Thursday, September 30, 2010


So we arrived in San Diego on sunday and had a lovely evening hanging out with my sister and her fiance(now husband - from now on refer to him as Will since he is now part of the family). We then decided to go to the San Diego Zoo on monday and set out on monday for the Zoo! Five minutes into the drive Melia whines about feeling sick - I tell her she is fine. Five seconds later "Mommy I'm going to throw up" Me - "Fine then puke out the window and dont get it in the rental car" Melia hanging her head out the window pukes agressively all over the outside of the car and then in her lap. sigh. Vance sees and exit for Seaworld. "Shall we go to Seaworld today?" Me - "Yes what a fabulous idea!" We promptly bought her a very special souvenier from Seaworld - a dress.
(just for the record she whines about being car sick alot and rarely throws up)

Genius - what more can I say!

(obviously pre-souveneir dress but a very stunning sweater dress if I may say so myself)

My daughter is a poser! I can't even count how many times she picked a spot and told me to take pictures as she did 10 different poses. Out of love - I am not sharing them all!

Beluga whale. Now sing the song - go!

sign says: "Feel free to pet the starfish but do not remove them from the water as they will not be able to breath." Kyan clearly did not read the sign. We are working on it. He almost cares about the alphabet. Don't worry I saved the starfish.

Not sure if my kids have any idea who they are but Kyan was excited about the monsters!

Shamu. If you want to know the cheer, dance or how to get Shamu to splash you - ask Melia she demonstrates for us daily! sometimes hourly. He can spalsh up to 16 rows. Mad skill!

He swam over my head. There was a little tunnel under the tank. Melia and I loved it but when Vance took Kyan in right after waking up from a nap he was a little umm concerned to put it gently.(no strollers allowed in this one and Talia was sleeping so we took shifts)

anemone? I thought they were cool

Actually a pile of like 4 fish - fabulous camo eh?

jellyfish (Jellyman - dude!! movie quote anyone?)



get it?

If you feel the need to see WAYYY more pictures feel free to come over and visit. For the rest of you - your welcome for the short and sweet summary.

Who knew?

I am not sure if you are a aware but with a bit of ribbon and a bit of someone else's genius you can make all kinds of fun stuff. I came across this on a chick's blog and decided it looked like something I could do that might be cool in the end. I also have to say it was also very good agression therapy for me as well. Melia likes the pink one - surprise! Kyan was permitted to like the brown one as green is mommy's favorite color. I have been saying that for years but now I stand by it strongly since Melia is so strongly biased that girls can only like pink or purple. Im sticking with green in defiance I think. I wonder where she gets her stubborn tendencies from?

The chick that I copied did it with sheer ribbon which looked fun as well but I didn't have any on hand. I think it would be fun to do orange and black ones for Halloween. She did a whole wreath but I had alot of fun with the little ones. hmmm well Vance does have to go to medicine hat every day - may as well make use of it eh?
here is the link for the blog I copied from:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Calgary Reception

So obviously this is more for my records than anyone else but it may be entertaining if nothing else =) Sadly I didn't get pictures of any guests but apparently the photographer did a pretty good job of getting most people - I was too busy chatting with all my lovely extended family! Decorating was fun (genius courtesy of my mom and lovely sisters) and Food of course was my deparment. Dessert - you may have noticed - is my addiction =)
The bride and groom and three little rays of sunshine! But they are cute in their suits!

Fabulous pictures my mom took!

my pretty cupcake sporting personalized M&M - totally fun (genius courtesy of Lisa - naturally)

large tower with our cupcakes!

Kyan eating previously mentioned cupcakes - he loved them to bits! Literally. We had to get out a vacuum every time the kid had a cupcake! who's wild kid is that anyway?

back drop thingy - you are not allowed to tell my sister if it reminds you of batman - shhh

small tower with cookies I made

smaller tower with mini cupcakes we ordered

sign in table


Yes there are normal pictures of us - but did you really want to see them ?


Edible arrangements are fantastic - and cute =)

Food table recieving finishing touches - still pre-decorative flowers but I dont think I got a picture of that =)

the little girlies

Vana and the little girlies - she is doing her best not to look grossed out due to how wet Talia's dress was from her sucking on it. he he he

As a reward for your dedication in making to the end I saved this special picture for you - guess which one Kyan made?