Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Fun

So for the first time we had Christmas day in our house which was actually really fun. Lovely not hauling everything around - thats for sure! Guess which stocking is Melia's? Now they are cute stockings - don't get me wrong - but they just seem so much less special without the individualized stockings my mom has made for each of us over the years. I let Melia and Kyan pick theirs sicne I already had three my lovely mother in law has given me and just needed two more. Kyan picked one perfectly in sync with my others and you cant even really tell which one is his. Melia on the other hand...

First year having a fake tree. Nice in many ways - we had it up ALL december, Talia didn't eat needles off the floor, I didn't sweep needles off the floor and no one got spiked when removing ornaments every five seconds. So good idea - sad to not have the fresh tree smell though.

Talia got a lot of help opening her presents.
One of Kyan's presents made noise when you moved it so when he went to choose which one he wanted to open he listen to them to get the one that said, "Checkered Flag here I COME! Vaarroooom". That was a hard one to buy and sneak home when he was with me. I moved it so carefully but when we turned the corner on the way home it went off so I had to leave it in the Van since we all know he went through all the bags when we got home.

She loves big boxes. I was tempted to give her a movie in a box like this but I refrained. =)
Talia helped Vance put together his new computer chair by sitting on the cushion. Very helpful!

This seems like a creepy familiar picture - like this is what Kyan did a couple years ago at her age. You should have seen this orange when she was done with it. Well maybe its better that you didn't...
Kyan never looks at the camera but at least he is in the picture right?

Every once in a while I can get them to all smile during a picture. Just not at the camera =)

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ornament Exchange

So this year I got to host the ornament exchange party we have decided to make a tradition of. Its a lot of fun and a great excuse to get some of the girls together. The theme this year appeared to be awesome earrings! =) I think Kathy started it but due to my taking a picture about an inch and a half from her face she closed her eyes in fear so I didn't get a lovely picture of her modelling her red set but Barb is here showing off her Christmas Tree (which I promptly stole at my first opportunity). Lisa also had some fabulous earings I attempted to take a picture of but she sweetly requested it not appear here.

And Joanne showing off her fashionably mismatched pair.

Des and Lisa T.

Nancy, beautifully pregnant with TWINS Larissa, and Lisa C

Joanne, Jan, Kathy (there's her earrings!), and Barb

Lots of lovely treats and ornaments and good times had by all (so I decree)!

What we do with Ironing Boards at our house

I don't iron. Its overrated. Vance brings out my ironing board and asks if I want a new one to which I reply - YES Iwant a mini one cause I only use it with sewing and don't want that beast in my sewing room. So he dismantles it and hangs it in my basement as a surfboard.

Melia LOVES IT and 'practised her skills' for a long time.

We taught her how to charge the wave.

She sang "Queen Of the Wave" the whole time!! And really Merliah and Melia sound pretty close!