Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still here and kicking!

Since I am lucky to be coherent most days I wont put a great deal of effort into being coherent on here. =) It gets much worse when I am tired and talk on the phone. Anyone I have spoken to in such a state - I apologize. Due to pregnancy insomnia this state happens on a rather regular basis Im afraid. I hang up and then have no idea if I made any sense whatsoever but Im too scared to call back in case what I say next is even more confusing. Well thats enough confusing rambling and Im afraid that is probably a good demonstration of what I was talking about...sigh. Ah well.

Well despite my blog slacking we have actually being doing stuff occasionally. We had a lovely family day with my parents who come over to play and we went sledding and swimming. It was lovely to be so irresponsible. When the numbers are four adults to two children sledding is a lot more reasonable. I am certainly not hauling little rascals up and down the hill so I left that to my lovely parents and husband. Very good system - for me of course!

Next of course is our participation in the olympics. This is about as close as we are to participating but I figure since I watched most of one of the hockey games I should all but be given a medal. Other events fun to watch - hockey not so. Sorry I know Im a slacker Canadian - maybe thats the african coming out? And in case you are wondering - Lisa and I are hilarious =).

I have now been married 7 whole years!!! Yup we made sugar cookies to celebrate our aniversary. Sadly we missed out on celebrating valentines day in our usual romantic way since we were busy. We usually go to walmart the day after valentines and get cheap chocolate - I know I know gross mushy stuff - sorry.

Another fun adventure was the youth temple trip on tuesday. I took some of my lovely girls to the temple to do baptisms and my little one who has been talking about the temple almost daily for over a year REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go so I stole one of my wonderful neices so Melia could see the temple and they watched twelve dancing princesses while my girls actually old enough to go in did our stuff =). What I love is that Melia wanted to wear her white 'wedding' dress to the temple. It was her flower girl dress for my brothers wedding so she calls it her wedding dress and she actually coordinated the rest of her clothes herself to be in all white. I hope when she gets married in the temple she can put the two pictures side by side - thats the plan anyway =)

So what do you do when you have two weeks left before your third rascal is born? Count down to march 8th!! I apparently sew random things and make booties. Its addictive I tell you!! Do you know how complicated it is to find 'manly' material to make booties out of? Perhaps a little contradictory. Well at least its not pickles and ice cream right?