Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blessing Day

So we blessed our new little angel a couple weeks ago and it turned out to be a wonderful day! We were really lucky especially since we had very little nice weather before or after the blessing day. We were definately blessed =). We had most of our close family come and we had a great dinner afterward with family and friends. I didn't manage to take many pictures that day Im afraid due to being busy visiting and getting things ready but since Talia decided to pee all over her dress before we even left the church I figured I would just need to do a photo shoot with her later anyway =).

The girlies - Talia is excited she just hides it well.

My big girlie who I swear we just blessed a couple weeks ago as well. Man she grew fast! People kept saying how much she looked like Melia but I didn't realize how much until I was looking at Melia's blessing pictures and wow - she does! They smile the same too.

Melia just finished her dance year and she was super cute too. (Isn't it nice how you always find your kids the cutest? It helps a lot when they are brats I find. Melia has actually started saying my expression as well Im afraid. When she is a punk she says "Its a good thing Im cute, right mom?"

Alright Im done my "my kids are so cute post". No guarantees about the next one though =)
You must read this post of this woman on the mormom mommy blogs site - go now - you will laugh until you cry:

My 62 inch TV!

So I have this lovely screen that actually came free with my house when we moved in. I feel absolutely no guilt having my kids stare at it all day. Its accurate, no violence, no bad language, teaches my kids that exercise is important and it includes animals which is essential to hold Kyans interest for any amount of time.The modesty level is the only one I can't control I'm afraid but the law keeps that in line pretty good in general. Yay for Alberta! I never pay for any extra channels and even when the power goes out it still works exactly the same.

Surprised? NO?! I didn't think so. Yes they are both in tutu's =)

(I have no idea if they actually make TV's in 62 inches - my TV is about 15 probably and I love it that way)

SO recently we managed to get Kyan a nice little white shirt and tie. I didn't think I had an opinion on my little rascal wearing a white shirt until he is a little older but now that he has one Im not sure if I will ever be able to go back. He is way to cute!!!!!!!!! He resisted the first time (no cars or dinosaurs on it after all) but once I mentioned that he was wearing a shirt just like daddy - he was in. He outright refused about the tie. Then he saw daddy put his on and booted it back into his room to demand his tie!! I bowed to his demand naturally =) . Now when he sees everyone getting on their dresses and Vance getting on his suit he is all excited and he even wore his black shoes today (before it was nothing doing cause his lightning mcqueen shoes were the only way to go) when I mentioned that his were the same as daddy's. Its all about how you present your suggestion to him. Would you like ____ like Melia? Should we catch up to daddy? Can you put your soother away by yourself? Lets eat our food so we can have a vitamin. (My kids think vitamins are like candy so I totally use them as leverage - I win) If you don't word it properly you will hear a great deal of NO and get a lot of dirty looks and not just cause his face is always DIRTY. We are making progress in the yelling No. Only about 50 times a day now =)

This is how he sleeps sometimes. No wonder he falls out of his bed! Im not sure if he was in the process of getting out or in when he fell asleep...does it matter?

He may respond to being called rascal more that Kyan but he sure is one cute little rascal =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Melia's song

So the other day while driving home from Medicine hat we finally managed to get Talia and Kyan to sleep and expected Melia would soon follow. Not so. But I'm really glad she didn't because she sang us a song. Here is some back ground: Vance is always singing songs to her that he is making up on the spot about anything and everything. Often about her or anyone else in the family which she loves! SO she starts singing a song with a variety of different melodies in it and a few of her own mixed in there. But her words are what made me happy. She proceeded to sing for about half an hour with things like this: I know I am a child of God and that Jesus and God love me and I miss Jesus but he is always watching over me to keep me safe. When I die I will get to see Jesus again and he will think I am beautiful because he loves me. But I won't die for a long time but when I do I will see Jesus again. And so will Daddy and Mommy and Kyan and Talia . But we wont die for a long time. Jesus died on the cross for me and they put nails in his hands but he did it because he loves me. Jesus let the men hurt him and died so Talia wouldn't have to die on the cross because she is little and that would hurt a lot for her but Jesus is tough. (Melia is always very concerned that someone would hurt Talia) I always listen to God but Jonah didn't so he got swallowed by a whale. But then he was ready to listen so the whale spit him out. Then he went to Ninevah like God told him to.

And then she followed with a great deal of repetition about all topics each time exhibiting an even greater understanding of the plan of salvation. I can't help but be humbled by the amazing spirits that God is sending to the earth right now. If a four year old needs such a clear understanding of who she is, why she is here and where she is going at such a young age - how much more will she need to know and understand by the time she is 12, 16, 18? How will I ever be able to keep up?

These gifts from heaven
these precious ones
that we are given to love
must bloom where they are
and flower so bright
that the world can't see for the light
they must be strong
so the world can still see
that the father
has loved them all along

They must lead the army of truth
with the power of God
in their hearts
so they will still stand
after all has been done
by the world
to make them fall down
oh precious ones we love you
now how to make you see
thats it is now or never
we must be as joshua of old
be strong and of good courage
and the Lord will not let you fail