Thursday, February 26, 2009

well then...

So a follow up on my post about Melia's lovely access cupboard. Kyan loves it. He pulls everything out of it and THROWS the utensils as far as he can and then scatters them some more. Melia sighs... calls him a stinker or rascal pants (however she is feeling) and cleans up all her bowls and cups AGAIN. He feels terrible about it of course. Then she picks him up and moves him somewhere else, from which he promptly returns to scatter some more. Have I mentioned I LOVE the cupboard? Look at that innocent face?!

Now I would like to announce the newest addition to our home...drum roll please...A VACUUM CLEANER!!!!!!!! Guess what? IT WORKS!! It is a Dyson and I will probably not know for some time if any other vacuum would be so wonderful but this one - I LOVE!! It may have something to do with the fact that i finally have a vacuum that can clean my carpet better than Kyan can for the first time since ummm I left home! Hopefully it can keep up the wonderful work - i will keep you posted. (try not to notice how much crap is in the tank - i am so much happier that it is in there instead of my carpets!)

So you may have noticed my copy-cat tendencies when it come to genius in my home but how can you not when there are so many fun things to STEAL! (For your information i have actually recently come up with some ideas all my own to personalize and brighten my home but they will take a little time to create so you all must be patient) This lovely pink board was a wonderful $1.99 find at VV boutique (value village - for the uncultured) and since i love it and wanted one for Melia's hair stuff AND my pictures in my scrapbook room - i made another one!

I havent decided whether to put buttons on mine as well - so far i am just enjoying the matching thumb tacks. I know i am so high class =)

Oh yes and my stolen idea from Stephanie! She came over to play with my cricut and (with her permission) I STOLE HER IDEA! I loved her idea so I changed it a little and made it my own. I LOVE IT! (thanks stephanie) Do you love how it is currently being displayed?

Oh yes and the moment you have all been waiting for - well not you really but ME! (and we all know its all about me). We painted my scrapbooking room and i LOVE it!
Now I have to come up with how i am going to decorate it and where I am going to put this:

Any genius ideas - send them my way!
Oh and there is more - i know you cant imagine what more there could possibly be but I made this too.
Its funnier if you have seen Flushed Away and since I have I deemed it a work of genius =)
Oh and my sister had her baby! (If any of my cousins read this you are to pretend to be surprised when you hear about it but i am just excited about it!) She had a little boy 7'10 and they named him Bennett Kinsman (i really have no idea how they are going to spell it and i think i know the middle name but i am not sure enough to announce it on here). Her body is the same as mine and has absolutely NO INCLINATION towards having babies naturally so she had another c-section but mommy and baby are doing really well! I have not seen him yet since the selfish hospital only allowed grandparents in and I have been unfriendly sick so i am not going to see them until i am well enough to know i am not bringing that to them right now. I have been good for two days now though so hopefully i can go soon!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

boats and more!

To start off I would like to gushingly with LOVE thank Mishel for her VERY ENLIGHTENING comment. After I do an amish bread ward supper i will be FREEZING my very large pile of amish bread starters. (Thanks to Kathy for the idea to share the love). Kimara - you are my definately absoluetly my favorite pickler as well =). The cake mixes are part of my addiction stephanie and i cackle wickedly every time i see my mini wheats. =p I also tutored for my first time and LOVED it. The boy i am teaching is a great kid and we got along very well - really smart kid.

So this weekend has been great already and its only half over! On friday vance went onto this boat show in calgary with a couple guys and then i was talking to my sister (yes she was due on the 13th but her body is in no way thinking about going into labour) and so we went in to play with her and entertain her house bound children again =). Then we decided we wanted to go to the boat show too!! So we did. Then the boys got talking to a boat salesman and found out they could trade in our current boat and get a new prettier one... so we did. This is going to be our new boat

and then of course we got a quad as well to ride on our farm. No we dont have a farm - yes i am lieing about the boat as well and the quad but the boys were tempted! We found a boat that had a lot of nice features that we loved such as a toilet, changing room, sink, baby gate, big stereo, awesome tower, tons of seating and even more power and was only about 60 thousand so maybe in 10 or 50 years when we have that kind of silly money to spend on a boat we will upgrade =). Till then i will love the boat we have - which we are spoiled to have anyway.

There was alo a bunch of sportsman stuff there as well and some people giving out free antlers to all the kids. This was the best picture of Melia - i tried i swear!

The other super fun thing they had there were these birds! You could actually pet them and they had no problems with you taking pictures - even with a flash. Very friendly and well trained. They are birds that have been saved from something or another - the falcon was shot! For those unaware the third bird there is the falcon and he was MASSIVE!!! I never managed to get a wing span shot cause my camera was totally dead but it was amazing! His wing span was bigger than my wing span! crazy!

So these shirts my sisters MIL gave her just about killed me. Apparently she has a little sleeper for the new baby which says "Thing 3". How fun!

Thats all i have to say for now! Oh and teaching young womens today was very fun - i havent been in young womens since i was IN young womens um seven years ago. =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more stolen genuis!

I know, I know I do a great deal of stealing other people's genuis but can you blame me for having amazing people around me? This is my kitchen counter. Yes its clean - enough said. It has remained that way for some time... ahem well at least since monday. Yes it was stephanie but can you blame me for enjoying my lovely cleaning compulsive friends? I didnt think so! I really do need to have her over more often. I think if i had a bleach bottle she would love me more though. I'd better work on that =). Oh and i need to remember to buy a scraper to clean my stove top and magic erasers oops sorry went off on my grocery list there. You may notice the two bags of amish bread on my counter. I couldnt just throw it away!! I probably will end up just making it for Joanne just because i cant handle wasteing it! And the butter is there because i am just waiting for my banana bread to come out of the oven. Maybe Kyan will love me again now!
Yes his love is dependant upon things like banana bread and amish bread... cupboard lover.

Ok so on to the genius stealing. So every time i go to my sisters her kids get themselves drinks, plates, bowls and such and Melia loves it and Talena loves it so love all around. I finally did it! I moved a bunch of stuff and made it Melia's shelf. She thinks its the funnest thing in the world and i LOVE the self-sufficiency. When i empty the dishwasher i put her bowls on the counter - tell her i have more bowls for her and she RUNS over to put them away! Im expect everyone already practices such genius and i am just 5 years late but i am loving it!

So i have to tell you about institute! After much nervousness i go about twenty minutes early since i am so excited and at least want to look like i know what i am doing and then i wait. For those unaware - institute starts at 7:30. Well at 7:35 i am still sitting by myself. What a let down! All that prep and fear for nothing!! But knowing mormon standard time is about 15 minutes late - i wait. PEOPLE CAME! It was a nice little class of about six people and they were all very nice to me despite how badly I communicate sometimes. Now for the record i have always known kimara was a great institue teacher but now I appreciate her SO much more!! I stood there teaching men and women I consider to be MUCH greater scholars than I and boy did I ever feel it. They were all wonderful to me but i would like to renew my support of Kimara and enjoy that it is not my calling!! I dont think I could handle that kind of humilty all the time. Its not good for my vanity =).
The funny thing is that since I was released from primary i get to help out all over the place. Very fun! I got to sub in primary, teach an institute class and now i get to sub in young womens for a couple weeks! How fun is that?! Yes i am very excited.
Oh oh and there is more fun news!! So for um YEARS now i have been saying i would like to tutor math. Vance has very kindly listened to this and watched me do NOTHING about it for some time as well as many sweet and tolerant friends i might add. I was nervous about advertising since i dont want to teach 50 people - maybe just 2 or 3 and math tutors are in such need that i didn't want to deal with telling 50 people NO, constantly! Yes i know excuses excuses it was just fear but thats my line and im sticking to it! So today joanne calls me and says someone on coffee row is looking for a math 30 tutor and leaves me their number. I know - i dont seem to be able to do anything by myself but whatever. So i called the number and am going to tutor a guy in grade twelve and they were really excited to find someone and I am really excited to FINALLY do it, so everyone is happy! Yeah for me! (and many thanks to joanne of course)(oh and stephanie)(and my sister too i guess) =)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amish and reminicing!

Okay so i made my lovely amish bread and Kathy said she added chocolate chips so i figured a little extra flavor would be fun. So being the VERY health concious girl that i am - decided to make a crumble type topping thing (which means sugar, butter and cinnamon)and cover the lovely cake. Yes of course it turned out wonderfully! Kathy didn't take pictures so i thought i would although mine probably looks totally different since i topped mine with lovely sugar and such!

So im not sure who wanted to try this amish bread fun - i think Joanne wanted some but im not sure who else? takers?

So yesterday i went to play with an awesome girl who i was roommates with in university named Jen. We are both married and into the kid phase but it was so fun because we never had any awkwardness - we just picked up where we had left off - six years ago! After though when i came home i just had to look at some of my old pictures of us and the fun silly things we did - we had so much fun together! We both loved dances and every night after we came home we would have macaroni - TRADITION! We also went to a fun johnny lingo night, had our makeup done once - i dont remember why? and of course built a snow man in may. Oh yes did you notice Jason Miller? Yup we hung out with one of the miller boys for a while - he was a really nice guy.

Oh and some other old pictures: croquet, halloween and wall climbing - not the usual way!

and this one makes me laugh because its one of the first pictures of Vance and I together - i have no idea what i am doing but you can see why i was a little unsure about how our engagement pictures would turn out.

what can i say? were we hot or what?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

snow man genius

So we went to my sister's house this past weekend since she seemed a little house bound due to being 8 3/4 months pregnant - due on valentines day! it sounded like she needed someone to entertain her house crazy kids so I of course being the wonderful sister that I am - brought vance. we arrived, unloaded the kids and vance began the snowman building. He has been feeling a little like a slacker father due to the snow in our yard NEVER getting sun so its NEVER good for building snow men and melia LOVES snow men. So he built a snow man or two - or six.
So the names of the snowmen are appropriate for the house Talena and Kent are the big ones naturally and the two medium ones are the twins sydney and clark and the little one is to represent the future new addition to the family (name uncertain due to the surprise nature of the sex). My sister then asked who the other adult was and sydney promptly responded Dallin. My little brother that just moved out of their house - apparently his spirit will never leave. They were then required to make one in the back - which was a bunny due to the numerous amount of rabbit families that live under their deck. Then Kyan got a rare treat since it was actually warm enough for him to play outside so he came out to beat on the snow man (we let him pick on one his own size).
Then he sat down and he was so happy to be sitting outside in the snow that we just let him sit there and play until his butt got wet and he had to come in =). Can you beleive my baby is almost 11 months old??