Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to School!

This year my big girl goes into grade 2 in the big school!! She is loving it!!! Her teacher is super fabulous and reads tons every day so Melia is in Heaven!

Everyone was excited about her first day so they all wanted to be in the picture and do a 2 with their hands for grade two.

Then a week later my little man started kindergarten!! He wasn't sure how to express that with his fingers so he went with a zero look =) He is at his first day today and was soooo excited to get started!! He never even looked back!! I told his teacher that he really does have to pee that often and she just smiled at me cause like this is really news for a Kindergarten teacher who has been teaching it for 9 years =) When did he get so big???!!! I cant possibly be old enough to have two kids in school!! Well I guess I am turning 30 in a couple weeks... oh my!

My two big school kids!!

Mommy requested a happy smile please instead of a fake one!!

Talia is definitely feeling left out and informed me she is five and is ready for school but I told her she gets to do school with mommy for a couple years still. She even told one of the supervisors at Kyan's school that she was in kindergarten so the teacher was trying to help her find her class! You get distracted for one minute when one of the sweet little boys I coached in t-ball come to talk to me and my 3 year old is trying to sneak into kindergarten! 

Lets throw in some random summer stuff! We made little stilts out of little thrive cans (very multi-purpose) and then we tried to walk in them. It was greatly entertaining!

Then one day we had a friend over and the kids were playing and Vance comes in and asks if we have any water balloons so we went a little crazy filling them up and Kyan and Talia were VERY excited to ambush Melia and her friend with their balloons! 

Ready for me to send out the big girls!

Water balloons exhausted so out come the water bottles and the fight continues. We had to throw her friends clothes in the dryer before mommy came back =)

Having fun with Mermaid hair styles! The clips change color in the sun so she needed a picture to see what they looked like. One of the teenagers at church noticed and complimented her hair. Melia was walking on air!

Sometimes Vance and I are cute together even if he has his beach bum hair =)

And that is our story for the day!!