Thursday, June 28, 2012

Easter. No I'm not late I dont know what you are talking about!

Gotta tell you we were lovin the egg decorating sets we got this year!!! How much more fun could you get?? I know it really doesnt get any better =)

Of course she can make a girly monster! Never doubt this girls skills and determination!

Can I just say Clark was in his element with the creating fantastic monsters. (win for mommies!)

Look I am going to make a mess!!!

Bennett dyed less then two dozen this year which was a big pull back from last year!

Once again Talena and I were pretty much amazing with our easter fun cause who can beat a easter egg hunt in your own exclusive park with only five cousins for competition. I love how the older kids 'help' the younger ones find eggs from their own baskets if they don't think the little ones got enough =)

Mildly oversized sweater due to chocolate milk and sloppy joes in the park resulting in Vance taking all of their coats and washing them and then forgetting about them there =)

Hop to it!!