Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009


Firstly i would like to rail against the injustices of life - oh yes are you ready for it? So while stephanie got her sweet new haircut we got to play with a couple of her little munchkins. Here is me "oh how fun maybe we can get some fun pictures of the kids together". Number one: my camera hates me and is ALWAYS dead when i want to use it with NO BATTERIES in the house. So every picture i took had to be fast (within 2 seconds) before my camera blacked out and shut down again. Not good for taking pictures of kids. Unless of course you are taking pictures of Tessa. Any time i pointed a camera at her she would smile and pose instantly - downright cute.

Kyan had no such inclinations. Tessa sits and smiles while Kyan climbs around, behind, away... you get the picture. But if I did happen to catch him in his happy place (closest to the dirt and therefore not moving) he breaks out this look. I have no idea what he is thinking. You would think it would express his joy at doing the stairs better than tessa and therefore escaping - but that is not the look of winning - is it?

Then tessa did the unspeakable - she tried to steal his ball! Now for those who dont know, Kyan loves his ball - any ball. He will push around and chase one ALL DAY! So for the first time Kyan stood up to tessa (he's kindof a pushover for a strong willed girl) and held on the only way he figured he could win.

HA STEAL THAT!! I may be small but you are smaller and you can't lift me too!!
Oh the love =)

Now the other thrill of Kyan's life is learning things from Melia. She emptied my bottom shelf and crawled in earlier in the day so as soon as he got up from his nap and she was still sleeping - in he went. Clearly very proud of himself.

Shelf spot and her wand - definitely winning!

Okay so enough about Kyan and the drama of his life on to MY new dilemma. So vance has this addiction. I think it would probably be put in the obsessive-compulsive-reuse-ing category. He inherits all this free wood in the shape of crates or pallets or whatever else people dont want. So he makes things. Firstly of course he has to pull out all the staples from the crate, take it apart, put it back together and then sand to make sure it is sliver free for his little angels. Having no experience in carpentry of any kind he is usually greatly entertaining to watch since he is also kindof a perfectionist when he makes things. So far there has been a swing set, dress-up box, can holder for my storage room and now what melia calls her 'little house'. Now i love the house to bits and the kids do as well but due to the recycled nature of the wood - it needs to be painted. Dont believe me? Look how cute it is:

Now im not sure if you can tell what the two walls are made out of - here is a closer look:

Yes those cute little sticks they use for marking um pipes would be my first guess. Dont worry he didn't steal them someone dumped them on his happy little hands. So yes it needs to be painted. but WHAT COLOR??? Please give me some inspiration! Go!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter fun

So due to inspiration from stephanie I decided to try putting Melia's hair in rollers and despite my incompetence it still looked super cute. Man i am lucky she has forgiving hair because i cant do my own hair let alone hers! But here are some cute pictures of her in case we never do it again due to laziness on my part =). She was having way to much fun moving her eyebrows around (a newly discovered skill) and these were as normal as i could get.

And for Easter we had my wonderful parents and my little brother come and play at our house. Melia decorated about two eggs and was done. Eggs should be eaten and not decorated according to her. She then proceeded to eat two and a half eggs (PLAIN! - gross) while we decorated the other two dozen! She and Kyan were the only kids there so the decorating was pretty much for the older kids (ie me and my mom...). Here are some lovely pictures of some of the fun. Melia eating her eggs, Kyan eating an egg (still shelled) which he then proceeded to THROW - then Melia ate it, Dallin with his angry face egg, Dallin hauling Kyan during the egg hunt, the lovely flowers my parents brought me for easter, Kyan beating one of the eggs (as any respectable boy would), Dallin ...well see for yourself, and of course Melia showing off some of her treasures, our buts (eat your heart out stephanie), and Melia going to grandpa since he would coincidentaly be sitting or standing by another egg when she was looking - very helpful.

The End

Friday, April 3, 2009

did i mention my kids were adorable?

So we had this lovely african gentleman come to our ward to put on a little concert for us and share a bit about his conversion story which was lovely. Naturally (stephanie said i was a show-off and it might me true) I let Melia wear a dress my parents brought home from africa and she has finally grown into. I even attempted to do her hair for the occasion and it actually turned out pretty well - if i do say so myself (i guess i am a show-off)! She relented to a couple (maybe ten) pictures before we left. Now being completely objective (NOT!) I must say she is gorgeous!

Then of course the real highlight of the evening was the dancing little girls =). Now another moment for a very proud mother who is absolutely addicted to dancing and has no shame about dancing anywhere and anytime - my little baby girl (who i wasn't sure would dance in front of other people due to her lack of speaking to anyone and playing shy) got up to dance first in front of the big crowd that was there! She was promptly followed by her other four dancing buddies of course but what a proud moment for me!! I dont think you understand how happy it makes me!! Not talking to people im okay with but not dancing?? trauma from her mommy!! Now i wish I had a picture of each little girls 'classic' move - they were awesome!

Now this one of Melia is very indicitive of her dance style though:

can you guess? no? well its ballet and her other favorite moves include shaking her bum (jazz) and laying on her tummy alternating kicking her feet(jazz as well actually). Brenna is totally showing off her style in this one too while maddy is contemplating her next jumping jacks move ( I believe she got that one from tyler).

More of the possey showing off their moves and of course Melia off in the background flitting off again! The saddest part is that i dont have any of Kami who totally busted a move for like the entire time! She was super cute too! Okay im done with the great show - on to my call for spring. I am officially joining the call for spring as it snows outside - again. I feel this is definately doing my part. What you say pink is not masculine enough for such a tough boy as Kyan?

There he is in blue! Very manly!

We are super excited since he has finally decided that trying walking might be fun and is totally starting to take steps. I think tessa using him as a push toy while she walks has inspired him to kick his speed up a notch =). Yeah Tessa!