Thursday, August 25, 2011

And a bit more boating thrown in...

 So people often ask me if we have gone anywhere this summer and I smile and say not farther than the lake but really that works for me. I sleep in my bed, keep my house cleanish and we just spend all our 'off work' time at the lake - unless its windy. Then we find something else to do - like build more stuff onto our play set which has already taken over our yard =). The kids have been enjoying boating a lot more this year since we got a new toy exclusively for them. It is for kids to practice and get used to the idea of skiing behind the boat and getting used to being back there on their own. Kyan LOVES it!! He will happily camp out there forever just crusing along stopping traffic at the lake cause they think he is so cute and little.

All day...all night...

HIT IT!!!! (about five times before the boat is even started)

No fear this one! He drags his hand in the water like daddy does when he wakeboards and tries to lean to turn and bounce around. He's gonna be a wild one on the water!

Talia's turn on the 'new toy' as Kyan likes to call it. You can see behind her the only motor she gets to speed with (her daddy).

motor boat motor boat step on the gas!!!

one foot mommy!!

Melia taking pictures - her finger was in most of them but its the only one I have of Vance because I have to drive when he wakeboards - hard to take pictures =). Oh yes you heard it right: I got my boating license!!

Melia's turn! She is much more conservative than Kyan but couldnt get shown up for long by her punk brother. She prefers to do it when just our family (Crosby's are included in that category) are present.

Josh tearing up the wake. He is a machine! He prefers to do a short run first - just to make sure we remember the signs about when to pull him in - and then go for his longer run after he watches for another turn. He then jumps right on and is ready to fly!

Taylor prefers to go a bit slower and Melia was all over that awesome idea! Taylors greatest challenge is the signal to get pulled in. He is very obediant and enthusiastic so instead of the one hand on your head he puts BOTH hands on his head to signal he is done - much to the stress of those of us hoping he does NOT fall in!

Side note: Lisa and I are fantastic tubers! We balance fantastically and manage to hold on through many an agressive beating. Our mildly agressive children LOVE to watch us get thrown off though. A tad bit bloodthirsty!

Most likely what I am saying to my sweet angel is: If you dont stop crying and go to sleep I am going to throw you in the water! Not much of a threat though cause that is exactly where she want to be!

Had to brag about my mom though! She just pops right up on the water skiis even though its been a little while since she has got to practice. Both my Mom and Dad tried wakeboarding even though its not something they have had any experience in. My family doesn't snowboard or anything so its totally foreign for us. My parents are fantastic at trying new stuff and being good sports about it. We did a ton of boating and Vance tried really hard to not flip anyone he shouldn't. He hasn't been in the dog house with my parents since we got married (that we know of) and he doesnt want to start now!

And that is my boating story for today - to be continued this weekend becasue its our ward boating activity. What all wards dont have ward boating activities? Oh. Well then maybe you should move here! =)