Friday, February 11, 2011


EDITED: see link at the bottom for my aprons in the mail!

So since I got married on valentines day its like double duty on February 14th to come up with a wonderful present for Vance to give to me that expresses all of the love, kindness, patience and helpfulness that goes into our marriage. Its a lot of pressure for a guy so I usually try to make it easy for him by ordering myself a present online and thanking him profusely for it. I'm sweet that way =). I also tend to buy myself some flowers some time around Valentines day so when my parents come over they see how thoughtful he is. Really the reason I buy flowers is cause Vance mentions something to Melia about how we need to buy mommy flowers around Valentines day and then Melia nags me into buying them whenever we go to safeway. But its fun. It is funny though cause every time my parents come over and I have flowers they are always "from Melia" or "from work" or whatever. It probably has something to do with my forbidding Vance from wasting money on flowers for me and letting me pick something USEFUL! Poor Vance. We also like to celebrate Valentines day by going to walmart the day after Valentines and buying discounted chocolate. Sorry I know, too much mushy stuff again. Back to the point. I have been wanting a fun apron for some time cause we all know Im a bake-a-holic and well its fun! So when I saw on a blog about a company called Flirty Aprons I ran(clicked) right over and ordered myself TWO! It is my anniversary AND valentines day after all! (There was also a discount if you ordered over so much so I did.) Then last night Vance tells me that he got in trouble at work yesterday. One of the guys he works with asked him what he got his wife for Valentines Day. Vance is like yeah its actually our anniversay too. So he asks what he got me. Vance says he got me a couple aprons. Then there is the look of horror. Holy crap you are in trouble man! You might as well write on the card: "Get in the kitchen and make me some food woman!" You are so dead. To which Vance tries to explan that I actualy wanted aprons and that they are fun aprons. His friend just shakes his head at him and doesn't expect him to live to return to work on the 15th. Vance has politely requested that at some point in our marriage if I ever want a necklace or ring or anything like that to please let him know so he can buy me something everyone expects him too so he can stop getting the looks of horror when he tells people what he got me for our anniversary/Valentines day. I guess I can review the no flower edict. But aprons are so much more fun!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


So this past year Lisa and I have been doing a pre-school for Josh and Melia which has been a lot of fun. We alternate weeks with one taking the older two and the other taking the littles. Both shifts have their fun parts so its nice variety. This month we decided to choose some topics to study that they would be interested in. The conclusion is Dance and Dinosaurs. Strangely enough both start with D? I totally didn't plan it that way! So each week we will study a different type of dance and a couple different dinosaurs. Melia is something of a 'think I know it all' about dinosaurs since she has been to the Tyrell many times (both of my parents have worked there at one time so we got in FREE!!) but she really doesn't know many details yet. This week we did the Triceratops and colored, read books and 'discovered' a dinosaur in the rock (very cool dollar store activity). For the dance aspect we did Ballroom dancing. Just so you know - the library doesn't have anything on ballroom dancing. No wonder we google. So after watching a couple you tube videos they wanted to try it themselves and get all decked out like the people on the videos - so we did! She picked her cinderella dress and Josh made do with Kyan's suit. A bit short in the legs but pretty sweet if you ask me!
Every dance started like this:
and then there was twirling..
and proper technique.