Monday, July 27, 2009

All over the place!

Its been way too long but we managed to dump our kids on loving family and run away to the temple together! Melia asked if we got married again and if we danced while we were at the temple - I said no on both counts but we had a wonderful time =)

Melia is learning how to drive the boat of course with Kyan close behind - she's a bit wild still though so daddy watches carefully =).

Playing at a fun little park in town - love the one right in front of the toy library because its the perfect size for Kyan to do all the stairs and slides all by himself.

Child fact: Irregardless of how many of the same thing there is - both will want the same one and fight over it!

I've managed to run into two little petting zoo's recently and am quite entertained at Kyan. He has no concerns wandering around a small enclosure by himself and petting cows, horses, goats and anything else that crosses his path. No fear - bring it on! Here is his big hug for the goat:

Melia is very brave as well of course but less cuddly

They both loved the bunnies and were so excited to hold one themselves!

Camping in style. Would you like anything else your majesty?
More camping to come later since we are going camping in saskatchewan next week with my parents - strange that I have been around the world and to half the places but never to the province to the east eh? Oh and I am desperately hoping that wherever we are going has less mosquitos than here - NASTY!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

YW Camp!!

So we arrive at camp and 4x4 to get to our spot (first choice was taken but our second choice was awesome too) and set up camp. We were thrilled to get our tents set up before any weather hit because we could tell we were gonna get some rain but we figured if we got set up before the rain came we would be fine. We were fine but our tents were not! Anyway set up our two big tents for the girls and the leader tent and our (genius idea from stacey) hay tarp which made a monster shelter from rain, wind, sun - you name it. We parked vehicles on two sides and tied the other end to a willing tree (there was only one tree in our campsite and he volunteered). Here is our beautiful campsite:

(note this is after we took down the big tents and before the trailers arrived)

After set up we settled down to do our first lovely craft - our princess pennants. Each girl decorated a triangle of fabric with their princess title so we could hang them in our camp to establish the mood for our princess camp. We talked about camp lingo and brought out our pretty pink mirror (mirror and fun poem courtesy of Joanne), it read:

Mirror Mirror on the wall
tonight which girl
cleans up the mess hall.

Very Fun. As we were finishing up the pennants the wind began. Not gentle loving wind though - very agressive every girl holding a pole of their tent trying to keep it up wind. Within 5 minutes two poles from one of the big tent broke so we went into emergency take down and evacuation mode! After all the poles were removed both sets of girls were required to sit on their tents to prevent them from wrecking and blowing away.

Then it began to rain. At first just gentle spitting so we had the girls remove their fly's and sit underneath them to keep dry. One group sang and made up camp songs while the other played and took pictures.

Then the rain started to pick up and the wind kicked it into high gear so we decided to take the tents right down and empty them out Since the poles were already out we had be our own tent poles while we got all the stuff out of the tents.

The leader tent was the smallest and strongest but still this is what it looked like.

So after take down the rain dies down again so we ran around to take pictures and play in the wind.

the gang =)

and what does that spell? YWC - young womens camp of course!

The the rain kicked it into high gear and our back-up plan (brother white with his trailer) was still not there so we called his cell phone to yell at him but he had been held up when he turned the corner and the wind ripped his awning off his trailer. Yup so real wind! We doubled our back-up plan and stacey went to her farm to get her trailer as well. Camping in a tent was not looking good for the night! Well bro white arrived and stacey with hers as well and we were snug as a bug in a rug! That night after a sweet fireside by the bishop he broke out his Kareoke machine he brought for the occasion - yup perfect toy for the evening cuddled in stacey's magic trailer (we fit 15 people in there around the tables) singing kareoke while a maniac storm raged around us. Some people thought we were gonna have a tornado but i think that would have thrown off girls camp so of course it didn't happen.

The next day was still cold and windy but we didn't care because we had princess power to create!! What does tulle+genius+10 creative girls = ?


They turned out AWESOME!! Every one different personalized and beautiful! Obviously we then proceeded to take fun pictures in them. We also made beautiful wands! Super fun!

Too busy helping to make a full one for myself I (with lots of help from the girls) made myself a mini one to be worn as a head dress or a garter =) Naturally Stacey and Carol were also amazingly creative in their garter creation!

Later we painted nails and everyone did everyone elses hair and we had our fun 'frog' fireside and sang and played.

The next morning dawned beautiful and sunny which was exactly what we needed as we were taught by two of our beautiful camp queens and they needed some space outdoors. Carol taught about us becoming as diamonds and choosing our prince and not settling for the "Ronalds" (from th paper bag princess) of the world. Stacey taught us wonderful things about first aid like crushed tums for bee stings and we discovered how ticklish people were =).

The we decorated flip flops and made our tiarras . Oh yes never a dull moment. Then for lunch we had our stunning pretty pink princess tea party (another moment when bro white made the comment "they certainly don't do this at young mens camp") courtesy of Carol as well.

That afternoon we had free time and every played in the water since it was actually nice out and the next bout of rain didn't start until all the girls were out of the water and changed into warm clothes. We were ready for it this time though and just rode it out in tents and trailers for the half an hour. No problem. Then it cleared up beautifully and we had our testimony meeting that night and handed out the pillow cases with the iron on individual pictures of the girls in their tutu's slaved over by Sherri and Joanne at super speed (they were amazing by the way) which was wonderful and after some star gazing all crashed in our beds! Obviously there was more to camp but that is my lovely summary.

The END.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happiness outside and in!

So in general, despite the fact that my yard usually looks somewhat like a tornado hit, I love my back yard. Some things that make me happy include:

My rascals that created the tornado. Just chillin!

My garden that is actually growing and very nicely!

My teapot herbs - my one neighbor was getting rid of some stuff and once again making use of Lisa's genius I planted curry, peppermint and oregano in them. And Im growing a grape vine - Vances idea but I'll let you know how it goes =).

My tomato plants - in the front and the back. I am assuming different breeds of tomatoes grow at different speeds cause my ones in the back have two or three tomatoes on every plant but the ones in the front are not even blooming. I am waiting!!!

My pilsner flags. Oh wait those aren't mine! Yes my neighbors are clearly fans. Is burning and dancing around them considered vandalism and stealing if I am beautifying the area?

My actually going to produce i think raspberry bushes with lovely path - once again genius and back breaking work courtesy of Lisa - Vance thinks you do everything at my house =)

And last but not least - my "new" living room. 'New to me' couches from my sister and sweet carpet from Lisa - totally loving it!

Buenos tardes!

When the wind blows

So in case anyone was curious about what the cooks do when its too windy to go out on the boat (not really? oh well)- here it is:

We practice for when we are going out on the boat. Yes he is obsessed and determined to learn how to do a flip and a 360. I discouraged him from practicing a flip on the trampoline due to the very real possibility of breaking his neck but was greatly entertained by the 360 practice.

The kids are naturally being brought up right and preparing for the day (10 years or so) when they can wakeboard themselves.

Melia is a little nervous at first but is practicing her jumps in no time at all - closely supervised by daddy of course for technique purposes naturally.

Kyan is very focussed, he takes his wakeboarding quite seriously!

And that my friends is what you are missing at the Cook House!