Sunday, November 4, 2012

How we roll...

So some people take super cute pictures. We dont. We are just super cute and some times you can see it in pictures. We are also very modest =)
We decided to go down town across from the post office and take goofy pictures because that is what I am best at and that is what we do.
We are cool like that.

Tough guy.

Showing off our pipes...

Most accurate picture ever. We live upside down with our tongues out.

We like to be girly and wear flowers but Kyan loves us anyway. Thanks for the flowers mom!!

Kyan and I are blurry - we are just that fast!

Vance and I with our famous friends. He does the Thrive cooking show, "Thrive Live". He is totally awesome!

One of the founders of Thrive - also very fun and knowing him better gives me all the more confidence in the bussiness I am selling for!!


I took some posers with me =)

Sometimes we are both respectable together!

Loved the opportunity to share something precious to me with my wonderful friend and some of her family!

It may have been a little windy that day!

I also had to opportunity to take another wonderful friend to the temple with me but since we brought 3 two year old girls and a four year old boy and it was the first snowfall of the year - we didnt get any pictures but it was special all the same! 


Yes I let him wear his batman pyjamas.

I remember when Melia fit this yikes time flies!
Way too cute!

Often in Canada you have to wear a costume that fits over your snowsuit. No bumblebee outfit in the snow - bring on the tiger and giraffe!

We picked up a couple spare rascals for halloween and I let one dress up as Vance - Talia was a little confused =)

Everyone managed to stay warm and rake in the candy - mommy tax!       Successful Halloween once again!!

Random conversation on the way home from trick or treating: as we are crossing the crosswalk to get home
Kyan: this is where Jesus died mommy
Me: what?
Kyan: this is where Jesus died
Me (still not understanding): Jesus died for our sins?
Kyan: yes mom but Jesus died here - on the crosswalk. He got hit by a car!
Me (desperately trying to not bust out laughing): sweetheart Jesus died on the cross - not the crosswalk.
Kyan: what's a cross?
(as we are coming the in door taking off costumes and unloading candy)
Me: can I show you a picture tommorow?
Kyan: okay

I promise to explain this too him as it is still perhaps a little unclear on how that happened?

Oh proud mommy moment!!! Melia and Kyan both bore their testimonies in church today from the pulpit!!! We were talking about it this morning and they both really wanted to but were scared about forgetting what they wanted to say so I had Vance draw them pictures so they could remember what they wanted to say. They each had their own specific things they wanted to say and they did soo fantastic!! No bias of course!