Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Craft Mania

So my sister and I had a lot of fun at our annual "copy Stephanie's genius" event. (We invited Stephanie this year for variety - does that make it right?). My sister was working on a lovely present for my mom and surprisingly enough - I was making stuff for myself =). Here are a couple of her beautiful stars and her wall she did for my mom for christmas.

These are my two fun ones made for moi!

These are the necklaces I made for Melia for Chirstmas. More stolen genius obviously from Kathy who taught us how to make these ummm whenever that was. She is all about the princesses and so I figured how much easier does it get then sticking a sticker on and looking like a genius for my daughter! It turned out to be more involved when I didn't love the border on the stickers and then decided to exacto out each princess - that was eight princesses since I made some for my neice for Christmas as well. My eyes were totally fried after two - I had to spread it out over a couple days and I may have roped Vance into doing one or two =).

These are the little Christmas ornaments I made with Melia's help for the wonderful ornament exchange hosted at the house of Madame Fabulous. We had fun and of course I had to make one or two for me!

Next comes my recent sewing phase - I know its been fun. I finally made a bag for my cricut cause it really does travel a great deal and is really rather annoying to carry. The making of this was a gong show mainly due to the pocket I thought would be so easy. Note to self: check to be sure your piece of material is the right direction before attaching pocket because then you have to change everything else to match. sigh.

Then after making that bag I wanted to make bags for the comfortors we bought our kids before Christmas and then had to haul everywhere for two weeks - really annoying. These were WAY easier to make once Vance suggested I trace a bowl for the circle on the bottom. I can not draw a circle free hand. Not one of my skills. I also found a new favorite fabric store in Lethbridge called Marshalls. They were very nice to me and found me cheap fabric despite my having no idea what I really wanted or needed. Guess which one is for which rascal? Do you love my model? She had to help and always has to help when I sew. How you may ask? Well she passes me pins when I need them and I pass them back when I take them out. Thats the best I could come up with for helping with sewing!

Well my last sewing project is Im making another dress for Melia - same pattern, different material. It has been way easier than the first time but Im blogging instead of working on it while trouble is sleeping so it may be a while yet. Then I think I need to try to get into scrapbooking again cause it would be lovely to get caught up before this new rascal is born. Yikes - two months! I think I'd better start working on my denial about having another baby =)

The other day when we were at the fountain in the hat Vance asked if I wanted an updated picture of my rascals and the funny part is I didn't think I needed one - they havent grown have they?
There is a chance I may be in denial about them growing as well. What is the next step after realizing you are in denial anyway? I only ever get that far.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So after wandering as vagabonds for 10 days we are finally HOME!! Anyone notice we were gone? Well it really doesn't matter if you missed us or not cause if you are reading this blog you get to hear about it =). So first we went to Drum for a couple days and played and slacked and got ready for Christmas. We also went to the museum while we were there cause we haven't been for a while - um probably a couple years. We dont go as often since neither of my parents work there anymore. Its even more fun to go often when its free you know. More about the museum another day though.
We always have a really fun Chirstmas eve dinner including everyones favorite appetizers, snack and such and this picture was pretty so I thought I would share it:

and thats only one end of the table =).

Another fun thing we did this year that we havent done in a while was act out the nativity. I figured Melia would be old anough to be excited and understand what was going on this year so we resumed the tradition. She did enjoy it but she took it very seriously. Mary is a very important part and as baby Jesus's mother she was very careful about everything.

She thought having a baby tummy like mommy was cool but still no frivolous horse play!

Baby 'popped out' - check

Shepherds properly submissive - check.

Wisemen/Wisewomen bring gifts - check.
But no laughing or giggling or even smiling. I on the ther hand laughed throughout I beleive!
Such a serious girl =)

I have to show you some of the stockings my mom has made throughout the years though. Serious skillz! These are only our four. She has also made (out of felt and all hand stitched) wisemen, tutledoves, drummerboy, holly wreath, santa, penguins(look perfectly like the madagascar penguins), soldiers, and many more.

Now this is funny cause grandma and grandpa got Melia a big doll that sits on a horse. Kyan is quite happy that he fits perfectly on the horse. I dont think they even knew he wanted a horse for Christmas! And such low upkeep - I think this is gonna be my kind of pet =).

Then a dream come true for Kyan and an exciting moment for Melia came a couple days later at the farm Vance worked at growing up. They both got to ride Vance's favorite horse.

(Vance hiding and pretending to let his 2 year old ride bareback without supervision - did you notice?)
(reality should not surprise anyone who knows how protective Vance is of his babies)
The lady of the ranch led the horse around so Vance could support the rascal riding - bareback naturally. She was really impressed at Kyan cause he sat so happily on for so long and was not even remotely scared of such a big animal. I figure its due to him being obsessed about horses and generally not scared of anything. (well until the museum, poor kid - nevermind).

He was really mad when we took him off for Melia's turn though so we let him have a
second ride later when he resumed being friendly. Here he is waiting patiently.

(spot the funny people - them hiding before they realized that she really would be riding without help)

Melia was really brave though and rode for a long time just holding on to the horses mane and daddy stepping away. I may have some horse kids. The other funny part was that they both wanted to pet a cow. Sadly they didn't get to though cause apparently cows dont like being petted. Who knew?

Well more excitement to follow another day. My kids are waking up from nap time. Later!