Friday, May 29, 2009


So here is the lovely process in which the playhouse evolved. It started with pallets Vance got free and decided to make a little house with. Too much time on his hands clearly right? Kyan is being remarkably helpful of course. He will always be able to claim that he helped build this house!

then he made a roof for the lovely house - detachable so he could change it if he felt like it (very convenient of him as you will see later).

Then Lisa gave us a direction for our ridiculous amount of free time and Vances need to build something - not involving electricity. She definately kicked this plan up a notch (or 10). So we decided that this flower garden was way over rated and we had a better use for the space. Are you excited or did you already scroll down - so impatient! More helping you can see - Melia will also claim she helped build this house.

Now Vance really thinks things through beforehand whereas I tend to realize later that I was rather silly but he tries very hard to make anything for the kids safe for me and/or him to play on so he busts out these struts. The metal rod type things if you are as confused as I was. Things are coming together. The bottom chunks of wood are to be the sand box.

And after much hard work (mostly by vance but I shovelled a LOT of dirt and sand and Trevor and Kendon helped out with the rails and such kindly sharing saws)
ta da!!!!

and a back view (notice the sand box is currently covered to discourage friendly neighborhood cats frequenting our house).

and from the deck (my deck - not theirs)

How sweet is that eh? Three cheers for my crazy hard working husband!!! Now everyone come over and play! Well maybe not until monday cause this weekend my family is coming down so we can meet my future Sister in Law!! Very exciting!! And this weekend just keeps getting better cause tommrow there is THE DANCE!!!!! Yes i have been waiting YEARS!! Yeah for Marlan!!! And my sister will be here on saturday so we get to garage saleing while the boys golf - yes Vance golfs about once a year - usually with Kent or my dad. If anyone see's any little dressers out on the town let us know cause Talena is Looking for one more for her kids. I know stephanie wont cause she will be racing us for it but otherwise..hook a girl up! Have a lovely weekend!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

oh me oh my!

So I was tempted to not post any pictures and force you all to visit me to see what carpet I could possibly of picked for my basement but I decided to give you a little peek.
Ha ha in order to see it all you have to come over and visit me!

So some days I appear to feel like taking pictures and today was one of those days. My kids and I decided to go on an adventure to the other side of town to play at a differenish park than usual. There was a beautiful blooming tree I fell in love with and tortured my children into a bunch of pictures around/in/on the tree and then came back later since that is the park Melia plays soccer at. Now usually I would tell the story in order with the pictures but it appears that tonight blogger hates me and will not allow me to move my pictures - very strange. So in the order they were uploaded here they are!

Sweet toy belonging to Connor M who was helping his big sister deliver her paper route. So when Connor got out to visit a friend Kyan and another little boy climbed in to cruise and pick up chicks. Kyan is checking the speedometer - is this as fast as this thing can go?

Melia running in soccer. Sadly not towards the ball but towards mom in hopes of getting her juice box (bribery for listening to daddy and attempting to play soccer with other children).

Vance trying to coach a bunch of 3/4 year olds. he he he. He does a really good job just playing with them and helping them have fun but still entertaining. Who could have volunteered him for that? =)

Kyan was WAYYYYYY more excited to play soccer on the field and kept insisting to Vance "Put me in coach im ready to play!!!!"

How much longer do we have to sit under this tree and refuse to smile for pictures?

Whatever - pass me another apple.

Can we go home now mom?
Okay I smiled - can i be done yet?

Friday, May 22, 2009

today is the day!

The long awaited carpet day! Not really that long awaited cause we booked in last week but I'm still excited. If they don't show I will probably be downright impolite! But I thought for fun and excitement I would post the before pictures so you can all be excited with me since the floor is so stinkin cold since we took out the pieces of carpet we had in there. They should be arriving between 10 and 10:30 but i have no idea how long this is going to take 2 hours, 4 hours, 10 hours? Who knows?!
My scrapbooking room is very sad and empty - but the ribbon still makes me happy =)
Our play room can only get better. Do you see the different colors of cement? Yeah so apparently the people who lived here before us fixed a crack in the foundation uh which i think is a good thing unless it indicates the state of our foundation in general. We havent had any trouble yet so we hope that streak will continue!
Guess where everything is? Yup jammed into my laundry room and storage room! That is the carpet line. BRING ON THE CARPET! I think i was supposed to get my kids out of the house for this due to blades and such but im hoping outside will work cause I didn't get around to inviting myself over anywhere =). Such a slacker again I know!
Do you think they will come any faster if I sit and watch out my window? What if both my kids sit with me? Its gonna be a long morning isn't it?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

random poetry

The time has come

to shake off the dirt and grime

of life

and rise.

Aspire to the cleanliness


of someone in your

exalted station.

A child of God

Child of perfection



love and patience

shake off the chains of sin

the savior is the key

experience true freedom

free to live

by the laws you voted for

and rejoiced in.

No longer bound

by the natural man

free to embrace your God.


I tend to write random poetry whenever the thought hits me and in cleaning out my scrapbooking room for my NEW CARPET on friday I found this on one of my papers I make notes on. It made me happy so i decided to share it. What logic eh?

Oh and some super exciting news! My little brother just got engaged!! He is getting married on June 27th and we are super excited for him!! AND Vances sister just had a new baby! Her sixth child and her fourth 'ton'. Her boys names are Keaton, Drayton, Quinton and Bryton!! Also known as 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton and now 4 ton! She also has two gorgeous girls but they are not tons =).

Oh and there is more fun happening at the cook house! Vance brought home this pile of sand the other day since he has been wanting to build a sandbox for some time (we will see if this was a good idea or no). Not having the sandbox finished we had to dump the sand at the bottom of my steps off my deck. My children being the clean freaks that they are were disgusted by the mess and stayed as far away from it as possible. See for yourself:

Kyan has decided this is heaven. Do you like the one where Kyan is flying over the sand? Yes my son is actually the new version of Clark Kent (not to be confused with my nephew clark kinsman)! Melia was very helpful as daddy prepared the new sandboox. In case you are curious about the touque and mitts she had a popsicle and therefore needed her winter gear. Clear as mud? Good. More fun to come as we finish the play house and such. I dont think i will plant my garden today because it is snowing. Slacking I know!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

some fun stories

**warning long post with lots of writing and less pictures**
So last friday during a singing practice (not me dont worry) for the variety show I was watching Kyan and Tessa for a little bit in the nursery while the older children played around the church when Jack Mossey comes in and THROWS himself down on the chair. With great depair he declares "Maddie wont marry me!" Valiantly refraining from smiling I somberly told him that he couldnt marry his sister anyway to which he responds "but she's the prettiest!" (Im sure she will appreciate that when she is older with 4 brothers to adore and protect her from anything and everything whether she wants them to or not) Trying my best to comfort him i tell him there are lots of other girls and maybe he could marry one of them. He informs me very practically "there really aren't cause i cant marry Maddie and Ellision took her shirt off so she isn't a princess anymore but i guess i could marry Melia." I decided he would make a great son-in-law and gave him permission to go for Melia (Vance was not pleased about not being consulted on the matter later but he wasn't there so...). Two minutes later he returns - rejected again. "Melia wont marry me!" i told him that she was pretty young and maybe try again in a couple years. He took off determined to find a wife! A couple minutes later I see him and Melia running around holding hands and he runs up to me and says triumphantly "Melia FINALLY said she would marry me!!" (I was very impressed he got her to do it but she does like Jack) They ran around holding hands for about 20 minutes until we had to get going. Then when we got home I told melia to tell daddy what she did with Jack today and she infomed him she got married. He may be a little protective of his little girl and not ready for her to get married =). Now the story could have ended there but last night we ran into him at the park and when Naomi pressed him he denied the marriage AND the holding hands. How sad cause i was totally gonna claim him for my son-in-law. Who knows if her taste is gonna stay good throughout the years. People still do pre-arranged marriages dont they? Ah well i'll keep hoping.

Another fun moment today was after playgroup we had to hit the dollar store for a moment and I met a man who I think may be the first 'actual' OCD person I have ever met in real life. I remember the one movie that i think Jack Nicholson or someone-or-other was in about a guy but I have never met someone like that before. I was mildly nervous at first because he came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and asked me very detailed questions about my kids/husband/life but then the girl he was with gently and kindly reminded him to come with her. He was very nice and then proceeded to fix, to perfection, about five of the displays of the products on the aile. I watched very interested and heard him say many more times before he left to the girl - just let me fix this one. I really dont think about how much work it would to be so strongly drawn that way to perfect things. I am no where near a perfectionist so it is very far away from my personallity but it was very interesting. I love meeting new different people wherever i go. I feel like i learn so much from everyone i encounter just by being interested in them.

The variety show was awesome as well. I have no pictures or videos to show for it though which i am very sad about and hope to get a copy of the video - so many fun things! Amy, Stephanie and I were absolutely perfect with our dance (stephanie only shook for 2 beats by herself because i thought i was off when amy took off) which was super fun and Vance and I had a great time with ours which turned out pretty well i think =). The commercials the youth did turned out pretty fun and they even had some last minute ideas which turned out great! The motown medly party was awesome and i was totally sad i missed the end of their song when i had to change. Again i need the video! The kids who played piano did awesome and in case any of you were unaware - jarom can break bricks - i can break umm spaghetti if im lucky! Surprise dance from sean and tyler which they totally needed tutu's for - i told Tyler maddies would have totally matched his outfit! Amazing music from the Clark family! I think vance spent their whole performance going - wow they are so talented - wow they are amazing! Obviously in between his demanding an encore! Some remarkable synchonized swimming from our elders - vance had nasty rug burn on the tops of both his feet - i may have laughed =). One of the funniet parts about the talent show none of you get to see. Now since we had some beatles music in our song vanc esuggested we cut his hair for the look since he wanted his hair cut short for the summer anyway. He figured he could handle a day of beatles hair. Oh my was cutting his hair like that hilarious! Usually if i mess up cutting his hair i feel bad but since he asked for it and he was getting it cut off the next day i could just laugh at his trauma as i cut his hair STRAIGHT across in the front. Very big no-no for him. He almost cried and i laughed so hard i had to make a quick trip to the bathroom during the cut. I am still laughing about it, he he he. Here is a lovely picture if you didn't see it clearly =)
he he he

Friday, May 8, 2009

Genetics and Genius

So the other day I got to babysit some super sweet little kids and I noticed that perhaps Kyan is right on track with what he is supposed to be doing. The insistence on climbing the slide at all times..

and the attachment to any ball within a mile appear to be a BOY pattern. Ha - he may be small but he is following the boy creed precisely!

Melia is apparently following the girl creed precisely. Pink, attitude, carrying everything in a basket/bag and requiring a music accompaniment to everything. She loves her new bike grandma and grandpa gave her but since it 'threw' her and got her the best owie ever which im pretty sure she has shown anyone who comes close enough, she has more respect for it. My favorite part is when she thanks Heavenly father for her owie and band aids in her prayers.

Okay now i must show you some pictures from the 'test run' lisa and I did for the young womens activity next week (The CUPCAKE POP CHALLENGE) so yes you will probably be treated to the results of ' the real thing' as well. Maybe not here though because as you see the quality of my pictures you will understand why I am hoping Joanne wants to bring her camera and picture taking skills to the party!

(apple with a worm and bearish type animal - in case you cant tell)

pig/ cow and flowerish/lollipop - you pick =)

My children have been very tolerant of being forced to eat these chocolate cake/candy creations.

Now these pictures are out of order obviously because after the one on the right Vance told me to try a normal face - he is so ummm normal? If you havent seen the blue character (on lisa's blog) of her 'monster line' (could she possibly be a mother of boys?) you must run and not walk over to see it - and her chick =).

Okay so on to the abnormal - you didn't think things could get any stranger? So i havent had a dog (willingly - roomates who force you to have one dont count) since i left home. No need to have one - I am not willing to be at the beck and call of an animal as i am already a personal slave to my children. Thats just me. You may wonder why then my one couch arm looks like this? Like its been gnawed on. Oh did you notice the little red pyjamas? Yes my lovely son feels the need to chew and pull apart my couch. Just that one arm - right beside my computer. I use the computer - he gnaws on the couch. I would label that as very strange bonding time. Is that part of the boy creed i dont know about? Im quite sure charlie did NOT chew on my couch while he was here!

Monday, May 4, 2009


my favorite fights
are when
we fight
to learn
how to love better
how to give
and take
and cheer each other on

we are like caterpillars
learning how
to become a beautiful butterfly
we must fight
and struggle
to discover
that who we are
was always there
and beautiful
we just needed to see it
for ourselves

I hope that now
The love around you
will give you wings
To fly

Saturday, May 2, 2009

what do you do?

what do you do
when someone that
you thought
deems who you are
not enough
not worth the effort
to be a friend
do you cry every time
because when you needed her most
she decided to walk away
is all this intentional
or just the way she is
was she like this before
if she was
why were we friends
im tired of her issues
being my fault
when will it stop
will it ever be the same
am i like this
to people i dont like
if i am
it needs to change
because it's cruel
please help me
not to cry again
im tired of crying
apparently I care
but i always have
when someone matters
how do you cross someone
off the list
when you thought
that they were
to care

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tutu cute - notice a pattern?

First off - I really had no idea what I was getting into here. First actual attempt at a semblance of a 'real' party. So Melia plus five little girls didn't seem that intimidating BUT Melia plus five little girls plus five year old twins plus Kyan plus Bennet(2 month old) was a little insane. We were determined however to get some fun pictures of them in their tutu's (willing or not!). Now I am not sure if you are aware but some of your daughters are POSERS and some feel NO SUCH NEED!! Do you see this picture - one of like 20! The only one with most of them smiling or not looking spaced...I take no responsibility for yours stephanie!!

Now obviously my daughter and Talena's 2 kids are some of the posers - must be gentic. Yes there was a boy at the party (he came with my sister) - i think he screeched the loudest. I beleive the only guilt ridden part of the party was after all the girls were there and I said okay everyone is here and melia said "but where is JOSH mommy?" Apparently I was not informed about the entire guest list - sorry lisa! (but not really cause 10 little kids was plenty).
Your girls are WAYYY to cute though!!

So for fun i let Melia put some extra sprinkles on hers by herself - i am now down to half a can of sprinkles. No one else got to. She was fine with that.

Brenna making sure the icing was 'safe' for everyone - apparently it passed muster.

This is pre-juice in case you are curious. The call of the wild?

Presents for just one kid was hilarious - they knew they were all for her but they didn't have to like it. I was informed of the contents of three presents before they were opened =)

Maddie's face says it all though. The presents were fun and super exciting - thanks everyone! Melia is already planning her next party - I think i am okay with just one a year =)

We had great fun though - thanks for lending me your dancing queens!!