Sunday, January 25, 2009

strange meandering

So i finally got my hair permed again and i remember how much i LOVE it. How awesome to just wet your hair, put in moose (perhaps its spelt differently then the animal?)and GO! And i love how fun it is to play with - i definately toss my hair a lot right after i get it done - way too fun =).

I think my favorite part about this picture is how decieving it is. You see it looks like i actually bathe my children. In general - its vances job. At first after Melia was born i wasn't physically able to do it so of course it fell to him but then it became a fun thing he could do with her that was kind of daddy time without having to do anything spectacular. So it has continued on that he generally bathes the kids - except Melia tends to request i wash her hair now because daddy really doesnt know how to work with long hair very well, and then i definately have to brush it for her afterward.

Now this next picture is a lovely example of the things that kids love and parents dont understand but enjoy the happiness. These are BOTH Kyan's sippy cups but Melia wanted to use his so she could have the same as he did and they both thought it was hilarious! They sat and looked in the mirror and laughed at eachother for a good 15 min. I therefore was able to unload the dishwasher in happiness and confusion =)

Now for those not priviliged to witness the amazing spice girl performance on friday - you missed out! We were amazing! Obviously i was too excited to think about taking pictures so i dont have ANY but vance said marlan took some so hopefully i can get my hands on some. I did however manage to tape both of our songs as well as the song vance and i did so some night we will have to go to someones house with a largeish tv and laugh histarically(no idea how to spell that actually?). Oh and since i am a whiney type i submitted my appeal for a dance to marlan as the new activities coordinator, please please please marlan (me on my knees begging) and she said that was a great idea and she could totally do it in may since she didn't have something lined up for it yet!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Yes i am in dance withdrawl. Doing my best not to twitch out just thinking about how long it has been!! She is also planning a variety show for everyone to showcase their amazingness or fabulousness (whichever your forte - he he yes i know it was a bad music joke but i thought it was funny). SO she said everyone needs to start planning your amazing acts now whether it be dancing your tail off, telling jokes or stories or whatever it is that you do. I am loving her awesome ideas! Oh yes and in light of my remarkable modesty i have to tell you that i was voted by a group of five, no less,(not the judges of course because they dont get to vote) as the brooks ward american idol! i am expecting a shirt any day now. =) Oh dont get confused now - i cant sing worth a dime but apparently i dance weird enough to take the focus off my singing and shake my way to the top! IM FAMOUS!! Dont expect any forthcoming CD's though because i really cant sing =)

Monday, January 19, 2009


My little tinkerbell!

The dress was a present from aunty Savana for Christmas and she loves it! Dancing shoes a treasure from walmart and the magic we already covered =).

So on saturday Kathy and I went on a KIDLESS shopping spree at value village in the hat. It has been a while since I went shopping like that without anyone destroying, crying, getting lost
and in general driving me crazy! Kathy was very well behaved =) I managed to get 3 skirts, two pants, a shirt and TWO pairs of SWEET boots for a total of 75 dollars! The total came a bit higher but at the till the lady is like "would you like to buy a calender for 3 dollars and save 25 on your purchase". I of course said no thank you i hate saving money. Actually i beleive it was more along the lines of "where do i sign?" We also found the perfect spice girls outfit! Oh yes that reminds me i need to call around and arrange a practice =). We also had a lovely dinner during which there was no crying due to hunger or dropping food or cleaning faces and generally entire head afterwards. We only had a 14 year old boy hitting on us and writing on our reciept, "stay classy". What does that mean? I am very rarely classy and Kathy denied any knowledge of class so we dont know if he was mocking us or looking for a good tip =) We also went and had way to much fun at costco. Then on sunday I actually got to attend all of sunday school and relief society - despite kyan crying when he saw tessa coming. he he he
AND thats all i have to say about that!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A magic!

Dont you feel silly now for not knowing? Okay so the pumpkin one belongs to my neice i believe and she forgot it here a while ago, much to Melia's delight. She gets very concerned about it though and always says we need to give it back to sydney so sometimes she gets all upset looking for HER 'magic'. So vance says - why dont you actually USE some of that ribbon and make her one of her own. cha ching! light bulb goes off. so with my remarkable creative genius i whip up the purple/pink/blue 'magic' you see on the right using a broken hanger i was thowing out and a little styrofoam ball on my little (monster) craft table. yes i know you are all basking in the glow of my genius. ah hem ...okay enough basking - on to bragging!

so last night at pickle ball (by the way my kids are getting really good at falling asleep on time in the young womens and seminary room - sorry about her stealing a cup - she's like that) after some great games - one involving only men where you could feel the testosterone in the air (Kimara's line - i stole it =) everyone was heading home except for us and the millers (my kids are sleeping - why should i go?) janet and I take on Vance and Corwin. after the first game we decided to play best of three. yes obviously that means janet and i won and the boys wanted a rematch! so we kindly let them win the second game and then WON the best of three with an aggressive last match! Yes we were amazing!!! it was super fun and i actually managed to work hard enough so i am not sore today! we crawled home just after 11. just for the record - basketball hurts. usually all week unless i work hard enough at pickle ball to loosen up. BUT I LOVE IT! I can not believe how much i missed playing ball. obviously i am well suited for basketball as i clearly have some pent up violence issues which occasionally come out when my daughter does things like bite (therfore explode!) a ketchup package all over me and lisa's pretty chair. poor melia. ah well thats my story for today! oh and this is kyan's favorite toy - no not the wiggle car - oh you cant see a toy? yeah its the wire running on the edge of my living room for my internet. he doesnt like it jammed under the baseboard so he brings it out so it is more accesible! perfect =)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I LOVE having smart friends!

So due to the many great ideas (from other people - not me) involved in this amazing and exciting project i thought i would post it so you could see the results of your genius! So there are six words since there are six sides of a cube (not eight - i know i am supposed to be a math geek but apparently there are some things i just have a hard time remembering...sigh)

for Christmas

for st.patricks day - whenever that is =)

for anytime!

for the current season - since valentines and my anniversary are the same day i am supposed to remember it!

guess when?

for halloween!!
I also have a confession to make. Dont tell my sister! Background: all of my older sisters life she has collected things - everything. The running joke in my family is that she collects anything of which there is more than two. For example: she collected jones pop bottles because she thought they looked cool. She had a million collections. Now she has since outgrown that and now only really collects Christmas decorations, shoes, coats, purses, know grown up useful collections. =) But the other day while i was organizing and color coding my button collection i realzed that perhaps we share some of the same genes after all. I am incapable of getting just one or two of something! I "get into" something and watch out dollar store here i come!!! I like to tell myself that all my collections (eg. buttons, beads, ribbon, paper...) are very useful for scrapbooking and will all eventually be used by making amazing scrapbook pages, crafts with my kids and "magics" for any occasion. Try not to destroy my happy illusion k? If you are one of the ahem MANY who do not know what a magic is and are curious i will show you another time because it is cuurently missing in action - surprise surprise.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

gorgeous weather!!!

Yeah so we RAN outside on saturday to play in the snow since Melia has been waiting for so long and it has been nasty cold for forever. The only sad part was that there was no way we could make a snow man! The snow was powder and would not be packed for anything (sunday of course the snow was perfect..sigh. ). So Vance made a fort out of the many chunks of solid snow we have had to clean off our sidewalks and behind the garage in order for Vances work truck to fit in without hitting the top of the garage. Yes obviously the snow removal has been intense some times! He spent hours out there building the fort - way past the time when Melia was too cold to play outside. She went in and had a nap and came back out again for this picture. He is a very dedicated fort builder =)

Melia thought it was awesome!

I of course wanted to try to get a cute picture of Melia and I but she was to busy eating "good" snow. I dont let her eat snow anywhere but in my back yard, yes I am a snow snob.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Toy library and such

So I have a love/hate relationship with the toy library. When I let Melia pick a toy with a bunch of little pieces and then i have to keep track of and find all the silly pieces i hate it! BUT when I can bring home one of the monster toys that i would never pay for or keep in my house just for the phase in which my kids loves it and it helps him to climb and stand by himself instead of on me - I LOVE IT! Look at that face! That is a you are the best mom in the world face and it only cost me my membership fee. (Try not to notice that his entire shirt is soaked down to his belly button - i think he actually may be teething now (therefore nasty drool), as opposed to the last six months of getting ready for it?)

This is from a while ago but it made me laugh because Melia looks so proud like she had something to do with Brenna wearing a fun dress while Brenna is just showing off how cute she is!

And in case anyone cares - Im SORE! This week at basketball we only had five people show up so we had to run for the whole game without subs. Ouch! In case you are wondering - yess we lost but Amy got like six points and i believe i got 2 but i missed all four of my foul shots which was rather sad. Then I got to play Pickle ball on tuesday and wednesday this week which was a lot of fun. Me and Kimara together - watch out world!!! I am finally beginning to be something of a contributor on the court which is really fun. Every game though you would laugh if you knew how many times i have to give myself the "let it bounce" lecture. I always get caught being silly at least once a game! I was actually hitting hard and i think it has to do with playing against Vance cause if i hit him I dont have to feel overly guilty about it and usually i can sucker him into eventually hitting it too hard. He he what a punk wife =) I did hit poor shanon twice though - and she was on my team! How was that for a sports show analysis. No i have no idea what it would really be called - I dont watch sports, I only play them!
And guess what??!! Yup girl power: SPICE GIRLS!!! Guess which one I get to be!

Monday, January 5, 2009


DO YOU SEE THIS ROOM?? With the exception of my sweet little angel, its EMPTY!!!!! Now for those of you not subjected to my excessive whining about the recent occupant that may not be as exciting, but for me...ahhhh. The sweet peace of having my house to myself again! For those who have missed the whining, no I did not throw out my husband - this isnt my room. I have a king size bed =). This is my spare/scrapbooking room which I now get to paint! Vance says it should help with the smell of someone bathing in cologne and boy does it need something to make it more fun! What color should it be??

Oh and another fun thing! I just heard we are going to have a Lip Sync (bandstand, airband) activity at the end of this month! How fun is that??!! Yeah for Marlan!! Vance and I get to perform something and I am really hoping to get into a girl group doing something crazy like Spice Girls or something (HINT HINT). AND Im sure if we brought the music another group (you know who you are) could even do Shake your groove thing!! How awesome is that?? Yes i know i have a great deal of exclamation marks and question marks but how could i not be SUPER DUPER EXCITED??!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

just wait until tommorow!!

In theory tommorow I should have some great news which will GREATLY increase my happiness! I can't say it out loud for fear that it will actually NOT happen and I will sink into rage and depression once again!

On a different note I have been released from my lovely primary calling and am naturally excited and terrified about where I will go next (I have not been out of primary since i got married). Perhaps i will float for a while or perhaps i will be put to work again promptly but either way I will miss primary cause I love the kids, lovely ladies I worked with and of course the music. I LOVE PRIMARY MUSIC!!

Oh and I get to paint my scrapbooking room (or spare room whatever you want to call it). I want a fun bright color since its in my basement but I need something that will not traumatize any innocent guests or myself when I enter my lair to create! I dont have a yellow room yet so i am thinking about yellow but i want a happy yellow and not a 'need to wear sunglasses' yellow. If that makes any sense at all =). But i also like purple, pink or blue. Clearly decided right? But before we can paint we have to fix a silly hole in the wall right next to the light switch. Why is there a hole there you might ask? The answer is: I dont know it was there when we got here. But it does make it harder to fix. I may have to call in Nancy for her expertise... so Nancy are you busy tommorow?
this I had to show you because i thought it was cute!