Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love the age of technology!

So with the stake 'practice' disaster we got to pretend there was an ice storm where our power and water got shut off and we couldn't shop (that continues until tommorow). In case anyone is wondering here are some things i LOVE.

1. Turning the tap on and water coming out
2. Turning my stove on and cooking
3. Turning on my dishwasher
4. Turning on my light switch and the light comes on
5. My furnace working
6. Turning on the computer/tv for entertainment when necessary

Melia spent the whole day worrying about how everything was broken and how daddy needed to come home and fix it. Lets just say that for my little shopaholic the stores being 'closed' for two days is very traumatic. Kyan loved the flashlights but was not impressed that bath time did not occur.

I must say I love this age of technology and am so glad i dont have to haul water, light a wood stove to cook on or live by candle light!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Im not sure how your family feels about snow (well except for Kimara - no likee) but mine gets VERY excited about it. When we noticed it started we all ran around getting coats and shoes/boots on to race outside to catch our first snow flake!!

Melia (who has been praying for snow for months now) was super duper excited and Kyan didn't even know where to look first!! Just for the record his new coat is size 6-12 months and he clearly has lots of room to grow into it!

Im sure this lovely snow will make driving EVERYWHERE this weekend more exciting but I guess we will deal with that when it gets here =).