Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Little Mermaid

So a little while ago two of my lovely neices participated in a dance production of The Little Mermaid that their dance studio put on in Lethbridge. Melia was Makenzie's biggest fan. As Ariel she was fantastic and there was definitely some hero worship. From the minute Kenzie got off stage Melia followed her around EVERYWHERE! Eventually Kenzie had to gently pass her to me so she could change =) I stole some pictures from her facebook so I could post them here!

Longing for the surface

The jellyfish group where my other lovely neice Jaymi danced - she was wonderful!

Kenzie with some of the younger dancers in the production - they were super cute as well =)

Ariels sisters also did a fabulous job

The sea witch was phenomenal!!

The girlies with their instructor

Dancing at the ball with the prince

her lovely ladies in waiting - Jaymi again - so multi-talented!

The wedding and farewell...sigh

So much fun!!! They took a video of the production and I am hoping to get a copy cause its Melia's new favorite version of the little mermaid. They did a float in the magrath parade and it was the only float she looked at without searching for candy =)

What we do...

My name is Talia and I have FABULOUS blue eyes.

We are not sisters! Why do you ask?

SO we went for a bike ride and since we figure Talia is still too little for the bike trailer vance tossed her in the snugglie on his back while he rode his bike and hauled the trailer with Kyan. I put Melia on the back of my bike in the little seat thing. Talia hated it. She screamed all the way to the park and all the way home. She remained stiff as a board and supermanned all the way. She was the most effective bike bell I have ever owned. People were very quick and happy to get out of our way =)

Cute and full of attitude:

Most of the time you se his cutest smile when he is up to something. Melia is climbing up...hmmm geronimo!!!!!!!!

Hello my name is Kyan and I swing from everything.

I was smiling and she was present - I can't really expect anything more can I?

Had a lovely time at magrath days and I must say they have the best candy at any parade we go to. My kids were a tad bit excited. Now Melia remained this excited the whole time butafter the first candy Kyan sat in his little chair and didn't get up again. He sat and held his candy bucket and Melia filled it. She gathered fabulously and carefully divided all her earning between their buckets. Now i say earnings cause she really has the technique to candy gathering down! She stands about a meter fromthe curb (you can do that in magrath) and waves enthusiastically to each float/truck/whatever. Every one of them throw candy at her - they can not resist the cuteness and enthusiasm. It also helps how many people know us in magrath and Vance's sister that we sit with but Melia has some serious skills. We brought home two ice cream buckets and we were not selfish with the candy!

Im not sure if you have the same problem but any time I try to take pictures of Talia - suddenly they all have to be in the picture - she loves it...sometimes.

So my sweet mother-in-law calls me up one day and asks if I want one of these "Mally bibs" so naturally I check out the site and fall in LOVE! They are made out of leather and are super cute. Due to the leatherness EVERYTHING wipes off them and all you ever have to do is wipe them off - never wash - is in fact not advised =). Interesting? Oh it gets better. Instead of evil ties or velcro to rip out your poor childs hair they have lovely strong magnets to just snap together and apart - and you can therefore store them on the side of your fridge - very fun! The only downside of course is that they are about $30 but if all I have to have is 1 or 2 bibs - i'll pay. Look at the site you will love them! And apparently they sell them in medicine hat, SWEET! The other one she got me is the super cute helicopter one! Now that you have heard me rave about them we will consult an expert:

This is how she feels about rice cereal:

Jury is still out!

But wait mom - the bib!


Now you have heard from the source - on to other news...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Genius and summer hair

Just so you know the genius comes after the summer hair =).

We buzzed Kyan and Vance which is a lovely, cheap method of doing hair I must say but I just couldn't do that to Melia so we took her in to the salon and Trish did a lovely job of a new look for my princess that takes only 5 minutes to brush instead of 25!! YAY!!

And I must say my new look is fabulous as well:

just kidding I look the same as I did last week.

Then comes the genius. Was it so hard to wait? When Lisa and I are in the craft room together WATCH OUT!! Fun is coming!!

So the basic idea is a lovely little ruffle cuff that you have interchangable 'color' for. You can wear it just black - very classy:

Throw in some purple:

It totally matches my outfit today by the way:

Or some Love:

Perhaps some flowers:

Or even some spiders:

no? maybe for halloween =)

The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said she would post our genius as well - hopefully she is better at taking pictures than I am - not one of my skills!