Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun at FOUR!

Yes here is another one - its birthday season here!

We just did Melia's birthday party so we had her little possey over to play. I expect we sent them all home over-sugared Im afraid but since Vance had a pinata for his b-day she wanted one for hers - so we shared the love! I went into a sewing mode a couple days before so they all ended up with a little treat bag to take home with the candy they scavenged from the pinata. If it helps they had cucumbers and carrots before the sugar overload?

Just so you know Lisa I tried to put a doll in and match the pinata to her clothes but this was Melia very traumatized about me putting her doll in there and promptly saved it so we just tossed a teddy bear in the top for entertainment =) I didn't manage to take any pictures of them hitting it cause I was too busy making sure no one got beaned with the stick! It was a cut off hockey stick and as soon as she saw it Ellison said she liked that stick. Aww are there hockey sticks in your house Ellison?

So I was all excited after the relief society thing to try this fun way of putting a picture on a cake with this cool kind of icing so I tried but I must have done it too thick cause it was not working the way it was supposed to! This is about as far as I got before realizing not only was this going to take another hour or so but it wasn't going to work cause my icing was too thick and was not filling in the outline like it should. SO I asked Vance to make me a princess and this was his freehand icing of sleeping beauty from the picture. I think next time I will save myself the trouble and just have him do it first - he has some serious skillz!

Do you see all the pointing fingers? They all wanted part of the dress and Melia knew it was sleeping beauty as she requested without my telling her so I think we suceeded.

Strangest part of the party: Melia opening her presents and gasping "what?" in surprise at each one. It was strange I tell you! But she loved it so what more can we ask than to just make it a special day where she just cant believe "what?!" how fun everything is =) Just so you know she didn't start off in the princess dress - they played dress up later. I swear I try to get her to wear normal clothes but i think she is winning cause I just took about 6 skirts out of her drawer that she outgrew and never wore because she did not deem them proper princess material. Nothing made out of jean is apparently - who knew? I guess I do now. This will not stop me from making her wear jeans on occasion - like when its -30 and we have to go out - I'm mean that way! Oh well.
Happy Birthday Princess!

Entertained for Eternity

If you are maxed out with birthday posts just scroll down to the last two pictures - you will enjoy them. These are for my records and entertainment really =)

Next of course was Vance's birthday and he wanted to make a cake he had enjoyed in Chile while he was there so he got to work. Usually I make him a cake but this one required both of us and a lot of work. The english translation is 'the hundred layer cake' but Vance would like to respectfully request the name be changed to 'the hundred hour cake'. You have to roll out and bake each of the layers seperately and then boil sweetened and condensed milk in a can for three hours. A lot like work if you ask me! Fortunately we made it the night before and finished supper before the power went out on his birthday - thus the lovely picture of them blowing out the candles.

I also had to post pictures of another of his recent escapades. We had an extra swing set we had been given so we decided to pressure the crosby's into taking it. So then Vance came up with a very creative way to get it over to their house:

Right down cassils =)
I drove in front of him in the van to protect him from any traffic and laughed the entire time. Melia kept asking me what was so funny and all I could say was daddy. Daddy is funny.

T is for trouble and TWO!

SO obviously I have some catching up to do since his birthday was last month but I claim valid excuse due to a new baby 3 days after his birthday =). Since he is two and doesnt really play with any kids his age (nicely anyway) we decided to just get him some balloons cause that
doesn't involve social skills. He is actually pretty good at playing with other kids generally but I was a bit tired and really - he's two and doesn't care! He was so excited to wake up to balloons that I woke up to him hitting me in the head with two of them - suprised?

Right now he loves cars, balls, horses, cows and pestering his sisters. He is starting to talk a lot more with words we can understand and has certainly perfected his sound effects which he decided to work on before words. He can moo, roar, baa,oink, trumpet like an elephant and many more. He loves to get his hair done since he see's me spend so much time on Melia's he sees the importance of proper grooming of course. Its not jealously or anything =). Do you love Talia's eyebrow skills?

For some reason it really entertained me on his birthday when he pushed his ride on toy all day with these two little passengers. I kept singing the Spirit of God in my head,"...the lamb and the lion shall lie down together without any ire..."

Kyan is also my little prayer man. Every time we sit down to eat he folds his arms and points at me to pray and then Melia wants to pray so we convince him its her turn again. He even did it the other night when we went out to eat so we prayed in the restaraunt which we don't usually do. I hope he is always so dedicated at keeping us on the straight and narrow.
He is also dedicated to encouraging us to clean the floor OFTEN unfortunately. Last night for instance he dumped half a jug of coolaid in my kitchen while I was out. Vance and I have since had a talk about him leaving jugs of coolaid on the table but Im not sure if my phone will ever be the same since i think he dunked the whole phone in the coolaid. I am still finding sticky spots on my floor. My sweet boy also lives for snack and candy - especially candy. He has taken to randomly going on the potty whenever he is in the mood and demanding treats the entire time he is on the toilet. Its amazing how much candy a little boy can eat in such a short time.
Happy Belated Birthday Kyan!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moments I wouldn't miss for the world!

A few moments from yesterday:

-Sweet two year old boy notices a block has been placed in the wrong drawer. It clearly does not belong in the animal/car bin so he carefully places it in the right bin - the blocks.

-Same sweet boy then dumps entire contents of animal/car bin on the floor and walks away - no one understands why. Apparently it just had to be done! For the same reason I suppose that he must empty the entire ball drawer every day and then clean it up later when I tell him to. He is very good about cleaning it up but the daily emptying I dont understand. Is it a boy thing?
-Charming four year old daughter walks in on me making my bed (in all honesty probably one of the five times she has seen me do that in her entire life) and asks me what I am doing. I respond that I am making my bed look nice. She responds: Oh like nancy did. (Nancy made my bed the other week when she came over to clean with the clean team). Yes I reply. She then asks the obvious question: Did Nancy teach you how to make your bed mommy?
I think Talia is wondering what she got herself into!!