Sunday, June 14, 2009

New mall toys

So I have recently realized that the Hat is really not very far away and day trips are totally sweet! We go play in the mall or find a new park or hit VV Boutique or play with our new/old friends there. We have enjoyed the new adventures and I have figured out how to time most of it so nap times are all happily observed and we are home by 3:30 to play with daddy! We just went to the mall for the first time in a long time though and LOVED the new ride on toys in the food court. Obviously we dont pay for them (Melia doesn't know they move and Kyan doesn't care even if he did know) but they have great fun sitting in them and playing. The colors are awesome here are some of our fun pictures!

And of course the ever popular water fountain. i thought i would put the angelic well behaved picture at the top of my blog where they just sweetly look at it and the reality of the climbing in splashing and getting soaked here in my post so it would eventually be less visible and I can focus on the sweet angelic moments =).

So this picture is at costco (obviously if you know the carts and the tables but not if you dont - that made perfect sense right?) and I would like to dedicate this to my lovely little brother Dallin. Obviously he has never dont this to any of you but he does it ALL THE TIME to me. Yes he still does it now that we are grown up and I still run. He comes up and cuddles and rubs his nose on you - your NECK if he can get to it! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Very gross, cuddly and touchy. Obviously (thats my third time isn't it?) I am not any of the above. Not gross, cuddly or touchy I mean which of course is why he does it =). Its the same reason he puts his fingers in between my moms toes. She is shuddering as she reads this. We are a rather strange family I suppose but we love him anyway. =) Apparently torturing siblings this way is in the genes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bonelands - only funny if you read the sign i guess.

So due to Vance's random day off in the middle of the week we decided to adventure at dinosaur park and try a hike with our kids. Since the three blocks to the park is often enough for Melia we don't usually seek for a longer walk but we decided to try. We found a little walk/hike that was absolutely perfect! Long enough that we felt like we got somewhere but not too long so we had to hear whining about being tired and not too long that Vance's arms were falling off from hauling Kyan. I am having way to much fun with my new camera but how could i not? The color and sharpness of my pictures has increased by like a million times! Yeah for airmiles!!!!!!

Tunnel fun.

Melia is flying as far as she can tell.

Yeah this only lasted about five minutes.

Kyan got to walk for a couple minutes at a time until Melia got too impatient at his speed.

Fun little toy at the tourist center. Some one actually thought about what would interest a little kid =).

Oh and my sweet little angel Kyan has finally decided to use WALKING as his primary mode of transportation. You are all wondering Im sure what finally inspired him to make this change when being mauled by any kid who could catch him was clearly not even enough inspiration.
It was the grass.
Yup you heard right. He does not enjoy crawling on the grass or the rocks which we encounter umm everywhere we go and so has forthwith decided that walking can be fun too. He is soo cute! I know i could be biased but this is such a fun stage to watch! Maybe not to listen to since it also involves a lot of frusterated screeching when something doesn't go his way but watching is great fun.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

lesson learned!

I often laugh at Vance
for how he is taught
By the lord
Lack of empathy
In dramatic opportunity
To gain empathy
For whatever he was
Unsympathetic of
He is full of sympathy
For the

I have back pain
No sympathy
Due to never experiencing it
One day at work
He hurts his back
Any back pain
Lots of sympathy

My little brother
When ill
Will puke till hospitalized
Vance didn’t understand
Thus followed a lovely evening
Of helping him understand
Lots of sympathy

Vance is SOOOO happy
I haven’t given birth naturally
He doesn’t want to know
How HE would
have had the opportunity
To empathize

And then I realized
That the Lord teaches me
The same way
But I hadn’t noticed
The pattern
In my own life
Alas the classic example
Of picking out the mote
In your neighbor
With a beam
In your own eye

Lets not cover
The lessons
Which have been
Upon me
Rather sad really
Lets just say
That forced empathy
Usually Hurts
Note to self
Teach yourself
Or the lord
Will do it for you

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

slacker mom and SUPERHERO KIMARA!!

Just so you know in advance - this story ends happily. I am not currently at home have a serious traumatic breakdown due to losing my daughter.

So out delivering hard won cookies to Kimara and have a lovely visit but then its time to go have lunch and Kimara has work to do so on our way out we are visiting and the kids are running/crawling around the yard for a little. Then I notice I havent seen Melia for a bit and start to look around closer and Kimara suddenly says - what if she fell in the pool! Oh crap we run (just around the side of the house - not far away) and we still dont see her but we hear a little yell and Kimara boots it up the stairs to her pool and I peek over the side to see my little girl soaking wet and trying to float on her back but keeps going under the water which is over her head deep. We never even heard a splash! Kimara jumps in and saves her! Yes we are now indebted to her for all eternity and she is now officially a superhero in our house. We strip the poor girl down - she is very cold because they are not heating their pool yet and it was only half ful (thank heavens AGAIN for that). Give the very scared little girl a towel - for which Kimara is again a hero and calm her down and take her home to get some dry clothes. Kimara and I assumed she was looking and fell in but when i put her in the van she says "mommy i thought it was a trampoline" so she probably just jumped right in and was very unpleasantly surprised to be under water. The cover on the water probably looked very similar to a trampoline but I just aged about ten years.

Here is Melia's description of events which she gave me on the way home. "I thought it was a trampoline so i got in but then I was really scared and you and Kimara came and saved me and I was cold because the water was really cold and then Kimara gave me a towel so i was very happy you saved me and gave me a towel so I could be nice and warm."

Naturally with her happy and unconcerned attitude I started reliving the nightmare and thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong so I spent the entire way home thanking God for letting me keep my little girl and for Kimara who listened to the spirit and knew she had gone in the pool. Also very grateful for the mini lecture I gave Melia two weeks ago about what she does if she falls out of the boat. She did exactly as I told her to and laid on her back and waited for mommy to come get her.

I dont think the tradition of near drowning at the age of three should be carried on to any more generations. My hero was a 5 year old girl and I am so happy Kimara was there and ready to be Melia's.

Monday, June 1, 2009

First two to comment!

Okay lovely ladies! First two Brooks ladies (sorry Kristen - next one will be available to you when i think of a good one) to comment and tell me their favorite kind of cookie wins two dozen cute chocolate dipped cookies delivered - well I guess after you comment =)
On your marks, get set - GO!