Saturday, December 14, 2013

First basketball game!!

So I have been playing on a basketball in the community women's league for probably about 5 (maybe six) years now and have been really enjoying it. I have a really fun team with wonderful ladies and we have a lot of fun together. Now I don't mean to brag but I have a fantastic basketball skill! I FALL REALLY WELL!! I have rolled ankles and fallen many many times but due to my fabulous falling skills I haven't hurt myself more than having to walk off a rolled ankle for a couple minutes and back in the game. I have bragged about this fabulous skill of mine and now i can't anymore. It is a tragic day =( The first game of the season! Super exciting! Fun team to play against, great game, not dying while running - on fire!! Then I jump for a ball and when i notice someones foot is under mine as i come down I try to dodge their foot. Very sweet of me. Did not turn out well for me this time. Within minutes it looked like this:

A bit odd but i still had plans to wrap it well and play in our next game next tuesday. Then the next morning it looked like this:

Very pretty colours but so sore i had to crawl to the bathroom that morning much to the confusion of my poor kids. I used a broom as a crutch and got my kids to school just barely! Then the next morning it looks like this:

My friend recommended I get that checked out and sweetly lent me some crutches and taxied my rascal for me so i didn't have to try to fit that beauty in my boot - not possible in case you are curious =) Talia and I went to the hospital and Talia helped the x-ray tech (a friend of ours) check it out but no breaks! Just a bunch of torn ligaments! No basketball for me for a while. Hoping for January! Today the swelling is starting to go down - as in i can move my toes again - hooray! The doctor says Rest, Elevation, Crutches and Time. 

Moral of the story? Don't brag about your fabulous falling skills or you will be gifted with some humility! Much love to all my wonderful friends who have been helping me out though! Bringing me supper, running my errands, taxing my rascals and so on! I am very blessed to know so many wonderful and generous people!!