Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It starts..

 And thus begins the next chapter of our lives...SCHOOL!!

Her first day was a VERY well anticipated event as she has been looking forward to it for about a year and counting down for the last 6 months.

Ready for her complaints in school?
Recess is too long.
Yes she feels that recess is too long and after discussing a solution to crying until the end of recess we decided that when she got tired she could sit by the school when she needed a break and wait for the bell.
Im pretty much a genius for that solution in case you are curious.
The sad one is her complaint after day three of school.
She doesnt like playing with mean friends.
We had a talk and concluded that friends will probably be the hardest thing about school for her entire school career. Girls are drama unless you find a fantastic friend (I had Heather who was enough like me that we had fun and different enough from me that we had adventures and always something to 'discuss'. Life changing pretty much.) None of her friends she has had growing up are as dedicated of a friend as she is at this point and she will not participate in a group where (quote) "we only play with three friends - no one else can play". ugggh thats all I can say. I am thrilled to report she then walked away from said friend and found someone else to play with but I still wanted to kick that little girl.

Besides her two complaints though she LOVES LOVES LOVES school and is so excited to go! I let her take the bus for the first time the other day and she felt so grown up and independant and mommy just has to let her =).

Sometimes its so hard
to let your little bird
stretch their wings
to leave the nest!
But if I hold her gently
just a little
without holding her back
she will know the power of home.
That way she will know
which way to go
when a hawk comes
for safety and warmth.