Monday, August 17, 2009

Ummm guess =)

So one guess why I havent blogged in say forever? Yup I am sucker enough to do this again and the first trimester just gets worse every time. I am totally counting down till the second! Just walking into my kitchen makes me gag. shudder. Eating at this point just sucks cause instead of being a kinda picky bratty eater - I hate everything. Vance is really quite good at coming up with things that strangely enough i kinda feel like eating. Lucky for me of course my lovely visiting teachers came and saved my house from being condemned. (YAY FOR MARLAN AND STEPHANIE!!) They clean fast and beautifully - mad skill!! So my due date is March 15th ( not for forever) so we will see if i can have another one on march 5th due to my lovely c-sections being early in case (he he he) i actually went into labour. Who goes into labour? really! not me!!Okay Im done whining =) on to our trip to the great saskatchabush! So lots of driving with punks in the car but still a grand adventure! So we had a great time in saskatoon cruising around and finding fun stuff. A massive walking path and then a super fun little kinsmen park right down town with a fun little water park complete with slide and life guards and parks - free! They also had a Merry -go-round and train ride that you could pay a dollar for a ride - kids loved every second of it! I loved this little (not really little) swing they had in the park since it was different than any swing I've seen and the kids(and vance) loved it!

The big walking path bridge across the river was really fun but we really didn't think that the train track RIGHT beside it could possibly be used since it was WAYYY to close to the path.

Oops nevermind - here comes the train!! Yeah we could touch it. Kinda scary but pretty cool =)

The funny part was that on sunday we randomly selected a ward to attend and when we showed up we discovered we had happened upon Angie and Andrew Rodgers' ward! Small world eh? Fun visit with them for a bit and then we headed up to Prince Alberta national park. So dont take this wrong - its a very nice park - but Banff is a wayyy shorter drive, has mountains, doesnt carry my children away with mosquito's and has better weather =). Now that I am done being an alberta snob I have to tell you that we did still have fun cause we had one nice day of beach weather (so we ran to the beach of course), Kyan donated half his blood to the mosquito population there, Melia got a bite right on her eyelid so it swelled up nastily, we ran through a small hike due to being covered in mosquito's (worse than brooks if you can believe it), rented a little fishing boat and cruised the lake ( both the kids slept through it so it was a nice ride), melia wet the bed three nights in a row (strange for her actually - not sure whats up), we had lots of lovely camping food including my moms awesome raspberries and home made rasperry/rhubarb jam, vance cut a LOT of fire wood - it was free which brought him sunshine and happiness, saw 2 bears from the safety of our van as well as 6 deer, my poor mom sampled some lotion in a store and STUNK for days, went to the movie UP - Kyan was actually good for the whole show and lots more fun!

Melia sailing away on her boat she made all by herself - catch the vision?

Kyan in the midst of a serious donkey race...i dont know if he won.

Melia taking advantage of the opportunity to ride a deer - my mom did her hair. We really do need a live in hair dresser - it was so convenient!

Oh look more deer - its like we are in magrath!

Our little beach day. This is all Kyan needs to be happy. A little sun, a little sand, a little water and a ball.

On our way home we hit the Great Sand Dunes of Saskatchewan! Despite the lovely road and signage which made getting there a challenge we did a have fun digging in the sand and hiking around. And that is my lovely summary of our trip to the east! i can now place a checkmark beside saskatchewan right beside my checkmark for italy and rio de janero =) The end.