Thursday, August 26, 2010

Geek and then some!

So I am very excited to announce that I joined a band! Not just any band:

The Brooks Community Band! Yes I am just that cool! But marching in the lethbridge parade was anything but cool - it was HOT!!!! All of you whining about a short summer - I LOVE WINTER!! After you march 19 blocks in one of these uniforms carrying a Baritone - then tell me how much you love the heat! Once again Lisa came to the rescue and watched my sweet things (Talia included - not sure who got the better deal?) so I could march. I know that is one HOT hat. Literally. My kids love it though and i have to admit I think they look cuter in it - what do you think?

Kyan and Talia crusing - a classic picture for me since I have one of Kyan about the same age with Melia driving him in the very same toy library truck =)

Now Kyan drives (mommy pushes) down to the mailbox while his chicks ride in the back!

That may be the maximum capacity for that truck =)

Medieval Fair

So the day of the Medieval fair I marched in the little parade (more on that later) and drug Lisa down to watch my rascals for me. When I told Melia that I was in the parade she asked if she could wear her Snowflake princess dress and upon reflection I though - why certainly, its extrememly appropriate. So she did. I did feel like she was a little over-dressed for the petting zoo though =)

Kyan loved the chicks! (foreshadowing? yikes!) Every time the guy turned his back Kyan was in the box trying to get a another chick. He was in love!

Nothing is as sweet as a princess and her ogre? In general Melia and Josh get along famously since she is CLEARLY a princess and he is quite happy to be the prince to her princess. He likes bossy girls and she fits the bill perfectly!

He's got competition though! All dressed up and watching the jousting a little Knight comes and sits down beside her after someone mentioning to him that she was his princess. She wasn't so sure about him though - she only smiled becasue I bribed her with food. Can you tell its forced?

These two together is double trouble! They have WAY too much fun together.

In the mouth of a Dinosaur!

We decided to go visit grandma and grandpa one day and play in drum for a while since grandma and grandpa actually work =) They have a fabulous water park there so we decided to test it out and decided once again that we loved it. Kyan ran like a maniac around and Im rather surprised he only wiped out once. Fortunately he fell well and was not hurt badly.

Melia very sweetly decided to wear the bathing suit I made for her. Its the first one I have ever made and there are definately some kinks to work out but its wearable =) Talia may be my next target since I still have a bunch of the material but I also kindof want to make a bathing suit cover idea that Lisa told me about - we shall see if it works out.

I then decided to stop being a stick in the mud and take my kids up the big dinosaur. Im from Drum and have never been up the big dinosaur - I know I know but it was so not cool as a teenager!

They were excited to sit on the toe until they got on and discovered that it was really hot! Do you see the sign under Kyan's foot? It says - caution toes are hot - I didn't tell them. he he he Don't look at me like that! It wasn't THAT hot!

So every time we go to Drum Kyan gets tired of driving about 20 min before we get there so we tell him to start looking for dinosaurs and he gets all excited and does that and of course there are lots to see so everyone is happy. On the way this time Melia starts saying to Kyan not to be scared cause the Dinosaurs won't eat him or bite him. Very comforting. So then when we get to the big dinosaur and I tell Melia we are going to climb up the big dinosaur so she turns to Kyan and says, "Do you want to go in the dinosaurs mouth?" His eyes get really big and a firm NO comes out surpisingly enough. Siblings! He was quite happy to be up there though when we got up since it didn't involve any digesting or biting to get there =) Some nice people took a picture of us and naturally we returned the favor. Talia may have sucked on the camera strap though while I was taking a picture - just so they know.

Any view encompassed by massive teeth though is pretty cool!

Me and my girls

We felt cute on a sunday so Vance decided to take some pictures of us

I have recently noticed that I take a lot of pictures this way - apparently its a favorite of mine =)
I also was relieved to know they do all love each other despite constant - ummmm - friction? during playtime. The other day I went to get something while Talia was laying on the couch and since she can roll i had Melia sit by her to protect her. Vance was just in the kitchen doing something. By the time I get to my room to grab something I can hear both girls crying and screaming. I return to Vance holding Talia and comforting Melia. Vance said Melia was holding her and Talia backbended(sp?) as per her style and threw them both off the couch. But Melia held on tight to her and took the fall for her. Melia landed on her back and bonked her head on something but Talia was fine (just scared) cause her big sister took care of her and took the fall for both of them. sniff sniff. As per karma Melia's turn to be protected came soon after. We are sitting in sacrament meeting and Kyan and Melia are scrapping about something (not new) until Nancy and her family come and sit in the middle of our row. Her social little 1 year old Nathan comes over to visit and takes a couple swings at Kyan who just swings back - boy greeting taken care of. But then he crossed the line. The dastardly nathan tried to take Melia's precious blankie (insert suspensefull music). But Kyan saves the day!! (Hero music of course) He stood in front of Melia and put his one arm across her legs and his other arm across Talia's and stood there for like 10 MINUTES (long focus for him) protecting them until Nathan went to the other end of the pew and was no longer a threat to his girls. So big and tough in his suit. Its gonna be a full time job protecting his girls his whole life. It will be alot easier if he gets to be 6'3 like the boys in my family - a tad bit more intimidating than he is now. He does have a very effective glare though - its my special gift to all my children. Fabulous glares at birth =)

Lisa and I practiced our cupcake decorating skills one day so I could see how I should do it for my sisters wedding. I expect we will just do the normal way

but I had to show off Lisa's creative skillz.

Suit it up!

So ummm a while ago one of my lovely cousins got married so naturally we attended their lovely reception and coincidentally it was the same day my mom bought Kyan his suit for Savana's wedding so he got to show it off at the reception and Melia and Sydney got some little fun dresses the same day so we were all sporting new looks. I wanted a picture of Kyan and Clark in their sweet suits so they posed for me:

Then there was more fun as they got to play with their sweet cousins Hailey and Paige

Love Kyan's sweet smile? Yeah so we booted him out for the next one =)

The girls are so much sweeter sometimes!
But I also loved this shot of Paige and Bennet.
Somehow you know that there is so much more communication going on than we know about =)