Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zip lining

So on one of our days in Mexico we left our sweet angels with my parents and Missy and went off on an adventure with "Vallarta Adventures". HIghly recommend them by the way if you are ever in the area. I love people that take nice pictures of me - just saying. =) The whole day was a ton of fun and even though I expected to be secretly terrified. I wasn't. They were that good. 

We had really fun guides who explained things well and were very safety conscious. They were also a ton of fun! We even had a canadian guide in the group. He got a bigger cheer than he expected. 

I did not embarrass myself on the mule much to my excitement. I am no good at letting the animal know who is boss. It is clearly them. So me and 'Chocolate Mint' got along just fine. He was in charge and I followed well and did not try to stop him as he passed all the other mules - including the guide - and decided to lead. One hard working mule as he was passing the big mules and cruising as he did it.

Vance is a horse pro so a mule is not that much of a novelty for him =).

I repelled down a water fall. And I didn't die or hurt myself. Win.

Vance took his first line very seriously.

He is kind of a serious guy.

Our group of myself, sibling, spouses and cousins. It was a super fun group and we had a fabulous time.

The photographer got some sweet splash pictures when we zip lined into the water for one. 

Vance coming in!

He may have been hangin out with the woodruffs too much...

My little brother! 

My little sister and her husband!

The hummer we came up the hill in - and some posers...

In case you are curious. Even when the ocean is warm that doesn't mean all the surrounding water is warm. This one felt just like home. Except not frozen solid =)

I was forbidden any other pictures so this is my big sister - it was an amazing view flying through the trees like that.

Now Im sure you are curious what my mom did with 6 little kids all day. Why she face painted of course. Or full body painted more accurately. They were amazing! She has serious skills!

She painted all six kids. She even fed them. =) Very fun day for everyone!