Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Talia

 So little rage has definately been making progress and I dont even use the name on a regular basis anymore unless of course she is hungry =). This is your warning face:

She is very big on the face scrunch / squint. It lends a lot of credence to the fact that Vance claims he squints cause thats how his face is. I still think he should wear his prescription glasses to see well but she is an argument in his favor. This is her ready pose. She was all over getting candy at the parade and eating it through the wrapper if mommy didn't open it fast enough.

Sometimes she smiles and is the sweetest cutest little girl you have ever seen. She can be super sweet full of hugs and kisses and waves and uh ohs. She loves to say da da (another daddy's girl) and if you put water in her sippy cup you are about to get hit in the head with a sippy cup - just so you know. She drinks water out of cups and water bottles only!! Sippy cups are for chocolate milk and juice only!!

She has a lovely tan many people are quite envious of and all I can say is that she is happy outside - where else should she be during the three months of outside weather here? She LOVES playing in our little pool/dingy in our back yard and then playing in the sandbox - about 4 outfits a day if you are curious.

She is very much a monkey! She can climb anything and does. She has rushed right into the phase of pushing the chair to the counter to get what she wants there. I was just proud of keeping my table clean!!

She loves this chair and carries it around everywhere!

MUD. Its a kid magnet. We go to a park with a water park that costs millions of dollars and she plays in the mud puddle. It figures. Ah well cheap entertainment!

More eveidence of how convenient my sister is. She currently babysits a little boy full time who is right around Talia's age. Now she has a partner in crime too!! 

Pretty much all she saw of the zoo. =)

She is a sweet, spunky, sassy, tough (must be with Kyan around), adventurer who makes our lives much more exciting and keeps us on our toes and outside!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Kyan

Now its time for my little man of course. You may also refer to him as super Kyan if he is in the mood. I guarantee nothing about his mood at any time. He has two modes - sweet and helpful or pest extrordinaire! Apparently they only see his nice peacemaker side in nursery - thank goodness is all I can say!

This is how he works at parades. He camps in his chair and gets candy when it hits him in the leg or when Melia puts it in his bucket. He actually dfid better this year and got up a couple times to get candy. He puts a lot of work into eating all his candy before the end of the parade. Im not sure if its a technique so Melia will share with him cause she thinks he didn't get any or if he just likes to take advantage of my not paying close attention to how much he consumes.
 Either way it works well for him cause he gets a lot of candy.

We went to our first air show this year in Bassano and can I just say that it looks insane!!! The kids had a lot of fun for about 45 minutes and then they were done. The rest was for Vance =)

Despite being surrounded by girls all day until daddy gets home he is definately BOY!! Creepy expression - thats all I can say! If you are a target - watch out!

LOVES getting down and dirty and enjoys having a sister who likes to wallow with him. They are kindred spirits in the water and mud these two.

I told him to make a scared face cause the jaguar was gonna get him. My children are really very expressive with their faces - Vance says its one of my skills I have shared with my angels. =)

As close as one would really like to get to riding a moose I think =)

Okay I admit it I totally love these things at the zoo entrance and I took a ton of pictures of the rascals but in my defense they commanded me to take many of them! How cool is that?

Another aspect of my sister and I and our genius planning. She had a little boy a year younger than Kyan and another one 2 years older than Melia so he has a little brother AND and big brother who are definately my lowest maintanence children. These two are very much partners in crime and despite the age difference pretty much the same size =). You will never guess what they are plotting in this picture!

I just realized there are no normal pictures of his face in this whole blog - typical!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Melia

Here is a brieft update on my little girl getting all grown up on me. She is 5!!!
Man I am getting old!
 She is a very big parade fan and works very hard for her load of candy at every one!

Is still very much a daddy's girl and loves to help him with ANYTHING!! She is all dressed up in his coveralls to help pick the raspberries. They outgrew the path we made for them!

She loves to draw and write CONSTANTLY and is doing very good with her letters and is starting to sound out words. We made animals out of modelling clay for school time one day and she was very skilled. She is SUPER excited about starting kindergarden

She LOVES that she has a little sister but does not appreciate Talia's interest sometimes as Talia works really hard to throw whatever Melia is playing with. When we played football downstairs today it was a good skill but when Melia is trying to play with little pet shops it's less appreciated. They love to sit in my computer chair and spin around in circles. It makes both of them happy and therefore it makes me happy too.

She is pretty girly but has been known on occasion to dig deep and get her hands good and dirty! She also has a wicked spiral with a football actually I discovered today. She had fun digging in the mud at the campground money mountain we went to with a chunk of the Woodruff clan - good times! 

She LOVES LOVES gardening - well at least the fun part. She is very helpful planting and harvesting and has been very dedicated about watching the strawberries and raspberries ripen. Pretty much hourly updates. Just so you know.

She loves playing in the water as long as she can control how wet she gets and it doesn't involve putting your face in =). New waterpark is fabulous - hmm maybe tommorow?

Something of a poser - I dont know where she gets that from =). She is so much easier to take pictures of then the other two!!

 We had a fantastic Zoo adventure with my sister and Melia and her cousin Sydney have a lot of fun together. Sydney is the older sister Melia lacks and Melia is the sister that Sydney lacks. Clearly my sister and I planned it perfectly =)

Holding the butterfly(possibly a moth - shhh)  at the Zoo was probably one of the highlights of Melia's summer so far. Very exciting!!

She is a very loving, helpful, crazy, clever, lippy,scrappy, creative, speedy fun loving little girl. She really is a joy and an adventure to have in our home. School will be an interesting change around here!