Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catch up =)

So as I mentioned on Stephanie's blog I never remember ST. Patty's day, probably because its a drinking holiday and I well ... just drink milk! So of course didn't do anything fun but our holiday was saved because a lovely friend (ahem KIMARA) brought me over some AWESOME cupcakes and cookies. I wasn't sure about the protocall about bragging about wonderful things OTHER people do but hey bragging is fun either way =). It was such perfect timing because supper was TERRIBLE! I swear it isnt usually but that night, it really was. Im sure freezing spaghettii and sauce in a casserole dish and reheating it in the oven CAN work out well but i think i WAY overcooked it. shudder. Vance was really hungry so he ate lots anyway and (freakishly strange) Melia ate her whole plate clean with no battle and i gagged down the tiny portion that i took and refrained from any kind of seconds! You may wonder how we shared three cupcakes between four of us - we didn't. There were four.

This is what happened to the other one:

He loved every second of it!

The other fun we have been having is playing in the puddle in our back alley. This is much less deep then it was the other day when we went out but still lots of fun. Melia is very cautiously watching out for cars in the alley - she is very careful that everyone must be out of the way even if the car is still two blocks away and probably not coming down our alley =). Now Kyan is loving this idea as well of course but i dont have any boots that really fit him so he is wearing soft shoes INSIDE of his boots - very funny to watch him try to walk!

I had to kibosh this puddle playing a little earlier the scond time due to Kyan's determination to SIT in the water (with ice chucks floating in it). It seemed a little wrong and FREEZING so we went back into the yard to play. Like the knee high boots?

Well since i am not pregnant, have not gone on any trips and clearly have a computer i dont really have a good excuse for slacking except planning our faith (fear)factor activity for young womens. I am super excited and it is gonna be a really fun activity but it has taken some planning and preparing to make it a (hopefully) hitchless activity! Now that everything is ready and all i have to do is make chocolate pudding I can stop stressing and just be excited - i love that point in the preparation! Oh and guess what?! I have a fun idea for melia's birthday party in april! In case any of you with 3/4 year old girls are concerned - no it will not be on the 25th (her actual birthday) because i would never interfere with the exciting stake service day - i too will be in the hat working with the girls! i have no problem with rearranging holidays to my convenience =) but be prepared to send your 'Dancing Queens' my way for some crazy girly partying!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New babies!!!

Two new babies! One on each side of the family! Look at the pictures for a minute and see if you can guess which baby belongs to which side of the family. Cook or Woodruff?

So this last weekend we did a tour of the new babies in the family! We went to Claresholm Friday night (after forgetting all the casseroles I had made for Talena!) and stayed with Vance’s parents and then headed out to his brother’s farm on Saturday morning to see Emmett Quincy Cook (on the left) who was five days old! He was super cute with his red hair and such despite being an unfriendly 9 pounds at birth! Poor Amber. She was determined to have a home birth but Emmett was determined to be born in the hospital! These strong willed children coming down to earth these days eh? They are both doing well despite how sore Amber is (she had some tearing) and Emmett being tongue tied (which means his tongue is attached too well and he can’t stick it out past his teeth – will be corrected soon). But all is well!! =) Then we had some crepes at the cooks and carried on to Calgary to see my sisters little boy Bennett Eli Kinsman (on the right). (Cooks have hair - woodruffs dont apparently) He is also SUPER cute and tipped the scale at 7’6. The nurses thought he was gonna be big and were surprised when that was all he weighed so they zeroed their scale and weighed him again. Still the same. So they, rather confused, passed him to daddy and realized that maybe he wasn’t so big =). His daddy is a pretty big tall guy and you can tell this guy is gonna be tall like daddy =). Everyone is doing well despite the c-section. I know it can never just be easy. The funny part is that he has a little bit of a forked tongue. No problems associated with it but that little boy will think it is SOOO cool! How funny eh that both little boys decided to get creative with their tongues? The other funny thing is their names of course which are really quite close. All day Melia was like Emmett or Bennett mommy? They totally dont seem 3 weeks apart either since the younger one is the bigger one =).
Also the Friday turned out to be quite the adventure. They had a Ronald Macdonald thing at the library so we went and then myself and a friend decided to do Macdonalds for lunch (the advertising worked). We eat and the kids play for a bit then we split to do our own things. When I got home I thought I was going to DIE!!! Just for the record FOOD POISONING SUCKS!! Nobody invite me to Macdonalds for a while. I blame the horrendous nasty dizzy and nauseousness for forgetting all the casseroles I made for my sister and then having to call Lisa to ask her to put them in her freezer so they were not destroyed! We left them in the cooler on our back porch. Not one of our best moments.

Here are some more fun pictures with the babies:

Kyan and Bennett. Can you tell they are gonna be best friends? (he he he love the expressions!)

crazy kids!

and of course melia loving Emmett. =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The Dress"

So this is the little dress I made for Melia. Thank you, thank you, my cheering throngs of thousands!!!!!!! I expect that the picture is sneaky enough that you could not see the myiad of imperfections even if you clicked on it to zoom in. (But if you can i dont want to know about it). It is far from perfect but i learned a great deal making it so hopefully i can improve next time. I think it will take me a long time to get any good at sewing but in the meantime Melia is very forgiving of any imperfections and since she is the one who has to wear it she is really the only one who matters right? She was so cute though the first time she put it on. She ran to look in the mirror and immediately started singing her dancing princesses song and dancing. What greater compliment can you get then that it makes her feel like a princess eh?
Oh yes and more excitement!!! This past weekend four of us lovely women from our ward (Stephanie, Patsy, Leslie and I) went to a stake womens volleyball activity and had an awesome time! Not only did we have fun but we WON ALL OUR GAMES!!! Oh yes the little hick town took the tournament!! Then we did some lovely shopping (dont tell but i bought just a little bit more ribbon!) and made our way home back to our little ones who missed us dearly. Oh but then I got a call at 6:45 to go to the Shopaholic movie at seven with some girls and I remembered Stephanie saying she had gone to see it and had enjoyed it so i went! Im sure i was home for a good hour =). I totally enjoyed it so i was super glad i went!
Guess what? There's more! I had my final basketball game on monday and we WON!! The funniest part is that it is the first game we won all season but since we won that particular game we are in third instead of fourth! he he he - it hardly seems fair i know but who's complaining? The sad part is that it is over and our team was finally getting really quite good and i probably wont play next year because if I keep to my two year schedule I decided on I will be big and pregnant at this time - what a thought. Ah well we will climb that step when we get there. What a strange expression eh? Most expressions are strange though if you think about them.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Boldly going where no man has gone before!

well at least for the last six months!

Do you think we are rushing spring just a little? nah!!! Trudging through the knee deep snow was a lot like work though!

Moreso for Vance when he was hauling both of them in the sled =). Not that it lasted very long. The sidewalks were melted off so he was taking them on the drifts beside the sidewalk. Melia thought it was a little intense but Kyan outright rebelled! So mommy had to haul...sigh. He loved the swing though!!! he is going to be so excited about summer - especially if he decides to walk some time in the next month or so. I think tessa (Kyan's future love) is gonna walk first though - she is a very determined little girl =).

Now you may not believe this (people in the grocery store dont!) but my little man is now ONE YEAR OLD!!! I had contemplated inviting his two buddies over (the ones who steal his soother and laugh at him) but then i was wondering why he was so anti-social. i thought i remember having some kids over for melia's and her loving it but that was her SECOND birthday - we celebrated her first just like we decided to do Kyan's. Mommy was busy that day so Daddy made Kyan an angel food cake not knowing whether or not he liked angel food cake but POSITIVE he would be a fan of the WHIP CREAM that goes along with it. The first few bites are always my favorite - a little unsure if this is okay and then the DIVE into a good solid MESS! (he has two teeth now to destroy with)

Once finished, like any true gentleman, he proceeded to lick his plate clean!
So today (we didn't do it on his birthday) he got his year shots, which he was very brave for (which means he didn't scream to his full power ear drum breaking scream), and weighed as usual. I was a little doubtful of him being the 20 lbs required to turn him around in his car seat and i was correct. He weighs 17'9. He is officially underweight - not even in the tenth percentile anymore - he is BELOW THE CURVE. I tried to tell her I feed him - sometimes cereal three times a day when he won't eat anything else but alas i must return in a month to get him weighed again! She did smile tolerantly and say some kids drop when they start walking and such - "is he walking?" she asks "umm not by himself" says I. I may have received gentle looks of disapproval. Whatever. But his burn has all but healed up so when i showed it to her she didn't call social services right away.
Well young womens last night went well and we had a great time! I am officially the bunny/egg catching queen! Yeah for fun games from joanne ( yes i went out to buy a game myself today but i havent let Melia play yet so we will see if she yells at them like brenna).

Monday, March 2, 2009

neglect and responsibility

So this weekend my mom and I and the kids went to Glenwood for my Grandma's 80th birthday. We took my mom's brand new car and set off to put some kilometers on it! Now we knew we were gonna need a break in the middle so we decided to hit a fabric store in lethbridge (oh my goodness we founf some of the cutest fabric!!!!). Yes i have just recently decided to try my hand at sewing again! I really am no good at doing things half way so i now have a bunch of cute material to create with!! I also found some really cute patterns and am currently in the process of trying to make a little dress for Melia. Wow is it ever going to take me a long time to sew well!! Trying to put the sleeves on was impossible! the first sleeve i pinned three times before i got it right and then the second one almost made me throw my sewing machine!! It was NOT possible! So i dragged vance down and made him look at it and tell me if it was possible. It wasnt. I had sewn the sleeve together the wrong way so it really was impossible. Sigh. Today after basketball i will try another part and hopefully it is not as hard as the whole sleeve idea. My brain just does not bend that way!

Anyway after the fabric store we drive on a get there and have a nice meal, visit, blah blah blah. As soon as we arrived i noticed the REAL fireplace (as opposed to my fake electric one) with a glass cover over the fire. I promptly sat Melia down and explained how we couldn't touch this one like we do ours blah blah blah. I then followed poor Kyan around all day to the point that he didn't understand and tried to avoid me. Then i sat down for a second to fix Melia's hair and someone screams - Randa your baby!! Yup hand right on the glass. Remembering my cousins lovely experience i booted him into the kitchen for cold water and ice amidst MUCH screaming from Kyan and guilt from my VERY pregnant cousin who couldn't get off the couch fast enough to stop him. I told her it was clearly NOT her fault and tried to help her feel better while dealing with my very angry little boy who can really scream when he puts his mind to it. He fought really hard against any ice or water and was downright MAD at everyone trying to put stuff on the burn until my lovely paramedic uncle brought the magic! The second he put this stuff on his finger Kyan held still, stopped crying and watched his new favorite person cover his hand with the magic stuff and wrap it up in gauze. Within seconds after it being wrapped up Kyan was happy and playing and trying to chew on the bandage cause it smelled like the magic stuff. Obviously the magic is a special burn cream to take away the pain and help it heal and i would like to know how to get my hands on a bottle for future emergencies (i think its a prescription thing if you arent emergency personel). Kyan has recovered remarkably well even though his palm is blistering a bit - kids are so tough! Im just not sure how often to leave it bandaged and how much to leave it open. My mommy says that it needs air to heal and dry out sometimes but it also needs to stay moist enough so it doesnt crack and bleed (my goodness please no)!
I had to put this in because it is so cute. Not that her face is not cute but - oh well if you like it you like it if not, too bad its my blog =).
And of course i have to get used to baby face again - not Kyan's - my husbands. It always takes a little while to get used to it when he shaves it off to go back to work. Its quite a traumatic difference!
Oh yes and the news! I just got called as the young womens president in our ward and Vance got released from young mens so now he stays home thursday nights and I go for activities. Tag team! I wasn't aware I was ready for a grown up calling but apparently I am - or will be =). I love knowing callings are from the Lord because it makes it so much easier to say - 'I can do this' because you know that the Lord thinks you can so obviously its true! I have two AMAZING counsellors (however i spell that looks wrong - oh well) on my team and an AMAZING group of girls to get to know better! I am really excited! Now i need to figure out what the Lord wants me to bring to this - and DO IT!