Thursday, December 27, 2012


A strange one to follow up Mexico but it did come two days later so perfectly appropriate. We were at the house of some good friends of ours and they very sweetly let us play on their snowmobiles! The kids had a great time riding the sled and GT behind the snowmobile and Kyan being the wild daredevil that he is was dragging his feet and turning and having an awesome time driving the GT.

 But then mommy took a turn driving with just Kyan on in front of me - no sleds behind. I let him  hit the gas and he hit it hard enough that I flew off and he hit a fence post.

Then his face hit the handle bars and he ended up in pretty rough shape. After our friends helping us get to the hospital we were ambulanced to the Childrens hospital and Kyan became the first one in our family to have plastic surgery. 

He was super tough and the plastic surgeon said Kyan was amazing and took the reconstruction of his nose phenomenally. He said most adults would not have taken that abuse as well. Vance asked how many stitches Kyan got and the plastic surgeon said he couldn't count that high. As you can see the plastic surgeon did a fantastic job and the many prayers and love and support did the rest.

Not even two weeks later he look amazing! The plastic surgeon was amazed at how fast he was healing when we went to the follow up!

Clearly another reason I am holding my rascals very close lately. The accident could have been much, much, much worse. We greatly appreciate the guardian angels working full time to take care of us recently. When I finally take the bubble wrap off my children and allow them out of my sight again I hope they carry on their work. I cant handle any more! I have to say a great big thank you to our friends and family supporting us and taking care of use during this was amazing and made a very big difference. Especially our friends who were there at the accident - they have been amazing bring us a meal and activities for Kyan to do as he was assigned 'quiet play' as he healed. Does anyone else have a four year old boy that has no idea what that means? 

Kyan has since decided to wear face masks when snowmobiling. Mommy supports this decision.  

Mexico 4

We had adventures searching for a surfboard for Will - our California boy and found a fun restaurant , imagine climbing these stairs to serve food.

We watched new born baby sea turtles do their trek to the ocean. SOO CUTE!! And very appropriate considering my family's love of turtles!

Another one right up our alley! The coolest Iguanas when we went to watch Missy swim with the dolphins!

Kyan was even allowed to feed them. He was the only successful one. Write that skill on your resume!

Real dolphin. That close.

Cockatoo? I think. Very cool.

I was kissed by a bird. Once is good I think.

Melia loved it!

Kyan loved it as well but those birds are not light!

Bringing groceries home on the bus. Classic. 9 adults hauling maximum capacity due to Vance decided to get a watermelon, flat of water, variety of juice and the necessities Talena and I had decided on. We scramble on the bus two of us had to be unloaded to even make it up the stairs. I am carrying a box and a couple bags full of juice. I manage to get on the bus and sit beside someone who suddenly got a lot less space and then Talia gets on mad about something so she comes and sits with me promptly falling asleep in between me and the box. This is probably the point the guy beside me begins to think he is never getting off. After a couple stops he tries to signal to the english speaking chick beside him (me) he wants out so I yell for Dallin the move the box and i wiggle out with the sleeping Talia and he runs without looking back! Getting off the bus was another gong show as i got caught on my seat with my bag carrying my box and bags and mom was trying to haul the watermelon and five other bags of juice and she doesn't even like watermelon! We had three of our immediate family get sick for different periods. Aggressive but short lived for most of them. My dad may have lost weight in Mexico - unintentionally =).

Vance and I actually went on our honeymoon to another hotel in puerto Vallarta so we went to take a picture there for fun since next year we have been married for 10 years! Crazy eh?

Girl trouble.

Boy trouble.

Boogie boarding was fantastic!!

We spent a TON of time boogie boarding and we had soooo much fun with it.

Vance also went Kayaking with one of my cousins' husband. New adventure for him!

Performance every night.

We also did Kareoke at the hotel one night and I must say we were all FANTASTIC!! no bias involved.

Crazy note. The pools waterfall into each other and at the bottom is a small pool for drainage. When my sister and her eight year old took Talia up with them to shower she went into the little drain pool with Sydney. None of us had noticed the open drain hole for the first five days we were there. Talena put down her bag and looked up and Talia was gone. When she asked Sydney she was confused and said Talia had just disappeared and she had no idea where she went. Talena saw the hole and went over to look in. All she could see was water dumping in. She felt impressed to put her arm in and when she put her arm in well past her elbow she felt Talia's life jacket and pulled her out. She saved my baby's life and I cant express how grateful I am to her and the Spirit that guided her. We promptly mentioned the problem to the pool and they put this grate over it and hopefully will have something properly installed soon. 

I am holding her a little closer since and then with Kyan's adventure a couple days later my most precious Christmas presents this year are my kids safe and sound at home.

Mexico 3

Beach fun and then some!

After that we promised the kids and ourselves that we would go no where for the next day so we went from the beach to the pool and the back to the beach again. Strange to think of now we are back home but there it was an option. The weirdest part? The ocean water was warmer than the pool. This is very foreign to us. Outside water is never warmer than pool water here. Ever. Never ever. It bears repeating. We had fun taking pictures by the water of our rascals.

On the way home from church on sunday my rascals picked up some coconuts just laying around so naturally we brought them back to the hotel. Vance very helpfully attacked one and after much battle managed to get the husk off. To break the shell required more knife power than we had handy. The sweet hotel staff which must just laugh at the tourists helpfully found a machete and slice one open for us.

Melia was excited t try it but discovered she doesn't like the coconut water in coconuts :)

Every night the roof of our deck had geckos all over it. Cool but Vance decided to to sleep on the deck anymore. 

The big girls want their jump caught on camera. Check. Now watch Talia.

Daddy go.

Talia's turn!!

Here comes Kyan.

Kyan's turn naturally.

By the end of the week Talia was swimming quite well independently with her life jacket on. Impressive for a two year old =)