Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here a little there a little

So my oldest little rascal turned 6 if you can believe it!! Am I old enough to have a six year old? Well I guess so =)

She requested having a family birthday party so daddy could be there. Mommy said yes and did a little dance as she picked out her oreo blizzard cake - sweet!

Just for the record - sometimes I look nice. Usually it requires my sister's skills =)

While In edmonton for my FABULOUS FRIEND'S WEDDING we decided to hit the water park at west ed and I was very pleasantly surprised by two things - they have an entire section for little kids and its like half price off if you go in the morning/early afternoon.

We then proceeded to play in a fountain as well cause we hadn't had enough water =)

Melia got to come to Heather's shower and was in heaven to get to be a model for a toilet paper wedding dress and won the contest!

Melia really enjoyed T-ball this year as we opted for a new sport due to the lack of enthusiasm by our children last year for soccer. T-ball was really fun and GREATLY entertaining to watch!

 Melia had her spring concert and did a song about jumping in puddles - a girl after my own heart!

My little playgroup rascals. They always possey up at playgroup and stare down any kid that imposes or threatens them. Their biker gang is mostly just them but depending on other friends can get pretty big sometimes. =)

 My little smart alec graduated from preschool with his friends so we had a fun little ceremony with robes and gowns and a procession =)

I finally made the dresses for my girls I have been meaning to do FOREVER and they actually turned out pretty well =)

see if I do it in baby steps and no real order I may actually blog more than once a month =)

Waterton / Panorama

So we went on a fantastic vacation with some of my family for a week. Very girl power - neither of my brothers were there but fortunately for my dad two of the boys who have married in were there to help balance the odds. =) I dont feel like putting the waterton ones first so its a little backwards but you get the idea. We stayed in a lovely 4 bedroom, four bathroom, hottub, full kitchen condo while in panorama which was greatly appreciated after our cabin adventure without running water. The condo was fabulous and we had all sorts of fun while we were there.

One entertaining thing was this course for dirt biking we saw. You ride up a charilift with your bike and one of the trails starts with this sign:

This is the first feature and what you cant see is the at least 5 ft dropoff to start with. Not really beginner. Maybe my wild Kyan in a couple years?

We had an awesome time going white water rafting for the first time and my mom survived watching six sweet angels for 7 hours - thanks mom!!

On guarde!!

Us with our guide who was truly a kindred spirit and had us laughing constantly!! Did you know one way to rescue someone is to stick the ' t-bar' at the end of your paddle in between the victims teeth and quarter-turn clockwise? Pull them in and another quarter-turn your paddle is free!! Its a very safe and reliable company so most injuries gained with this company are due to people wildly waving about their t-bar on their paddle apparently and it results in 'summer' teeth. Some are here and some are there... We had a blast!! No injuries in our boat and no emergencies due to my dad forgetting his puffer despite being allergic to 'july'.

We dropped by Calaway park on our way home - since we already had season passes anyway! This is Melia and I going on a ride that I suffered for about the next half hour for. ugh. no spinning is good spinning. she was very sad to still be too small for the roller coaster so i went on this one with her despite knowing it would be ugly. Yes I am a wonderful mommy - thank you.

The picture taken by the park of these four going down is a classic to go down in history. My dad bought it since it was so fantastic. One day hopefully I can share it here so you can all pee your pants laughing. Your welcome.

Sometimes the speed of the ride appropriate for their ages was a little tame for these two free spirits.

What more can I say? my mom has skills! and clark has his mommies skills =)

Not sure why he always ends up sideways but life goes on. Cheetah naturally...

way too grown up I am soo not ready for her to be this old!!

mermaid look - gorgeous!

 Talena and I racing through the blow up toy in panorama - I think she won cause she really threw herself into it. what do you think?

Sydney and Clark climbing the rock wall in panorama. Clark was a natural!

Kyan really enjoyed the going down part so he never got very high =)

Also enjoyed the down part a lot and is generally a little more careful in her endeavors.

We stayed in a some very nice relatives cabin over by mountain view and had some sweet adventures here as well. Totally sweet cabin that fit us beautifully and was tons of fun.

Will can fly.

We had a little hail storm while at the cabin and just gotta say - with a tin roof this stuff is kinda loud! To give you perspective on how big it was - this is my moms hand. Yay for not being in a tent is all i can say!

This is kyans and clarks hands.

We climbed bears hump and all survived - impressive with a 2 and 3 year old. They work way harder than everyone else!

A bag picture! No we are not bags but we all had our sweet matching ones Vana brought us from sandiego! Mom forgot hers on the hike (she delegates hauling to dad) so she was banned from the picture =)

There's all four of us! We dont get to hang out all together as much since Vana up a moved to california so it was sweet to spend a week together!

Thanks for the good times everyone!!