Kyan as you can see was very excited!

untill we helped him open his stocking - then life was wayyyyyyyy better!

I know - who puts a banana in a kids stocking? This is one little boy who would be much more excited about the banana then some candy - yes im sure he will grow out of it!
So i convinced Melia to open a present (she got to open Kyan's too since he was good with his banana). This was kinda for both of them and was really the highlight of christmas. Melia would push the button and then dance to the music and Kyan would laugh and then she would do it again and you would be surprised how long this could go on. She was then done opening presents and asked if she could go jump on the trampoline down stairs. I asked her if she wanted to open more presents and she said "maybe later". I suspect she will also grow out of that =) After we convinced her to open a couple more she got right into it and wanted to open presents every day for the rest of the week. I told her to wait for her birthday =). She didn't get it.

Vance had himself a lovely redneck chirstmas. =) He had to have a camo one too which cost like a hundred dollars more - good thing it was funded by his "Vance needs a shotgun" bonus. Yes his boss is traumatized he doesnt have a shotgun.

I got some lovely scrapbooking toys and can't imagine how i will ever use everything that i now have but you still want to buy more!! The crazy thing i got of course was a Wii from my little brother. Yeah my family draws names so my little brother living on his own now apparently has some money to share and actually managed to get his hands on a Wii at chirstmas time. It only came with one remote of course which is driving Vance crazy becasue he has not been able to buy another one anywhere in drum or here. All OUT! Maybe we should enlist Jason - see if he has the same luck with remotes as the actual systems?!
We covered some ground this chirstmas as usual but it was fun to see both families. It really is convenient that everyone lives so close. My little sister was up from california and since my brother is home from his mission we actually had my whole family together again for the first time in a couple years.

So we took Melia out skating for the first time today and she thought it was awesome. Quite the workout for dad and mom of course - where does one steal a cone for the kid to skate with exactly? Kyan very conveniently slept in the van so we had a great time playing outside without worrying about the poor little man freezing to death. He is having a great time pulling himself along now though. Now he is opening cupboards and going up and down the hallway. He really wants to go down the stairs though so i have to been very concious of the baby gate. The happiness is great!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Im a Winner!!

Okay so totally fun party at Stephanie's last night and I definately managed to snag some sweets presents! Now I opened a couple gifts due to thieving and such - all were awesome (the simmons was sketchy but im sure Melia would have thought it was hilarious) but I have to say that KAthy's genius monkey she made out of out of a pair of socks was awesome, I never even got to hold the mistletoe. Now i promptly lost my treasure and it was stolen a couple times BUT in the end after Mr. Right put his foot down about going right out again i got my monkey back!! Yes that made perfect sense =). I will have to post a picture of it another day though because Melia is currently sleeping with it (LOVES IT) and I dont mess with a sleeping kid! Obviously I was on a roll at this point so Joanne really shouldnt feel that probability was against her still but when our lovely Tessa pulled my name out (yess i gave her a cookie later) it was clearly meant to be that I should score Stephanie's gorgeous creations. The sad part is that irregardless of how amazing I am - my pictures dont generally show it - and I feel a little guilty that her sweet skill is not showcased as well as it should be but I will therefore give you two pictures to oogle over =) Oh and by the way - I got TWO he he he.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Okay so due to Kristen's suggestion I wandered over to pioneer womans website and of course absolutely LOVED her black heels to tractor wheels real life romance story - now i am caught up the rest of her fans waiting for each new posting. I then was looking a a couple old posts and found this one - i laughed so hard i cried. My favorite part is what she found herself saying to her daughter!!! "Dont loose your poop" and so forth... he he he. you must read it!!!!!!!! I hope this link works.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

candy train

Now I was feeling sorry for myself since I dont actually remember the last time I did a gingerbread house. Obviously my fault so I decided to recitify the gross neglect of myself. Oh and i thought Melia would enjoy it =) so I frivolously spent some money and bought a train kit (she really wanted the train instead of the house - so whatever, same idea). She was mildly interested becasue mom was excited until i opened the box and revealed the candy and icing. I then magically transformed into her favorite mom ever!!!!!!!!! Im quite sure that smile cancels out all my yelling for the day in the big book.

Now my other fun project involved seeking a fun way to share chocolates and thus the little bags I was excited about the other day. Now I will share another fascinating insight into the way Randa thinks - are you excited? hanging on the edge of your seat? good I thought so. As I am making my fun bags each one becomes personalized for the said recipient.
bold and beautiful for Joanne

bright and sweet for Stephanie

brown and orange for Nancy for the makeup colors we dont wear
(she needed a small one since she and her family don't really do chocolate)

night scene for Kathy since she gets to stay up all night with Brant
pink for Kimara because I always wear pink when I need a boost and she always lifts me up and black because she always looks classy

yellow and black for Larissa because with her amazing vocabulary she is always the brightest crayon in the box

this is my lovely sister's creation and I just knew it was for the sweet woman I visit who is also named Kathy =)

Now if you are curious if you will ever see these chocolate presents I really did intend to deliver them today but my road just barely got plowed so I suspect the rest of the town is insane. If there is anyone I have neglected feel free to put in a request and i will try to accomodate you! I also want to put out three cheers for Tyler M who just came by and cleared our knee high (sometimes thigh high) drift on our side walk with his lovely snow blower. Im sure it will make Vance's day to not have to do that when he gets home tonight! The poor boy hasn't had a single day off in like six weeks. He is looking a little ragged at this point and is probably on the inactive list at church =). Well its just over a week now till he gets some time off so thats good - im ready for a break!

Monday, December 8, 2008

tis the season!

Its that lovely time again!! Chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates and Im not done yet!

Now I would like to share with you a charming little insight into my childhood. Every year we made chocolates - lots of chocolates. We gave them out as teacher gifts and to friends (we were very popular at christmas time) and ate plenty ourselves. I always remember my aunt (married name Jarvis)making LOTS of chocolates though. To help with perspective, WE covered our ping pong table and I still thought that SHE made LOTS of chocolates. Whether or not my childish perspective was correct I dont know for sure - i'll have to ask my mom some time. Anyway, my siblings and I made up a song with all our budding musical talent - you would think we would all be writing music to this day really. Alas, no. It is sung to the tune of joy to the world if you cant tell =)

Joy to the world
the Jarvis's are gone
and all the chocolates are mine
its going to be so yummy
when they get to my tummy
hooray hooray hooray
hooray hooray hooray
joy to the world
the jarvis's are gone

My aunt never really appreciated it for probably rather obvious reasons and informed us that even if they were gone we still wouldnt get the chocolates but we still thought it was hilarious. Please note that we never wished any harm on them - maybe just a long vacation after the chocolates were made =)

There, now you know another wonderful thing about me! The song just kept running through my mind while we were dipping last night and in case Kathy is curious - yes I am definately still a chocolate nazi =).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

look what I can do!

There is a slight chance I opened a christmas present early this year but I plan on denying it vehemently. =)

How fun is that? My sister and I spent hours playing and coming up with genius creations and occasionally a big fat - what is that? It was great. I love my sister and her creativity certainly comes in handy when learning about new toys =).

And this I had to share because I got it from my mom and it makes me laugh every time I look at it. If you cant read it look closer! he he he. isnt that great?

We appear to be done all the nastiness here so happiness here has vastly increased and we (melia and I - not vance becasue he has to work in it) are celebrating the first good snow fall of the season! Another fun point is that Amy and i have our first basketball game on monday! You dont all have to come the first week since neither of us have played in a while but after that cheer leaders are welcome =)