Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stake conference

So twice a year our chuch has Stake Conference where a bunch of the local wards meet together in one building and listen to talks and wonderful music in order to strengthen each other and increase unity. Two hours is a long time for my little rascals to sit so we hijacked an idea we saw on pinterest to make it easier for my kids to pay attention and sit nicely. They pick four important words that they think will be talked about and they mark each time they hear it said and then at the end of the talk they get some snacks or candies. Kyan can't read yet so I had Vance draw him some pictures so he could do it too. He actually sat really well and listened. This was only one of his papers and for a new 5 year old boy hearing and listening that many times is impressive =)

Melia is getting really good at reading and she listened VERY well. Guess what was talked about mostly at conference this year. She made a check mark every time she heard the word.

I learn a lot about what I need to focus on when I try to simplify things for my children. 

Talia jumps to 3!

Birthday season hits hard and fast at our house! Talia turned the big 3 which is totally foreshadowing cause I turn 30 this year! But my birthday is last so I have to be patient.

She wanted white cupcakes with pink icing. DONE!

She was spoiled to get a party all day. Her friend Emilie came over for the morning and they had fun playing together and enjoying their cupcakes. ( Her other friend she asked for was unable to come for the morning but they got to play at playgroup)

Then she had her other favourite friends come over for the afternoon for a second round of cupcakes and then we went for drop in at the gymnastics centre which was perfect to burn off some of that extra energy =)

All my kids love these two sweet kids but Kyan and this sweet girl have a special connection. Now that Kyan's little sister is all grown up he doesn't get to take care of her as much but this sweet girl has captured Kyan's interest like no one else. He loves to watch her and take care of her and entertain her much to the joy of her mom and myself =) 

Clearly the cupcakes were a hit. In defense of this claim I would like to site the picture of Talia above and these two below.

I rest my case. 

SO update on Talia. She now officially a big girl she says now that she is three and in many ways really is. She loves to help with unloading the dishwasher and cleaning her room when she is in the mood. She can push her siblings buttons like clockwork but can always make them laugh after she has driven them crazy. She loves to cuddle at night but whoever she is cuddling with will usually end up off the bed or at least off their pillow which she takes over. She wears batman shirts with her tutu and can certainly beat you up even in a dress and great hair. She hangs out with Kyan's gang at playgroup and does pretty well at keeping up with the big boys. She loves to be read to and will listen to Mo Willems "piggie and gerald" books ALL DAY LONG. Kyan loves to giggle right along with her. They are classics! If you haven't read them my rascals HIGHLY recommend them =)  

Kyan is 5!!

 SO my sweet little man turned 5 this last week so we threw him a little party. First though the coolest picture ever. Kyan was trying to fly with his Helium balloons and repeatedly jumped off the couch to see if it would work.

One time I took the picture while he was in the air 'flying' but when i looked at the picture - he was not there. The balloons he is holding on to are there and so is everything else - but he is invisible. WIN!! 

My $20 investment in a Helium tank at Costco a couple years ago has been very well enjoyed.

His first party guest after his sister was his sweet friend Tessa. They have come a long way from her learning to walk and using him as a push toy. =)

Ready. Aim. Fire. 

Kyan requested a chocolate cake that was blue. Done. I made poke cake and it was approved of by all children and I enjoyed my leftovers =)

I just laugh every time I watch kids open a present from a friend because their friend is so excited for them to open it and share in the excitement!

Taylor rejoices with Kyan as he opens his toy!

Brant tells Kyan about the wrapping paper and Kyan properly appreciates his art work.

There was cake, sharing, teamwork and giggling. Successful party. =)

So quick insight into Kyan as he is right now. He is a super sweet helpful sharing boy most of the time. The rest of the time he puts serious effort into driving his sisters and mommy crazy but mostly he is my little peacemaker always trying to help everyone be happy. He is learning his numbers and letters and getting ready for Kindergarten in the fall and will hopefully be a joy to his teacher there =). He has recovered fabulously from his snowmobile accident but does not want to ride on a snowmobile any time soon - unless its a little one or maybe a big one if he cant ride the little one. No fear that one. He loves to tell me things he does so I know when he is choosing the right and that he is not on Satan's team (as he likes to say). I swear I have never said that but he is determined not to be on "Satan's team"
and I guess i should just encourage him instead of worrying about how he likes to think about it. He always insists any button up shirts be buttoned all the way to the top - never leaving the top one open. No matter whether it is sunday and he is wearing a tie or not =) He loves Mario, Lego shooting nerf guns and puzzles right now. We love having this wonderful boy in our lives and especially thankful for him after the scares in december. We want to love every minute we have together.