Monday, June 20, 2011

Soccer Ball (2)

So this has been an exciting year of soccer for us! Three days a week schedule which feels like TONS especially since we can't skip since Vance is coaching both teams! It figures.
Talia has loved every minute of soccer this year though!!

She is super excited to wear her Jersey!

Always watches the ball!

Lines up perfectly for her kicks.

Goal keeps like a champion. The only time you are allowed to use your hands of course.

And LOVES to be on the field with daddy with their coordinating shirts!!

Oh wait.

She wasn't in soccer ball (as Kyan calls it) this year.

Kyan loves his coach but prefers his exclusive attention.

Spends some of his time simply running away from the ball or any team members.

But spends most of his time doing this.
We love him anyway but he is so not going in soccer again for like 50 years.

Talia is already committed and practicing.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Please let me tell you why...

Please let me tell you why

I can raise my little girl

In a world so full of wrong

In a world so full of terror

And sin and vice and vile

I will send my girl to school

I will pack her up a lunch

And send her off to the wolves

Because she is a ray of sunshine

Gifted from the one true light

And I will send her out

Not just to lead the wolves

Back to the light of their true home

Not just to be the salt

The saves the earth from destruction

But for her

So she can learn

How to let her light so shine

To glorify

Her father in heaven

So I will let her leave

The haven we call home

So she can show her father

She wants to be the woman

He is so desperately hoping

She will become.

Despite how safe she could be

If I held her home forever

Untouched and unspotted

And untried

I would never deny her the growth

She came to earth to have

What she fought for

Before she came to me.

I refuse to be

The one thing standing in her way.