Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recent Escapades

Recent escapades:

Escape to a tropical location with WONDERFUL sand:

Melia and I are posers:

Little green riding hood off to see her grandmother... la la la

Real men, wear Snugglies:

yes its 20 minutes outside of Brooks and this was back when the sun still was shining.
moment of revelation as there was a broken bottle on the ground and some of us were shoeless so I just kept saying "follow daddy, follow daddy" and realized how blessed I was to be able to say that on a hike and in life to my kids: just follow daddy. I really do have a fantastic husband who is a wonderful father to my kids.

Face painting:

my mom has SKILLZ!

ZOO: (not just my house)

they LOVED the metal frame animals I was commanded to take a picture of them in front of each one - I will spare you the rest:

hello bear:

Lion and Kyan:

It rained the whole time: surprised?

Carnival: (have now taken out a second mortgage on my house - not really but ummm EXPENSIVE!!!)
I love that Kyan got the front and was 'giving rides' to older boys:


Sweet slide:(needs escalator - Kyan is slow)

What Vance does for fun: you leave him unsupervised for one minute...

and then he makes rings(like gymnastic rings) in the basement for our newest swinging apparatus. The man bent PVC - you have to see it! My kids are going to be gymnasts if I ever manage to remember to take them to the gymnastics center.

this link is for Lisa:
lets do it!!