Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Highlights of our trip

On our way down we hit The Medieval Times by Anaheim and it was super cool!! The knights and horses were fabulous and the food fantastic. Despite arriving fashionably late due to TRAFFIC (happy to live in a small town - just saying) it was an awesome night and would definitely recommend it!

Legoland (which just so happens to be within walking distance from my sisters - well planned SB) was awesome and the actual size fighter thing (made entirely out of the little lego) was really neat as well as the many Star Wars scenes built out of Lego that were absolutely amazing. I love that things change there each time I go!

Very awesome spider! This was the point Kyan and I had the - no climbing over the fences discussion =)

Sharing gatorade with Darth Mahl (sp?). This was the end of my picture taking at legoland as I forgot the essential rule of taking pictures - don't get your camera wet! I was taking pics of someone on a ride spraying people and then they sprayed me. Fortunately my camera recovered by the next day for sea world!

Palm tree climbing. You can see the little knobs and harnesses but those rascals of mine just scampered right up there. Very impressive! They had to work hard for it as Im pretty sure Kyan was too small for it but they didn't realize he was definitely not 42 lbs and I thought he just had to be 42 inches so i sent him on in!

My mom painted up the rascals for sea world (mostly we do it to show off cause she is so much better than anywhere you can get face paint done - no bias) and the big girls wanted in on the fun so we got some flowers. We also enjoy it when we get asked everywhere we go where we got our face painting done. Then we get to brag that grandma did it!

Dolphin show was very cool and this time they had these guys in the show as well. TK wants one for her birthday...

We have a turtle thing in our family and my mom took this awesome picture!

Another highlight was getting to pet the manta rays. Technically these are Bat Ray just for the record but they were very friendly and we all got to touch them. We managed to not even have a kid fall in the pool in their enthusiasm. It was close once or twice though.

We only lost one kid in all of our adventures - Kyan of course - and he was found at the lost kid place soon enough so mommy didn't have a break down. he was playing in a photo booth and by the time we had got to the penguins he was gone and not with anyone I thought he was with. No great drama or injuries though which is a very welcome change for us!!

SB and WB put a lot of work into teaching those of us interested about surfing! It was really fun and here is our boldest kid SK who decided to try. Vance even managed to stand up and stay up. I managed to get to my knees which I was very proud about.

Our girls all dressed up and ready for church. MW curled their hair for them and SB let them wear some of her scarves. They were super excited!

Kyan and CK boogie boarding on the waves. I didn't think Kyan would rock it considering how small he is but he just walked into the waves and turned at the right moment and caught the wave every time! 

Our lovely host and hostess!!

Kyan a bit excited about boogie boarding...

My sweet sister SB who let us crash at her house for two weeks (upping the number in her house from 2 to 11 and feeding 15 some days) just happens to have an awesome pool or two in her complex so my little rascals swam like fish at every possible moment. Kyan can fly! Talia and her cousin B.K. who are still learning to swim were in heaven as they could swim alone with their life jackets on in the little tubes TK brought, Heaven for everyone involved!!

Some body learned to love boogie boarding and even got good at doing it herself!

All of the rascals at the Zoo in san diego.

My little beach girl finally got her good summer tan and her hair her summer bleach blonde. So much so that upon returning to church after a two week travel absence she was asked to introduce herself in primary! Oops!

Our last temple on the way home was the Orem temple and it was amazing as well. It was very pretty and a very cool style! It was one of the older ones. We had fun taking pics on the stairs and stuff as well =)

We made it home safe! We put 6845 km on our van and have now driven from the top to the bottom of the USA and back. Fabulous adventure! See you guys at Christmas!! We can not guarantee the same weather here though...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Road to San Diego!!

So the drive to San Diego we did the long route and managed to check out some fabulous temples on the way. Instead of pictures of the kids watching movies or us driving I thought I would share some of the beauty we encountered! The amazing pictures are my moms and the rest are mine =)

 There is a very good possibility of more posts about the trip to San Diego but if i never get around to it. You're welcome for the beautiful temples =)