Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is it just me?

Am I a cruel and unusual mom? When my floor was pretty and clean just a few days ago and both kids feel the need to spill LARGE amounts of milk or juice for breakfast I feel that they can clean it up themselves! And they did. Kyan is still learning the art of wringing out a rag so they had plenty of water in no time and then they scrubbed. Under my table is clean again, my children are drying off and are quite sure I am the coolest mom ever for letting them do such fun things. I win.

Note to Stephanie: No Pine Sol was used in the cleaning of the floor due to Kyan's tendency to drink out of any container with liquid in it

Friday, March 26, 2010


So I couldn't decide between The Dream Team, Clean Team or Team Snow White. All very accurate since they cleaned my house like a dream, yayyy its clean and just like Snow white they cleaned someone else's house happy go lucky. I don't recall anyone breaking into song but since they all sing well it would have still been enjoyable if they did =). Ready for the line up? Now I hate to get into the my visiting teachers are better than your visiting teachers - but mine are the best!!!! I think it should be noted that this is their second round of cleaning my house since they came to rescue me during my first trimester nastiness as well. Marlan and Stepanie(I think its funny Melia doesn't pronounce the 'h') are AMAZING!!! Marlan has also clearly reached new heights with Melia as Melia asked to hug her goodbye. That doesn't happen to anyone outside of family! Its amazing the love produced with teaching sock folding and mopping! Oh yes and they brought us supper. We appreciate the love!

But they were not alone in their AMAZINGNESS today though. Some of my other lovely friends joined the Dream Team (I still can't decide on the best name). Nancy, Lisa and Kimara joined the work party as well. Nancy came to clean while Lisa watched kidlets so Stepanie could come and Kimara realized she was missing a party when she drove by and happily joined in on the slave labour! Now talking about slave labour we cannot NOT mention the hours and hours Lisa has invested in babysitting my older rascals for doctors appointments, 4 hour hospital visits and many other times I needed a hand. Kyan gets so excited every time I tell him we are going to Josh's. He doesn't even look back when I drop him off there. Later mom!! My lovely sister Talena and Parents and Mother in Law have also saved our sanity and been amazing help again for this baby! Melia has also been loving getting rides places lately. (I have also been greatly appreciating her getting rides lately since otherwise she would not have been able to attend the primary party or Ellisons shindig since Vance is working umm all the time lately.) She was so excited to ride in Chelsea's van and then Maddy's a couple days later! (Thanks Amy and Kathy!)

We have been brought wonderful meals all week and have been truly spoiled! MANY MANY THANKS!!! Also much love to Jan who spent the four hours in the hospital with me and then raced home to make ME dinner before young womens. I will no longer complain about not being able to go out without help since I feel quite good since when I do I tend to get reminded about how much fun pain is - its not fun in case anyone is curious.
Thanks sooo much to everyone for helping us out so much!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Beautiful Girl!!!

Welcome home pretty girl! Ready for it? Here is my sweet angel Talia Michelle weighing in at a surprising 9'4 (yup pretty crazy!) and is doing wonderfully. It is a bit strange for me to have a 3 day old baby who as far as I can tell is about 3 months old but she is making it very clear that she is her own little girl and is not to be judged according to her siblings =).

Well we are home! Don't tell but I totally got out yesterday. My doctor said I could choose to stay or go home and I ran as fast as I could hobble =). Not that they didn't take good care of me but I maxed out on being told what to do and 'checked' every five seconds and someone coming in to strip my poor baby every time she fell asleep. My mom isn't bringing my other rascals home until tommorow though so we have a couple days to learn how to take care of a newborn again =) later!