Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dinoville aka Home

So as part of our amazingness Lisa and I decided to take our rascals to THE Tyrell Museum to finish up our unit on Dinosaurs. It is a world renowned museum which people flock to from all over the globe so we thought we would go the distance =). We picked the perfect day cause it was nasty cold out (-35ish plus wind chill) and therefore no fool in their right mind would go to the museum on such a day right? It was great! No lines ups and we really had it mostly to ourselves. Talia was beside herself with excitement!

The children were hungry for knowledge.

And everyone wore smiles the entire time! Especially for pictures!

Smile nice!!!

No NICE!!!

Fine. make a goofy face. See instant obediance!! Perfect every time.

I learned this much today!

I learned THIS much today!


We were supposed to be learning? 

 Two small children were almost eaten by a ferocious metal dinosaur. I just saved them at the last minute! Im a hero!!!

We had a lovely time and a fabulous meal at Bernie and the Boys with my Daddy. He was excited to solve the mystery message given to him that I was in town with the boys and would meet him for lunch. Considering my possey is mostly girls and why would I go anywhere with just Vance and Kyan anyway? Where did I leave my girls?? He was confused. Then we invaded my moms work for a moment and helped them all apreciate how quiet their work area is where we are not there. We are very helpful. The End. 

Winter Wonderland

Apparently I forgot to post this a little while ago and since my kids are cute and actually smiled in some pictures I am going to post it anyway despite the very real possibility of hatemail for the last picture.

Talia's brief glimpse of playing in the snow - she doesn't get to do it much. Today (March 31)is one of the first times she has walked outside. The snow is still rather deep for her though.

She is totally thinking about smiling!!

She of course is in her element. But even my die hard winter lover is done with the snow and informs me daily that she is ready for it to go away so she can go boating. Big plans this year I guess.

I am worried about Kyan havign such a hard time learning how to ride a tricycle. He doesn't seem to be getting anywhere! Pehaps it has something to do with it being frozen solid in the snow...hmmm. He still checks on a regular basis though - just in case.

So I made a fun little banner type thing this year ans decided to put it up in my scrapbooking room on my little wire tree! Isn't it fun?? I guess it might be time to take it down now...

 I saw the sun today so we went to the park. Bad plan. The snow is still knee high in that park and soft enough that you go right through the snow. Came home tired and wet from hauling monsters and my shoes FULL of snow. Definately rushing the season. Have a nice day!! Wear boots.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A First time for everything.

There are many things in life that we encounter that seem too hard, too complicated or just plain out didn't work the first time you tried it. Some things seem impossible but aren't really. Some things you just never had the opportunity to try.

Apparently you can build a snow man inside the house without mess. When pigs fly you say? Well that happens here too.

Too cold for Talia to go out? Bring it in then solves Vance!

A recent-ish addition to my favorites is spaghetti squash. Now its easy to cook and fun to make the spaghetti strands but my favorite is pureed with butter and salt and pepper. SO FABULOUS!! You may be skeptical but it really is awesome.

Another strange one is mushy peas. Its not like baby food peas I swear! I had it at the new restraunt 'The Codfather'. Loved em!

Had my bedroom decorated with guitars. Extremely functional as well when ever I need to be serenaded to sleep.

Got some sweet aprons! Melia and I have fun =)

Made cinnamon buns WORTH sharing. And of course therefore didn't really want to but had too cause 50 for my family is rather excessive. I still selfished most of them cause my WHOLE FAMILY actually liked them. Including Melia who only likes Oreos and no bake oatmeal cookies. Yay for pioneer woman!!

Had an awesome time sandbagging! Much thanks to Kathy who took my angels for the whole stinking day for me. Don't get me wrong my kids would have had fun eating all that sand and getting gross but it would have rendered me completely useless if I had had them with me. As it was I tied many many many bags. The one not in our team picture is Gordon Karaki. He was fabulous as well despite being 75(?) I think but fortunately he knew when to stop and go home so I didn't get in any trouble from wives having to pick up their husbands from the hospital afterwards. The Robertsons have definately had their share of hospital time this past year so I reminded David to be nice to his body a couple times!

I made pom poms. Way easier to do then I thought. Less useful to other people but my kids thought it was fun.

What will be next?? Who knows??!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Totally Talia

So this is actually very fast turnaround for me. This was on wednesday. I know you are so impressed =) My little rascal turned one and decided to start walking. Creepy, its like she knew I was waiting to see if she would walk before she turned one which would have been sooner than the other two. Right on her birthday she started to venture out and take little walks like she was actually just going to walk there, And then she did. Watch out world this one is gonna pull down anything she can reach. She loves to unload the bottom shelf of my pretty tupperware shelf. So far she hasn't gone any higher. Here's to hoping she keeps to that shelf!

You're not really gonna give me that are you? This is how Kyan plays. dirty.

What mess? I haven't even got started.

A dedicated mess maker. If you could see the shelf beside her you would see that covered in whip cream.

This is after she threw her plate on the ground effectively covering my floor in whip cream. Its a good thing this one is so cute!

She really is her most smiley after eating. Vance says she gets it from me. Its probably true but I'm still denying it. Happy Birthday Little Rage!*

*she really has been happier since she started to crawl a while ago but she has been sick ever since I swear which tends to lend to some unhappiness. I may be able to blame our latest run of unhappiness on teething though since she is cutting all four top front teeth right now. That can't be pleasant. Im tired of teeth. Im really tired of dental bills though after my fillings in november wisdom teeth in december, root canal in february and Melia's three fillings and then Vance chips his two front teeth like a hockey player. sigh. No Lack of Love Earl but I hope to not see you at work for a good long time!!! I swear we actually have pretty good dental hygiene! Okay Im done my tangent.

Holy Batman!!

So my sweet little boy turned three the other day so he had a special day. Melia had to be nice to him all day - she had to watch Cars - she was not pleased. He wanted a batman cake so we did the best we could. I did the main icing of the cake and then Vance did the part that made it look like Batman - the intricate work. Not one of my skills. I love it when he does it. The kids love it. He has fun with it as well but he probably wouldn't admit it =).

I wanted to make something fun for the party and I saw this genius on someones blog so I ran with it. Really simple way to make a cape. Buy an adult t-shirt. Cut the shape of a cape and then cut the collar in the front so you can tie on your cape. Or you can put velcro on - you pick. Takes 5 seconds to cut the cape out and I used felt to make the leters so really easy again. Then I just sewed around the letters - fast and fun. Kyan now lives in his.

So we had some cake. I can't not appreciate how much Brant supports my cooking. Last time he was over he was the only kid who ate my muffins. At the party he had three pieces of cake. He was probably not hungry for lunch after (sorry Kathy) but he smiled at me and he ate my muffins so I caved.

Kyan knew the cake was batman without having to be told. Success.

The elaborate game I played with three little boys. Dump out smarties and tell them to pick them up with spoons and put them on their plate. What they get on their plate they get to eat. Brant quickly saw the foolishness of my suggestion and picked up handfuls with his non-spoon holding hand. Moms...always the hard way. Kyan picked up smarties and put them on his spoon and ate them. Taylor was fabulous and dedicated to MY game. He picked them up with his spoon and put them on his plate and then ate them. The really impressive part is that he didn't get much less then the other two.

He loved his presents and I just wanted to kiss him when he busted out a big excited thank you when Melia gave him her painting she did of him.

A rather classic picture of my kids Im afraid. Waiting for friends to arrive. I couldn't not make her a pink cape for the party right? This is only the beginning of Birthday season in my house though so get ready for take two. Talia is was messy. =)