Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inside recess.

So today is one of those rather chilly days -22 which for Melia means an indoor recess. Anything under -20 means indoor recess in case you are curious. But despite the chill factor - it is BEAUTIFUL!! i LOVE THE WHITE TREES!! The reason she is excited about indoor recess is because I let her buy a present for ONE friend and that means she has to do it secretly so no one feels left out. The funny part is that I suspect since her friend is muslim - they may not actually celebrate Christmas - maybe they just do the Santa part? I am pretty sure no one will be offended though cause her mom let her come to our church Christmas party =).

Side note for my benefit and record keeping. Talia is starting to communicate more and you can actually get she is saying NO, ma, da, mea, her screech means kyan(so much love), jsh and duck. Priorities. =)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The fence that I built - with help!

So we just finished building a new fence on the one side and back of our house due to a little accident backing into the back fence =). Our lovely neighbors have been wanting to replace the side between us so we split the cost and went all out for a vinyl/pvc fence. This seemed very appropriate since everything else we build involves pvc in our house =) I had a great time ripping the old fence down (something I didnt think I could do but quite enjoyed). My pry bar and I are good friends now. I have no idea where the crow bar went (there is a difference between a pry bar and a crow bar apparently - who knew?). Apparently it would have been easier with a crow bar. I will never know cause it was lost pretty much right before I took down the fence. After you put in the posts the tossing in the slats and top and bottom bars was really quite easy and the whole family got in on it the last day.

Talia 'helping' kyan carry this one.

Talia actually helping Kyan carry one.

Talia in her awesome strawberry hat.

They had fun working as a team. What's gonna work? TEAM WORK!!

Its hard to wave and carry a slat at the same time =)

Helping daddy cut the board to the right size...

Love my big helpers!!

And Love my new fence!
I am very proud of it surviving one of the most aggresive wind storms I've seen in a long time.
I was definately keeping tabs on it - just in case!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Funny Family Fun in the Fall

We decided to attempt to take some family pictures again this year and I always find it funny which pictures just make me smile for some reason or another so here are some I enjoyed.

Is it just me or am I rather creepy in this one? A bit too happy...

Im sure you havent noticed but I tend to enjoy the pictures of the back of us - so much easier to coordinate =)

Are you wondering why there are balls in the pictures? It was my attempt at helping Talia be happy in the pictures. Lets just say I tried okay?

She loves rocks. Everywhere.

This was hilarious cause it was not a low tree branch and the kids were really excited to get up there but were then a bit nervous about it. You can see daddy behind them keeping tabs on them =)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ready for Halloween?

Lets start with the real meaning of halloween:

Junk Food!!!

Thanks for smiling Kyan!

Fabulous candy this year!

Talia is in her happy place.

Is one picture with everyone not angry really too much to ask?

I LOVE leaves - this is my son =)

(evidence batman is real)

Hi my name is Tally pants and i am just here for the food.