Saturday, May 28, 2011

Strawberries and Dinosaurs

So clearly I have been slacking for some time. It happens. It has happened before and I guarantee it will happen again. Moving on. =) I have decided to resume doing what I do best. Bragging about someone else's genius. Today's feature is done by our very own newest croquet (now Im all confused about what that word says - anyone for a game of croquet? ah well you get the picture) queen Lisa C but for annonimity we will call her Mrs. Crosby. he he he I think I am sooo funny! As part of their birthday gifts this year for my kids she made them all sweet touqes (well now that doesnt look right either - oh well). Kyans is a sweet dinosaur hat complete with spines and eyes  - he has a hay day in it.

For my girlies she made them matching strawberries!

Talia is a small strawberry. And surprisingly happy about it.

Melia felt like modelling for me one day so I took 50 pictures =)

And then I tried to get picures of them all in them and it went perfectly.

I tried right?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Father

Dear Father

Today I finally see

I understand just a little now

How the righteous

Could pray

With all their might

For the

Second coming

For all the destruction

And death

And suffering

That will come with it

The righteous will pray for peace

Will pray for safety

And sanctuary

And their redeemer

Because their hearts are heavy

From watching their children suffer

In a world

Where mankind chooses

To hurt those most precious ones

Entrusted to their care

In a world

Where Satan tempts

Our brightest and our strongest

And they fall

Destroying lives around them

In a world

Where our children

Shine bright

With testimony

Lighting paths around them

But are being battered

Despite their valiant stands

Dear Father

Help us love them enough

To make up

For the rest of the world

Dear Father

Help us carry them

When they

Are to tired to stand

Dear Father

Let all my trials give me

The understanding

For when they need me most

Dear Father

Please tell me what to do

To ease the guilt

For every time I can’t protect them

Dear Father

Please sharpen my sword

For every time I can

And let me race to their rescue

Dear Father

Let me take the front line

And take as many hits

As I can to spare them just a few

Dear Father

If my tears can help

If there is anything I can do

Call me. I’m listening.

Dear Father

I can’t even imagine the pain

As you watched

Them put your son on the cross

Dear Father

Thank you for staying your hand

And allowing him to save me

I can’t do this alone I need his arms to carry me.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Holding back the forces waiting for grandma,

Very multipurpose object.

It totally matches my outfit mom!!

One of the hardest moment for young children. How to carry more than two?


Winning a bit more.

He got my artistic talent!!

Im hoping when I grow up to get her hair.

The tongue is a also a tendency of mine. Who knew I had so many skills!!!

And done.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


 There must be candy and treasure apparently! No the room is not clean. Ever.

Pinata was broken.

No one hit with stick that broke said pinata.

Fabulous hair was worn with flair!

What do you do when your daughter asks if she can make the cupcake toppers? Say go for it!!

Throw em on a cupcake stand at the last minute. Use only layers you can find in five minutes.

Realize NONE of them care =)

Pat yourself on the back for another year of reading stories, practicing letters, snacks, french toast, snacks, movies, pancakes, snacks, popcorn with pickle sauce, cheese heads, snacks, letters to daddy, sopping wet letters to daddy, soccer, cuddles, laughter, tears, sharing bikes, dancing in the living room and a couple more snacks thrown in for good measure!

Happy Birthday Melia!!
(only a month late!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So we invaded the white house one lovely afternoon and were lovingly waited on and papered and fed and entertained. Fabulous idea if I do say so myself =). This little series of pictures just spoke VOLUMES to me.

Is everyone ready to go? He's touching me! When are we gonna watch a movie? Is it snack time?

ENOUGH! Don't make me turn this thing around!!!

Are you CRAZY? You can't get out of a moving vehicle!! Fine go. Dont' say I didn't warn you. 


The ghost of Lisa past. Kyan STOP IT!!!

Kimara tried really hard to get Talia interested. No go.

The army needs YOU!

The end.